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1548028 tn?1324616046 They are designed to alter the immune system's activity and prevent the immune system from attacking myelin. The GABA drugs are anti-seizure medication that can change how the brain perceives pain. GABA drugs, anti-spasmodics (Baclofen,) etc. are to treat symptoms that may be caused by MS.
Avatar n tn I have been on ativan for 3 years for ptsd. During this time I didn't take it every day. Recently I didn't get a chance to go get my refill, and to be honest, I kept forgetting about it. Then I had a seizure (according to my husband). Is this because I stopped the ativan abruptly? I have also had several head injuries this past year. Can too many concussions cause seizures? This is my second seizure and I don't have a hx of seizure disorder.
Avatar m tn I am currently taking 80 mg of fluoxetine and 100 mg of fluvoxamine each day and have been on medications since about an year and a half I now feel lack of confidence and hand tremors.
Avatar f tn Xanax is a benzodiazepine, an anti-anxiety and anti-seizure medication that targets GABA receptors. Benzos act only for a short time, some longer, some shorter, while antidepressants work all day while you're on them. Both can be very hard to stop taking -- benzos are addictive, and Paxil is difficult to stop if you take it for any length of time because the brain has to readapt to working naturally when you stop an antidepressant (or a benzo).
1168718 tn?1464987135 Somatosensory system pain (neuropathic pain) seems to respond better to GABA drugs. GABA drugs are primarily anti-seizure medications that seem to effect the currents in the voltage dependent calcium channels of the nervous system. Different drugs for different types of pain. There are people on this forum that use both. I take a different anti seizure medication (Tegretol) that works by keeping more of the voltage dependent sodium gates inactivated.
Avatar n tn At the levels you are taking, almost no side effects are listed unless it is taken with other anti-seizure medications, which is not the case here.
634733 tn?1316629592 Gabapentin and Lyrica are anti-seizure medications (this class of drugs also reduces neuropathic pain) that effect the voltage gating of calcium channels in the nervous system. Just about all of the anti-seizure medications "can" (but not always do) cause weight gain. These drugs decrease certain neurotransmitters and increase neuronal GABA levels.
Avatar f tn Lamictal is an anti-seizure med. I wonder if it could affect GABA like benzos do. Are you on a high dose? You could be going through tolerance withdrawal? I did that on benzos, ativan. Hope your Dr's figure it out soon. =( You'll be fine.
6937315 tn?1386291218 It's only FDA approved uses are for the nerve pain from shingles and as an anti-seizure med for epileptics, but is used off-label for a lot of things.
Avatar f tn In people with a history of seizures, doses of anti-seizure medications may require adjustment because evening primrose oil may increase the risk of seizures. An ingredient of evening primrose oil, gamma-linolenic acid, is reported to lower blood pressure in animal studies. Although human studies do not show clear changes in blood pressure, people taking certain blood pressure medications should consult with a healthcare professional before starting evening primrose oil.
1722607 tn?1335751458 For instance, the medications taken for anxiety and OCD are classified as anti-depressants but they work for these disorders as well. As far as the benzodiazipines go, I find this one to work better than xanax. Klonopin take a bit longer to start working than xanax but its effects last longer. Hope your echo turns out to be fine.
Avatar f tn My biggest problem with the anti-seizure drugs is that I feel like my body acclimates to them pretty quickly, so I'm constantly upping the dosage. Sorry to hear about your pain. I know how you feel.
Avatar f tn I'm wondering if it is safe for me to take Gabapentin for withdrawal symptoms from methadone? I read somewhere that the gaba is sometimes prescribed for that. I have never taken it before in my life and got a hold of a few 300mg capsules the other day. I have been into opiates off and on for about 8 years, getting pretty bad into them this past year. I think it is alot mental with me though. I started off on Perc 5's and 10's, graduating to oxy 30's about a year ago.
Avatar n tn Carbamazepine is drug of choice, but along with Baclofen it serves good result for episodic pain. There are other newer anti-convulsants like toprimate which could be tried, but it depends on neurologist comfort with the drug. You can be started on opoid analgesics if headaches are severe. I think you need to discuss and consult with neurologist regarding starting treatment for headache. Hope this helps. Bye.
Avatar n tn YOU MUST NOT GO OFF OF BENZOS COLD TURKEY -- EVER. You're risking a horrible seizure if what you've done is run out after using benzos on a daily basis, and now are just going cold turkey. A benzo withdrawal seizure can leave you a cold turkey. It's common knowledge that you must be tapered down from benzos or risk a life-threatening seizure. I've been through one. I came within a hairs breath of dying. The vigilance of my sweet wife is the only reason I am alive.
Avatar f tn Fibromyalgia is a pain syndrome related to the muscles, joints and connective tissue (tendons, etc.) Some fibromyalgia seems to be related to "central sensitization," where nociceptive neurons in the dorsal horns of the spinal cord become sensitized by peripheral tissue damage or inflammation. This type of sensitization has been suggested as a possible causal mechanism for chronic pain conditions. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.
Avatar n tn anxiolytic properties, anticonvulsant properties, lower blood pressure, euphoria, anti-depressant properties, its analgesic properties, anti inflammatory properties, oh and have you read the AMA's study about how its found to slow tumor growth?
