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Avatar n tn I know that certain antibiotics (not sure if what you are taking is an antibiotic) can cause vaginal yeast infections. There are natural things that can help such as yogurt.
Avatar n tn Hi Thanks for writing to the forum! Dry skin is the commonest cause of generalized itching. Generalized itching can be due to allergy. Common allergens are pollen, mold, dust, pet dander, synthetic fiber, cosmetics or drugs. You must get an allergy test done, either a skin test or RAST, to know what you are allergic to. Fungal infections like tinea corporis and tinea cruris too cause whole body itching along with genital itching. Liver problems too can cause generalized itching.
Avatar m tn Chlamydia meds are just antibiotics, and they aren't going to cause heart problems. Chlamydia isn't going to cause heart problems. Everyone itches from time to time. That's just normal. If yours is more constant, you need to follow up with a doc about it.
Avatar m tn After the 2nd week of the fast I began to experience the itching,I stopped taking the supplements thinking the lack of water was the cause of the itching. It have been 10 days since the fast has ended and the itching has subsided a little. I have 1 sex partner, nothing has changed in my sexual activities, so I want to know if what I described above is the cause of the itching and at what point should I be concerned that it may be someting else. Thank You.
Avatar f tn No, hair growing back does not cause itch, and daily bathing, although it can cause dryness and irritation if a harsh product is used, will not make the hair fall out. The veterinarian had probably suggested frequent bathing as a treatment for the dog's skin problem, as Bulldogs are unfortunately prone to many skin diseases, and I typically recommend bathing with a mild oatmeal shampoo 1-2 times weekly in dogs with itchy skin.
Avatar n tn Environmental conditions, such as dry or very humid climates, can cause excessive dry skin that may produce itching. Try to avoid scratching to prevent secondary infection. Cold packs, calamine lotion, or over-the-counter oral antihistamine may help provide relief. Take care and keep us posted.
Avatar f tn Recently, I went to another dermatologist, who ruled out herpes as the cause of the severe itching and burning on my arms that I have been suffering from for over a year.The lesions have now spread to my back as well. He did, however, make a diagnosis that absolutely made sense to me :Brachioradial Pruritis, which causes extreme itching, due to nerve damage caused by over exposure to the sun and/or compression of nerves on the spine.
Avatar f tn I doubt that it is the cause in your particular situation, given the timing of when your itching started. It may be a reaction to any antibiotics, medications, other treatments. There are many possible reasons and many different diseases that can present with itching. I would recommend to get a skin biopsy.
Avatar f tn Are you swelling at all, maybe that could cause it .....just a thought !!!
Avatar n tn I been having itching problem on the side of hand! I tried itching cream but nothing seems to help. Also, the itching seems to increase at night. By the way it is only my right hand on the side of my pinky and above.
Avatar m tn She is currently on antibiotics right now because she has another bacterial infection. When she is on the antibiotics, we don't notice a difference in her itching or biting. Her sores are getting worse and are spreading down her body. She is also starting to loose fur on her sides. We got a boipsy of her sores on Friday and are waiting for the results. If they come back normal we have to take her to see a specialist. Just wondering if anyone has ever come across this.
666921 tn?1254994218 mostly palms and soles of feet - the itching has subsided quite a bit [touch wood] - something I noticed also was the 'itching' started on day 7 of abx.
645800 tn?1466864555 have you ever had excema? Do you (or your family) have allergies, asthma etc? Is your rash reddish, flaky, scaly, whitish with hard to define borderes? Unfortunatly excema is hard to get rid off, and the more you itch the more it spreads. And it likes to appear around joints. If you have any circulation issues with your ankles (like swelling) it makes them more prone. Not sure if it's related to MS, but it's pretty common, and annoying!
Avatar f tn I am 9wks 2days I was put on antibiotics last Thursday for a chest infection, I've never had a yeast infection in my life I'm only 20, but last night after I had sex it burned when I pee'd and its been itchy for a couple of days down there, I was looking on the internet and it said both antibiotics and pregnancy both can cause yeast infections, and my symptoms are those of a yeast infection... I just don't know what to do, I already have an OB appointment for Nov. 14th..
Avatar f tn Stomach cramps with antibiotics are not uncommon (the antibiotics make the muscles of the intestine move more quickly, and can cause loose stool as well). However, fever and itching can be a sign of an allergy. It is possible to develop an allergy at any time in your life, even to an antibiotic you have taken before. I hope this helps.
