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Avatar n tn Our banding procedure works by cutting off the blood supply to the hemorrhoid. This causes the hemorrhoid to shrink and fall off, typically within a day or so. You probably won’t even notice when this happens or be able to spot the rubber band in the toilet. Once the hemorrhoid is gone, the wound usually heals in a week or two. Does anybody know anything about this??? How much is the regular surgery?
Avatar f tn Hi Welcome to the MedHelp forum! Worms are the commonest cause of anal itch. Scratching repeatedly can cause sores. Itchy anus can also be due to undigested food like citrus fruits, grapes, certain spices, tomatoes, certain medicines like antibiotics and laxatives and certain drinks like beer, milk, tea, or coffee. Anal fissures, hemorrhoids, threadworms can all cause anal itch. Itch can also be due to irritants like synthetic fiber, toiletries or fungal infection.
Avatar n tn Hi Welcome to the MedHelp forum! Worms are the commonest cause of anal itch. Scratching repeatedly can cause sores. Itchy anus can also be due to undigested food like citrus fruits, grapes, certain spices, tomatoes, certain medicines like antibiotics and laxatives and certain drinks like beer, milk, tea, or coffee. Anal fissures, hemorrhoids, threadworms can all cause anal itch. Itch can also be due to irritants like synthetic fiber, toiletries or fungal infection.
Avatar n tn I have done some research and I did take antibiotics about a month ago but I don't feel it is colitis because I don't have pain or fever. I have had some bouts of nausea lately although I haven't actually been sick. I don't know if this could be related or not. I am a 33 year old woman who eats pretty healthy food and I haven't made any recent changes to my diet or supplements that I take. Any help is greatly appreciated!
Avatar f tn Sometimes antibiotics can wipe out all the good bacteria in our gut and cause problems in our digestive tract. One of the symptoms is the diarrhea. I suggest taking a Probiotic such as S. Boulardii or a probiotic with several different strains of healthy bacteria such as Align or Pearls. Also eating Probiotic Yogurt will add healthy bacteria too.
Avatar m tn 2 weeks later I developed a pain on my anus and and I observed what seems to be swollen veins (but I am not a doctor). Those are very big (external). I really have recurrent hemorrhoid crisis, but this is the worst one, very painful. But I was wondering: it is much coincidence. Would it be a syphilis (or gonorrhea) instead of hemorrhoids? Currently, I am living in a town where it is difficult to find a doctor to observe my lesion this or next few weeks.
Avatar m tn Hemorrhoids can be fragile and prone to bleeding, although they don't usually cause the kind of pain you've described. You can frequently feel a hemorrhoid as a swollen, tender lump in the anal area. You'll often notice blood from a bleeding hemorrhoid on toilet paper after a bowel movement, or on the stool itself. Pain and bleeding can also occur when there's a small tear in the lining of the anus called an anal fissure.
Avatar m tn you also can cough hard enough to push out a hemorrhoid in the anal area as well as cause your testicles to bounce around a lot and get irritated.
Avatar n tn For last couple of days I have a slight strain between my urnary tract and anus. I have hemorrhoid on my anus, which gives me trouble once in a while. I have consulted surgeon about it and he advised me not to operate it as it is not serious. Could you please advise me what could be the disease and what should I do next?
Avatar n tn Fortunately he didn't need antibiotics, but cases where the ear mites have gone untreated for a long time can cause quite severe infections in the ears. Then antibiotics are needed. Smell your dog's ear. Is there a bad smell? (I'm not talking a normal healthy doggy ear-waxy smell...but something odd or unpleasant?) If so, there may be mites. To be on the safe side you could take him to the vet to have this checked. It may be nothing, but it may be the beginnings of an ear mite infestation.
Avatar m tn Welcome to the gastroenterology community! Antibiotics can cause diarrhea. Did you have any stool testing done? Anxiety can also lead to weight loss.
Avatar f tn I've had external skin tags for awhile now, and a couple months ago I was told by a CRS I had a thrombosed hemorrhoid and he wanted to do a hemorrhoidectamy. At that time I had severe pain with bowel movements, and major swelling of the skin tags I had. I had no bleeding at that time though. A second CRS examined me a couple days later for a second opinion and told me no need to do surgery just yet.
Avatar m tn Hi I have had diarrhea on and off for many years, i am 30 years old, i have been going Drs who has only given me medication to stop the diarrhea and peppermint oil for the cramps i get, again it is on and off i also do get bright blood in my stools, one sided on and off i believe its due the hemorrhoid problems i have as they do cause pain too. Dr has also prescribed cream which helps but they come back. I have noticed alot that worrying and thinking makes it worse.
Avatar n tn Finds several rings he calls urethral strictures but states they are small and not to worry about them, and there is nothing that I can pass on to anyone and too small to do anything about. Put on two days of antibiotics (Levequin), and went ahead and finished 5 days of erythorimizin on my own.(I know, not bright but convinced antibiotics helped because every time I took them the "itch" went away for a while).
Avatar f tn A few days later I had a sore bum, went the doctors again and they said I have a hemorrhoid, thats not gone either after 2 months. I started getting itchy lumps all over my body before I had sex with my friend which have gone worse and I found out these are hives and can be caused by a new infection or stress.
