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Avatar n tn It is extremely common to get depressed when you quit smoking. Besides taking antidepressants I would see a psychotherapist to help you learn about your depression. It is a great opportunity to learn something important, and learn it quickly. You might try the Masteringstress program to get you started.
Avatar f tn I have suffered from depression for years and I went through many years of therapy. I got to the point where I only take antidepressants when I feel like I can't make it through the depression time without medication. This year is one of those years. I don't sleep, I eat all the time, I cry all the time and I can't function properly.
Avatar m tn I have major depression and was on anti-/deps when I started using loritabs and vicoden. has anyone else used pain pills while on anti/deps? something made my meds stop working and my depression got worse. I don't feel like I am living and am miserable at all times. I quit taking the pain pills 4 days ago today. but kept smoking weed. I don't have physical withdraw,as I was taking rather small dose. I changed from loritabs to tramodal about 6 mo ago. any advice ?
228936 tn?1249094248 Hey there, Your depression could have much to do with your smoking quit. Are you still quit? I wasn't successful with mine because of the depression. If you can just hang in there, Mr Lucky, I bet the depression will improve the more time passes. Plus, we're into Spring and your mood may start to improve simply due to that. I was on AD's for 24yrs, but quit them in 04 and like you, I really do feel better without them, overall.
Avatar n tn I have been diagnosed with innappropriate sinus tachycardia, dysautonomia, depression and panic attacks. On top of this I recently quit smoking. To say the least, I am a wreck. The only medication I currently take is Atenolol for the IST. Can you suggest a psychiatric medication that might help my depression/anxiety and smoking withdrawal that won't make me even more tired, interfer with atenolol or speed me up too much?
Avatar n tn It works for some people, and clinical trials have shown it can be as effective as anti-depressants. Anti-depressants also work for some people; but if you want "natural" try that first. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon... <a href="
Avatar n tn I quit smoking like 10 years ago and I do have constant depression too. I take medication for it but for your withdrawal symptoms, like constipation, you can take stool softners that will help with that. As for the other symptoms talk to your doctor. I know for smoking they have a patch and other things to help ease symptoms but I'm not sure about chew.
Avatar n tn org/topic/smoking_cessation.html for ways to help you stop smoking. Also check with your doctor for other quit smoking resources in your area.
Avatar f tn Also I quit smoking in September by taking the Chantrix no smoking pill, only for 2 weeks, but whatever was in it the first two weeks, make me feel happy, energetic, not hungry and tired all the time and helped by Hypo moods tremedously! Anyone know what gives? My doctor went on to prescribe an anti depression after I told him which did nothing, and I stopped since it would also give side effect of weight gain..
Avatar m tn She has a more lethargic apathetic anhedonia sort of depression and I have a more anxious fearful insomnia depression. They prescribe wellbutrin to people trying to quit smoking or doing cocaine which are both stimulants so I don't know it is my personal belief that if your depression is of that really slowed down somnolent flavor wellbutrin can be great, but if you are anxious and fearful then it can worsen the problem.
Avatar f tn My doctor has said that I have major depression and that is what's causing my anxiety. But I honestly don't feel in anyway depressed. I've had anxiety since I was 8 or 9 (im 21) but im pretty content with my life right now. So I was on effexor was depression for over 3 months. I didn't feel any change in mood, and it did nothing for my insomnia. Now my doc prescribed wellburtin and said if this works we can ween you off the effexor.
Avatar m tn I quit smoking 55 days ago. But at the same time I am cutting down on my antidepressants which I have been taking for a long time for EXTREME anxiety and moderate depression. For the last 4 days I feel very depressed. I feel worthless and lost interest in everything. I didn't feel like this in years.Yes it could be from antidepressant withdrawal alone but could be from smoking cessation combined with it. I don't know what to do.
Avatar n tn i quit smoking two weeks ago and have been getting anxiety attacks. is there anything i take other than the zanax to help with these attacks.
Avatar f tn I am on Effexor and plan on quitting smoking again. I've quit numerous times - the most I've quit is for 2 year. I have used the patch with success - however the last 2 times, I've gotten to 12 weeks, stopped the patch and started smoking within 2 weeks. So, I want to try a new strategy. I am considering Chantix - but right now I am on Effexor and am concerned taking both meds will create a problem.
Avatar f tn Just to be clear im not smoking while pregnant im taking anti depressants.
Avatar m tn I already take Wellbutrin because a) it has helped me quit smoking cigarettes, and b) helps control my appetite, and c) there aren't sexual side-effects.
Avatar n tn I started taking this after being on Zyban that helped me quit smoking. The physician that started me on Zyban retired and when my perscription of Zyban expired my new physician moved me to Wellbutrin SR. Prior to taking either medicine I have never been treated for or diagnosed for depression. The medication was strictly taking for help with smoking. My family and I have noticed that within the last few months that I get agitated very easily.
Avatar n tn I am going to try to quit smoking. My doctor prescribed Zoloft. Why? I am not depressed. (I am 66 and have smoked since about 14).
Avatar f tn I also felt like I was ready to manage my depression and anxiety on my own, rather than with medication. During those three years, I was in college and had access to a psychiatrist and counselor for free. I felt fine at first, and the withdrawal symptoms were manageable, and I even managed to drop the weight I had gained while taking the medication. Now though, I'm starting to feel my depression and anxiety sneaking back in.
1036906 tn?1296054367 i quit smoking and drinking today. started taking sleeping pills just to go straight to sleep and not think about smoking.
Avatar f tn Well my problem is that I can NOT take anti depressants because they make it 100 times worse for me....I learned that 16 years ago and 3 hospital stays later. My depression was getting worse day by day taking the Chantix but when I got off of it it seemed to lift and I felt a little better yesterday and today BUT it's still here....I quit the day before. I just wondered if Chantix stayed in your system for a while or not.
Avatar m tn You may need medication and/or therapy. If it is anxiety/depression, I would not say it is a permanent thing, but it's not something that goes away in a day or two either. Good luck and let us know.
1448936 tn?1363206346 I've decided to quit smoking this week to become healthier. I know in the long run that not smoking will most likely help my anxiety but I'm fearful of the first couple weeks since I know that quitting can cause anxiety and panic which I already deal with. Has anyone with anxiety quit smoking successfully? I'm calling my doc tomm to refill my xanax to help during the nicotine withdrawals but I'm really scared.
Avatar m tn Why would this young lady want to take anti depressants? Has she been diagnosed with depression? Is she too scared to see a doctor about her health? Where is she obtaining these pills? I really feel this could be difficult for you to deal with alone. Like Paxiled above says, can you let us know what medication she is taking? She may need help withdrawing.
Avatar f tn // for great anti-smoking commercials. I stumbled upon it and have found it very interesting! Maybe it will give you a little motivation, too?
Avatar n tn All of my meds are being handled by a doctor I see at a pain management clinic. The took me off of elavil. I am also attempting to quit smoking. I have noticed my depression increasing (today, I didn't get a shower & dressed until after 4:00). Even though the elavil was used in a low dose, directed to fibromyalgia symtoms, do you think this could cause the problem or is it common to happen when trying to quit smoking?