Avatar n tn It is usually the woman who becomes the victim of this. Everytime my husband takes antibiotics, he gives me a yeast. And everytime I take certain antibiotics, I get it too. The doctor tells us that using Lamisil for jock itch is an anti fungal and can be used by my husband to treat it. while I use the pill and monostat. but we cant have any sex whatsoever until we are both treated completely. Also, if he doesnt get treated, he will just give it back to you over and over again.
Avatar n tn I went to Planned Parenthood yesterday and they said I had a UTI. They gave me antibiotics. The itching has not gone away yet, but the other symptoms have.
Avatar n tn told her her gallblader is not working, can cause itching. And her liver is sluggish. Prednisone is the only thing to stop the itching. She does not want to continue the prednisone as it is so bad for you. Just had loads of blood taken and Dr. says does not know what is wrong. Anybody got any ideas? Please help her.
Avatar m tn Worms are the commonest cause of anal itch. Scratching repeatedly can cause sores. However, this has been ruled out in your case. Itchy anus can also be due to undigested food like citrus fruits, grapes, certain spices, tomatoes, certain medicines like antibiotics and laxatives and certain drinks like beer, milk, tea, or coffee. IBS, Crohn’s and food intolerance should also be looked into. Anal fissures, hemorrhoids, threadworms can all cause anal itch.
1878979 tn?1320595929 its been a while now i am having vaginal itching... its almost present during the whole month accompagnied with white discharge.. sometimes its yellowish while others it smells bad. these symptoms happens all the month excluding while i am having my menstruation cycle. i tried many vaginal washes, and antibiotics but they didnt work. i am 20 year old.
Avatar f tn Vaginal yeast infection may present with a discharge that is white and curd-like. This condition can be brought on by antibiotics, birth control pills, pregnancy, menstruation, condom use, sexual intercourse, diabetes, and a weakened immune system. On the other hand, vaginitis can be caused by other infections, including sexually transmitted diseases. Try to avoid scratching to prevent secondary bacterial infection. It is best that you see your doctor for proper evaluation.
Avatar f tn Certain drugs like antibiotics, antifungal and narcotics are implicated in itching of skin, but not vitamins. Change in personal care products can also cause itching of the skin. Confirmation can be achieved only after physical examination, history and blood work by a dermatologist. Hope this helps. Best.
Avatar m tn I am suffering of Butt Itching since last 4-5 years. Many creams and tablets I have used but still it has not been controlled. So what may be the real cause for that and what should I do?
Avatar f tn While bacteria are critical to normal bodily functions, some types can cause illness. In humans, antibiotics are used to treat health conditions caused by bacteria, including ear and skin infections, food poisoning, pneumonia, meningitis and other serious illnesses. These are also used to treat or prevent it can complicate critical medical procedures including surgery, cancer therapy, and transplants.
Avatar f tn Alright so for quite some time now I have experienced a strange itching problem. Inside my labia Majora but not quite to the Labia Minora it itches. Just in between. Mostly on the inside of the labia majora in the crease where my lips close around everything. I thought perhaps it was because it was warmer so perhaps it was like a heat rash. It comes and goes. I went to the doctor and was given two different antibiotics as well as yeast infection pills (two that you take four days apart).
Avatar n tn Hi i'm 16 years old and i've been experiencing itching at the opening of my vaginal hole since yesterday and today is also the last day of my periods but this has never happened to me before and it's really uncomfortable> What is the cause of this?
Avatar f tn Hi, welcome to the forum, the symptoms you are going through can be due to hormonal changes or imbalance. Estrogen deficiency can cause vaginal dryness and itching. The other causes can be due to irritants, vulvovaginitis due to candida albicans or Trichomonas vaginalis. In such cases vaginal smear, wet mount and culture will aid in diagnosis. You may need to take appropriate antibiotics, if infection is suspected.
Avatar n tn Hi, Vaginal itching is a tingling or uneasy irritation of the skin of the vagina and the surrounding area (vulva). The itching may cause a desire to scratch the affected area. Some common causes are: -Chemical irritants -- such as detergents, fabric softeners, feminine sprays, ointments, creams, douches, and contraceptive foams or jellies. -Vaginal yeast infection -- often includes a discharge that is white and curd-like.