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Avatar n tn Now that he's at home taking oral antibiotics, the blood in the stool problem is back. He was diagnosed with a hernia, which has yet to have treated. My question: what can he do to stop the bleeding? Is antibiotics really the answer?
Avatar m tn In the last two days i have observed blood in my stool along with some saliva like stuff coating it. Bowel movements are painless and i have constant urge to got to the toilet frequently. Sometimes i experience pain in my stomach.. What is the cause of this problem? Can it be cured easily? I'm really afraid.. I'm 19 years old-male...
Avatar f tn This morning I noticed blood in his stool, what can this mean? He has been eating fresh prawns and some dried food but not any tinned food.
Avatar n tn Hello, Stomachpainguy - Since you are losing blood in your stool you are more than likely anemic. This would also be the cause for seeing stars upon standing & feeling weak when walking up stairs... Also, eat more roughage, this will keep you more regular & help w/ the mucus in your stool too - plus it'll give you a boost in your energy level. I Good luck!
Avatar m tn However, today, noticed that I had what appeared to be blood in toilet and and upon wiping, bright red paper. Earlier in day, noticed slight pain on my left side below rib cage and later noticed I was gasey and burping a lot. My history, had H.Py.ori received treatment for one week and finished anti biotics on the 13th of June, felt ok for a couple of weeks and noticed belching came back and was told about possibility of candida overgrowth of which I had symptoms.
Avatar n tn While I was taking these meds, I had gotten a horrible sinus infection so the dr. loaded me up with heavy antibiotics. These tore me up. The blood in my stool then was horrible. I mean it looked like someone was hacked to death. This was when the blood in the stool started. I stopped taking them and ate yogurt and it stopped. This recent episode is nothing compared to that but, I was wondering if there could be a connection. Any help on this let me know.
Avatar n tn blood in stool, mucus in stool, narrower stools, cramping, nausea, diarrhea. Thanks for your help!!
Avatar n tn now im geting blood in my stool ...i didn't hav any pain in stomac.sore in anus.
Avatar m tn Therefore, on Tuesday (1/11/2011) I went to the immediate care place and tested positive for blood in stool no external hemorrhoids, but they could not test for internal hemorrhoids (no anascope). They requested stool samples which I provided directly to our local hospital lab, with blood very visible red liquid. Also, when whipping, no way to say it otherwise, it looked like a murder scene. However, all tests returned negative for Stool cultures, c diff, and parasites in fecal samples.
Avatar n tn Female in mid-40's. For 2-3 wks I've had mucus and/or blood when I go to the bathroom. Many times I don't pass any stool, just globs of mucus and blood clots. First had more mucus, now more blood. I have had external hemorrhoids in the past but have not had a flare for a yr and half but have never experienced bleeding, only inflammation. I've read that bleeding hemorrhoids usually lasts a few days at a time, not wks.
Avatar m tn When my body tells me it's time for a BM, I have very little time to get to the ladies' room. In the last few days, I have noticed fresh blood in my stool. Any thoughts on the cause of the bleeding? I have a gastrointerologist that treated my c diff. Is it necessary to go to a doctor? Might it get better? I am leaving for Europe in 17 days. I'm not really excited about a colonoscopy before I go, but I don't want to get to Europe and have a major problem.
Avatar f tn my friend has a rotweiler hes about 5yrs old hes a good dog very calm and smart she was telling me that he hasn't been feeling good lately and been acting a little weird she said she saw some blood in his stool has anyone ever experienced this or had this type of problem i told her to take him to the vet i'm sure she will tomorrow but i thought i would ask you guys thanks
140029 tn?1393301742 In the ER room and they noticed white blood cells in stool. Doctor thought it was maybe c. difficile (stool culture was negative) and gave me ANOTHER round of flagyl which I tolerated this time for some reason. I went on months of antibiotics (various ones) for a UTI that would not culture out. Finally after the white blood cells left the urine I was left totally sick/nausea/left colon pain. over the years pains slowly grew up the left side of the colon.
