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Avatar n tn 2 days ago I found 2 kittens about 2 or 3 months old and they have something wrong with their eyes. They're constantly draining a yellowish sticky gooey fluid. The one is worse than the other. For the past 2 days I have been wiping them with a warm cloth and using a eye cleanser I got from fleet farm but they don't seem to be getting any better. Being a single mother I don't have a lot of money for a very. It's there something at home I can do it does anybody know what it could be??
Avatar f tn I have a litter of kittens about 6 week and they seem to have a cold.Their eyes mat shut and their noses are runny.what can i do to get them better?
Avatar f tn D thank you so much :)
Avatar f tn I had to leave them at the shelter for treatment because I just can't keep them issolated from GHM and Tucker and treat 4 kittens with different communicable conditions at the same time, not to mention keeping them away from my own 3 healthy senior cats. I had scheduled Tucker for neutering today, but he has a mild case of URI, so I decided to wait until he is fully recovered. Things are even worse at the shelter.
Avatar f tn I realize that cold in the eye requires antibiotics and the eye area to stay clean I have been keeping the eye area clean and dry with a warm damp cloth What I would like to know will a triple antibiotic cream be okay to use and if so knowing the cattail juice from the stems are a natural topical antibiotic can I use this
Avatar n tn The temperature would confirm it. If there's bloody discharge as well then the damage is serious. The kitten needs antibiotics and drops. If you have any amoxicillin in the house, scrape a pin Head amount off the pill and rub it on the kitten's gums twice daily. I'd say take them to a vet, but I gather it isn't an option. Regardless, at the very least, if not treated they'll lose the eye/s. At the worst they'll die.
Avatar f tn I have two kittens, Uffie - 8 months and Siouxsie - 5 months. In the last week I have noticed two lumps on Uffie's tummy that have increased in size quite rapidly. They are not painful to her and she isn't over licking the area. She hasn't gone off food and is as loving as ever. The lumps are situated in between her hind legs and are of equal size. She is yet to be spayed but she does have an appointment with the vet for that to be done. Does anyone have any idea what it could be?
Avatar f tn I'm actually surprised that even after suspecting a bug bite, the vet still didn't give you antibiotics, considering that those are STILL KITTENS. I have never heard of anything like it before. Please hun, let me know how they're feeling now. And please, if you can, and if the kitties have still not shown signs of getting better, take them to a vet. So Sorry for your fosters. I am having a hard time, too, dealing with my cat's illness. sigh...
Avatar f tn So after the surgery I put her on antibiotics for a week and that took care of the inflamation and swelling. She has gained back close to a pound since she weaned the kittens and looks almost filled out again. She could still stand to gain another 1/2 pound or so but she is eating quite well. I just finished feeding and weighting the kittens.
Avatar m tn I've had them in the Vet there telling me that it's like ammonia we have had them on antibiotics and it is not working and they have used several different antibiotics and we have one cat that has been in vet and she is at deaths door And I found out that two days ago that the shelter where we adopter those cats had put down 315.
Avatar n tn i happen to notice while i was cleaning his eyes that his tongue is yellowish color and looks like a hugh canker sore. and he crys alot. should i take him to the vet or is their something that i can put on it like baby origel while it heals? do you think it might be contagious? please let me know. none of the other kittens have this on their tongue.
202436 tn?1326477933 Gave them both a dewormer (don't remember what it's called) and decided to put them both on a round of antibiotics just in case. She also asked us to bring a stool sample by to make sure there aren't any parasites or anything. The fleas, fortunately, aren't bad. Just one or two here and there. She said they aren't affecting them because they don't appear anemic. She said just to wash them with a little bit of dawn and just keep picking them off for now.
Avatar m tn Charlie and Tiny, were sneezing, could not breath out the nose, and was sort of enlarged. They were breathing out of the mouth, but not coughing. The gums were just fine, and the incision area was fine no infection from what I could see. Day 7 : Now Charlie is drooling, and Tiny appears miserable, but not due to pain. now im thinking the surgery is the last of their worries. BUT now the other 2 kittens are showing signs of being sick. REALLY.
598892 tn?1219801235 give it a few days and see if they get smaller, and dry up... she probably over produced milk and it has no where to go, but i think it will dry up.
Avatar f tn absolutely,A stray came around my house and was limping with a huge infection on the leg from fighting and I gave the cat some antibiotics I had for a tooth abcess.Cleared it up in 5 days! Give a little from the capsule twice a day,very little.Each human capsule should last 2 days with a cat. google the antibiotics you have and put it in like this. CLindimycin for cats.