Avatar f tn I went to the doctor about 3 times. And 2 times the doctor told me it was internal hemorrhoid and gave me medicine which i believed did not have any effect since my symptoms were still here. And the 3rd time (3 days back) I went to the doctor she said that it was colitis and prescribed some antibiotics but my symptoms are still the same. Could that be colorectal cancer ??? No one in my family has a history of colorectal cancer...
Avatar m tn Male, heterosexual, 26, never had unprotected sex. 5/4 had lapdance from stripper. I had shorts, stripper only had thong. Lasted 10 minutes. Twice she reached up my shorts and grabbed my bare penis around the head for a couple seconds. I eventually ejaculated in my shorts. 5/6 tingling in head of my penis. 5/8 red irritation just inside urethral opening, tingling/mild burning at end of urination. No pain during urination.
Avatar m tn I've had this issue a few times over the years but it has never lasted more than a few days or a week at most. I began taking antibiotics a month ago for a resistant staph infection and the onset of constipation coincided with my use of the medication. I first tried glycerin suppositories and while they did stimulate a bowel movement, it was very painful. I noticed a little blood on the tissue when I wiped but considering the BM felt like I was passing concrete, I wasn't concerned.
Avatar n tn A prostate infection can cause these symptoms. The Dr may want to do a prostate exam and a urine sample. It's very unlikely that you have prostate cancer, but only a prostate exam and other tests can rule this out. If you have an infection, you will probably be given antibiotics for several weeks, as it takes a long time for the medicine to get into the prostate.
Avatar f tn I am 33 and been dealing with lower left abdominal tenderness for a couple months now and working to find the cause. I had a clean colonoscopy 3 years ago with internal hemorrhoids being the only finding. Had a ct scan a few weeks ago that showed mild inflammation of my colon and was treated for possible diverticulitis. That took away the pain, but it returned a few days after finishing the antibiotics (flagyl and cipro).
Avatar f tn It started out of the blue and has continued - I have tried everything from extra cleansing, using fragrance free soaps, powders, corn starch and even hemorrhoid cream. The hemorrhoid cream seems to help for a little while. I have read other posts and it seems MANY women have this. I started to attribute it to menopause, but am not sure. Will anxiously watch the posts to see if anyone has come up with a real remedy.
Avatar m tn Neither tubal ligation, nor ablation cause menopause; though ablation does cause periods to stop. Are you sure you're actually through menopause? Imbalances in reproductive hormones can cause a lot of symptoms, as well.
Avatar f tn I did have gastric bypass surgery in Jan 04. That was determined to be the cause of the anemia, an inability to absorb iron, I had iron infusions and have not had anemia since. Any advice or input is appreciated.
Avatar m tn Greetings, I've recently went to a doctor because of a possible hemorrhoid problem. The skin around the anus was also red. He prescripted me a meconazole nitrate 2%-hydrocortizone 1% cream for the rash but I don't see it getting better! And do believe me this is much more annoying than the hemorrhoids themselves as I cannot freely move, go to the toilet or even touch it! The whole area is red with a pale red line in the middle of it!
Avatar m tn I went to the doctor last spring and was told it was likely giardia but the tests came back negative and after I finished the antibiotics (he wanted me to start taking them before the tests came back and I know you are supposed to take the entire dosage so I did). I have no weight loss or gain and feel great for the most part. One thing to note is that since I have had these odd BMs I have also had an INCREASE in migraines from a couple times a year to once a month or more.
Avatar f tn Internal hemorrhoids can bleed and cause blood in the stool. The pain from one of these breaking open can cause the night sweats, leg pain etc. Did your doctor prescribe an antibiotic for the fever? Sometimes a fever running its course is best as the body fights off the infection. You might want to try a natural antibiotic like grape juice or a drop of tea tree oil in a glass of water.
Avatar n tn I have had injections for the internal H's in the UK, the fissures were left to heal on their own. They also did a flexi sig which showed nothing bad. The H's used to cause me pain, bleeding, and what was worse was the blockage feeling. I was a wreck, terrified of the pain and the bathroom. It made me very, very low – and it is something that you are usually too embarrassed to talk about to people or explain, and even if you do they can’t really understand.
Avatar m tn Efaw Journal High Blood pressure 165/110 Caused by Prep H Lot of pressure sometimes burning Sometimes aching Headache Hemorrhoid med w/o phenylephrine What else should I do for them? Feel like I have a cold Allergins are low Headache Lots of drainage Sore throat sometimes Fibrillation Lump on back Spots on feet - from wearing no socks Test results from work Sept 25, 2012 1. He wants me to stop Toprol? I assumed that he did but don't remember him saying it. 2.
Avatar n tn I have noticed that sometimes I have blood in my stool but I always thought it was from a hemorrhoid but I'm not really sure anymore. Sometimes it also has mucos in it but I'm not sure why. There are periods where I have nothing and then all of a sudden it starts up again. I usually get really bad cramps when I have to go and when I do it starts out like a regualr BM, but then gets looser and looser. Sometimes I wake up a night to cramps and I have to get to the bathroom..
Avatar f tn Aloe vera juice contains a substance called anthraquinone, a laxative, which can cause diarrhea if taken in large amounts. Severe diarrhea can cause pain, cramps and dehydration. 2. Consult your doctor before consuming aloe vera juice, especially if you’re undergoing a medical treatment or taking prescribed drugs, as the juice may cause adverse reactions when consumed along with few medicines. Laxative in aloe vera may even inhibit the absorption of some drugs in the body.