Avatar m tn I am a 32 year old male and I have been having blood in my stool for about 3 months. It started when I began my new job. I had a very easy desk job before, and my only exercise was from 40 minutes a day in the gym. After this job began, a week later I notice a pink stripe down the side of my bowel movement. I began going more regularly too, someone said this was from the increase in activity (constant heavy lifting and running around).
Avatar m tn I went to meet Gastroenterologist and he gave some medication and still the problem persisted for months. One day I saw little bit of blood in my stool and finally Dr performed the colonoscopy and biopsy and everything came back normal. It has been couple of months and I still see little bit blood. I am so scared which is making me nervous and not concentrate on my work. Please advise.
Avatar f tn The brighter red the blood is, the lower the bleed. If your were bleeding higher up, your stool would be very dark, black and/or tarry. Since you've been thoroughly checked out, I think the blood is coming from hemmorhoids. They tend to put blood "on" the stool, tissue or in the water. Having said this, I'm concerned that your GI hasn't explained all this to you, and I would opt for a second opinion anyway. My son had to see 4 GI's before getting the right diagnosis.
174483 tn?1327629077 He said that stomach viruses often cause some blood in the stool and as long as it wasn't clots or enough to turn the toilet red, it was okay. I know it is scary, but his went away after two incidents. I'm sure everything is okay, but I don't blame you for taking her to the doctor.
684508 tn?1234920791 I have notice the last couple of weeks that I have blood mix in with my stool. I am not sure why I do, I do still get diarhia sometimes 3 times a week. I dod have a throat infection so i am wondering if maybe the anitbiotics I was givin was rough on my stomach? Has anyone else had this problem?
Avatar m tn For the last few months on and off I have been suffering from abdominal pain, diarrhea, blood in stool etc. Recently, it got so bad that I went to doctor to get it looked at. She confirmed presence of internal haemorrhoids and gave me suppositories. They gave me light relief however only temporarily. She also said I had a parasite that was contravercial in that most doctors wouldn't treat it because its believed that it might just be a part of our biological make up.
Avatar f tn my daughter is 3 months old ,she has been passing mucus in stools for about 4 weeks now and some times there are spots of blood in the mucus ,I took her to the doc but not found the cause yet
Avatar f tn I have had red blood from anal area a few times and I have white and yellow mucus in my stool, sometimes dull orange. I also have what appears to be dead tissue in my stool, sometimes I pass only this dead tissue with mucus (no actual stool), my stools are pencil thin about a third of the time, and often I find that I have long strings of dead tissue with thin stool twisted around it.
Avatar n tn I am a male in my early forties, healthy, non-smoker, non-drinker, eats well. Family has no history of colon cancer or polyps. I have been treated for H-Pylori six years ago. Two months ago, I began to experience loose stool. My bowel movements were regular (once a day, sometimes two). I also experienced increase in gas. About three weeks ago, my stools began to go back to normal consistency but I noticed there was a change in the shape of the stool.
Avatar n tn She has had stomach pain and diarrhea and bunches of mucus in her stool. She has had blood test, cbcs and liver function test, stool cultures. Her Results are as follows: Her latest cbc showed that she had a low lymphocytes of 26, polys high 7.2, and rdw high 13.6. High sed rate of 44 then 24 and then 25 and this was after being given antibiotics twice. Moderate polymorphonuclear leukocytes in her stool. Her liver test showed an SGOT level of 44 high.
Avatar n tn I have found some strange objects in my stool and my doctors have been unable to figure out what they are. The first is a skin-like objects (1 inches long x 1/2 inch wide). The color is a translucent brown. On this skin is a hardened brownish object about the size of a seasame seed, it seems attached. Usually this skin is folded up in my stool (which is a lot smaller than normal). I have also seen white objects, again about the size of seasame seeds, there are a lot of them.
Avatar n tn Tissue or mucous in stool: I have had gastrointestinal problems for a while; no 'specialists' have been able to help me. Lately I have tried mixing vinegar with warm water and doing small 8 oz enemas, frequently; I have released tons of opaque tissue. It feels good when I release it but I can't find anyone who can tell me what it is. I am going to assume it is lymphatic tissue that has attached to colon lining.