Avatar f tn I was happy to finally get permission to stop taking seizure medications (had a grand mal seizure right after brain surgery). There is always side effects - I look forward to the day they can make gene-specific medication so they are tailored to suit individuals; no more side effects! When my back pain was severe (could not walk without crothes..) I used to bang on top of my hand with a metal bar so the brain at least temporarily would only notice hand pain an not back pain.
Avatar f tn There are, however, other medications you might try. For example, some anti-seizure medications can help chronic neuropathic pain. The so-called GABA analogues (that have nothing to do with the neurotransmitter GABA), like Lyrica (pregabalin) and Neurontin (gabapentin) can also help. Sometimes we all need a good muscle relaxant. And there are other adjuncts to treatment that can help reduce pain a point or two.
1473217 tn?1289246676 similar drugs are generally used off-label for pain control as they were developed as anti-seizure meds. It's possible that gabapentin on top of valium would be quite sedating. If you can manage, there is some evidence that relaxing exercise like Tai Chi may help with joint pain. Best wishes.
Avatar f tn Many pharmaceuticals manipulate, within the brain, levels the important neurotransmitter GABA. These medications include barbituates, benzodiazepines, some anti-seizure medications, and ethyl alcohol. Both gabapentin and pregabalin mimic GABA in their structure. Originally designed to manipulate GABA we now know that they don't work directly on the neuroreceptor, but have a wide variety of effects within the brain an on nerve tissue.
Avatar n tn I recently went to my GP to get help for ever stronger pains in my legs due to nerve damage in my back when he refused to increase my dose of oxycodone he gave me an anti epeliptic drug called GABAPENTIN, that day i started my 3 a day dose and to my supprize in the morning when i woke where id normally have rly bad cravings and terrible aches i woke calm ache free and no knotted feeling in my stomach ( i still had my back pain but thats due to real pain not withdrawls) i was slightly puzzled
Avatar n tn I am currently taking 1200 mg of Neurontin daily for a recently diagnosed seizure disorder. I am also diagnosed with dystonia, Writer's Cramp type although it actually affects my arms as well as hands. Before the Eeg which showed the seizure activity, I was on Artane (got very spacey on it) and then Sinemet (which I only took for a short time). After the neuro put me on Neurontin I went off the other medications.
Avatar n tn I went away to college in Boston and saw a psychiatrist who put me on a low dose of klonopin as well as a battery of SSRI's, tricyclic's, anti-phychotics, and other off the label treatments for anxiety and depression. Every doctor, therapist, and psychiatrist I have seen (around 10 in all) has commented that I truly do have a very high level of anxiety (I have been tested for pheochromocytoma but it only showed high dopamine levels).
Avatar m tn One is drink lots of green tea.Green tea has GABA in it which is what will help to replace the gaba in your brain that it has grown accustomed to in excessive amounts. This was something very simple and inexpensive that helped me immensely.The other is the supplement NAC or N-Acetyl Cysteine.This supplement will help to replace glutathione in the brain which helps with free radical damage that occurs when going through with-drawls.
1695384 tn?1306455153 The anti-seizure meds (gabapentin, Tegretol, Trileptal. etc) at the right dosage level can stop the pain completely. Other coping mechanisms can help short-term -- some people like heat (I use a microwaveable beanbag) or ice. Oragel will numb teeth and gum pain caused by TN and allow you to chew and talk. Some people have reported success with upper cervical chiropractic or accupuncture. The main thing is not to give up.
230262 tn?1316649534 It's usually prescribed for anxiety / anxiety attacks, but this a$$hole doesn't seem to have a clue about this class of medications. 3./ Have you got the last bottle around, with the label intact? I know a few things about benzodiazepines -- these tranquilizers / sedative hypnotics (depending on the specific problem) have been around since the 1960's, when Librium was introduced. They were considered a much safer alternative than the barbiturates (quite true!
544292 tn?1268886268 Theres a lot of conflicting information about seizures on the list. I've never seen anYone have a seizure in tramadol WITHDRAWAL. Have seen several people have seizures when TAKING tramadol. AND, every tramadol related seizure I saw did not seem related to how high a dose the person was taking; RATHER was in instances where someone markedly INCREASED their dose. I think the confusion is in that seizures are common when withdrawing from sedatives (alcohol, barbiturates, benzodiazapines etc).
1475492 tn?1332887767 Gabapentin (and the other anti-seizure medications) may not help with spasticity. The "pain" from spasticity is real "nociceptive" pain (pulled muscle - abnormal muscle tone.) Gabapentin (and the other anti-seizure medications) are used to treat "neuropathic" or somatosensory pain. Spasticity is caused by a failure in the somatosensory and/or proprioceptive systems not letting the brain know where the body parts are at a particular time.
645390 tn?1338558977 It is possible that Trileptal might have been suppressing some spasticity in you leg. Trileptal is an anti seizure medication that inhibits sodium channel function. Are you taking Zanaflex or Baclofen? They are used to control spasticity resulting from spinal or supra-spinal muscle activation. If not, you may benefit from replacing the higher cost Oxcarbazepine with with Baclofen which is a GABA derived drug with a lower cost and is more specific to spasticity.