Avatar m tn He was given laxative oil that day + pain meds, but he didn't improve much by evening so he got antibiotics (the vet thought that the likely reasons were either constipation or urinary tract infection, or he'd swallowed something dangerous). 1h after giving the antibiotics he indeed peed and felt better. He also ate (very little, but still), but I had to feed him chicken broth for 2 days as he refused to drink. 5 days he didn't move an inch, sat up at the most.
Avatar n tn One of the kittens had a hernia (from a dog attack), and the vet did surgery to fix it, and it seemed fine. The other two kittens in the litter picked on it; sucking it's genital area. It became so sore and red that it started bleeding; so I seperated it out. A day later I noticed diarrhea, then a day after that it was deficating pure blood. I figured it was an internal issue related to the trauma; so I had it put to sleep. But now, one of the other kittens is deficating blood.
4113881 tn?1415853876 most of the brands the Vets sell us are low in quality and strength. I will give you a name of a very good brand and tell you to use 500mg per day for at least a week, than lower to 250mg..(a powder mixed in the food) if you can't find this locally you can order it on line from iherb, there shipping is only $4. http://www.iherb.
Avatar n tn hello my cat had kittens about 6 weeks ago. one of the mothers teets looks and feels really nasty, it is all dried up and flat, thick and yellow looking, there is a big lump under the ***. it looks very painful for this cat. [it reminds you of an older adult that has really thick yellow toe nails; thats what it looks like. ] If you have any more ideas than my, plz let my know.!!!
Avatar f tn There are some antibiotics that are safe during pregnancy and Lysine which is an amino acid and combats Herpes virus is safe during pregnancy. But due to pregnancy, all medications, and therapies must first go through your veterinarian.
Avatar n tn If my adrenaline gets up, I lose motor coordination in my hands, and then my nerves get even more jangled as I drop things and become less and less efficient. And naturally I get furious at the person who is causing me extra problems. But of course, the person has no idea that I'm just trying to get some peace and quiet so I can think straight and be halfway efficient with what absolutely has to get done.
Avatar f tn That starts this week and get the fleas that the out door cats brought in the in house kittens have them not.
Avatar n tn Then, almost 2 weeks ago, my sister said that when she had ringworm, it looked similar to my rashes, so I bought some Lotrimin and it seemed to work a little bit, but what has worked the best is tea tree oil. So after this, I assumed it was ringworm and got both kittens tested for it. Today, after 11 days, the test came back negative. I thought for sure that it was ringworm but now I'm not sure.
637356 tn?1301928422 Nothing was taken and nothing but the kittens toys and cat food was messed with. Looks as if they tried to feed them and were playing with them. I do have a couple of the little kids in my neighborhood that would climb threw my window just to play with the kittens.
Avatar n tn She also has taken to looking at you meowing , not like her at all, no change in her diet, although she was in a nasty fight with a raccoon in Feb and was given antibiotics. Could this be an allergic reaction to the antibiotics? After all this time? Blood work came back fine, not sure what is happening, any suggestions most wanted!
4939681 tn?1361302899 Ct scan also showed chronic sinusitis and I have had unrelenting drainage and sinus pressure that does not resolve with antibiotics. Aside from Hashimoto's, I tested positive for a Lyme antibody band and am currently being treated with antibiotics. Also, I feel the need to mention that during this 2 year time span, I was pregnant and oddly (3 previous healthy deliveries) hemorrhaged severely due to blot clots and required 2 blood transfusions. I was never given an explanation.
Avatar f tn My cat is about 2 or 3 years old and she just had her first litter of kittens. The kittens had been eating cat food on their own for about two weeks and weren't feeding off the mother anymore, so we gave them away. Now her breasts are swole bad. She seems to be in pain and they are a little red. What caused this? What can we do to help?
Avatar f tn my kitten was recently neutered, at 10 weeks, and given the distemper AND the rabies vaccine. Then I was later told the kitten tested positive for feline leukemia. Any advice on what to do for her? I thought the rab ies vaccine would be given later at around 5 or 6 months.
1303813 tn?1303162962 However, you mentioned something about older kittens? I would definitely keep this litter separated from them. Have your older kittens and the mama of this litter been vaccinated? I don't mean to sound harsh, but if you can't afford to care for the kittens, their best chance may be with surrendering them to your local shelter or a rescue group.
Avatar n tn I had 3 cats and 6 kittens, i only have 1 cat left now. The all had eyes matted up and sneezing. we cleaned the eyes out and gave them some antibotics but nothing help, they all have died but one.