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Avatar f tn You should probably see your GP again and see if taking the medication helps with your memory. Also, exercise can help depression (and accordingly memory) a great deal so see if you can't increase how much you exercise. I hope this is helpful.
Avatar n tn I had to look up your medications as they are not the names they use in the United States. You are on two anti-depressents and two anti-anxiety medications. Before you even consider ECT (which is only for severe cases of treatment refractory depression) you have to have your medication adjusted. First of all you said you have symptoms of bipolar. But you are on anti-depressents which can worsen mania and not a mood stabilizer.
Avatar n tn m not familiar with how many anti-depression medications that a person can take at one time and why they would be. Currently this person is taking Trazodone (100mg), Celexa (40mg), and Buspirone HCL (15mg). After looking up each of these medications I see that two are for anti-depression and one for antianxiety. I originally thought this person was just taking sleeping pills at night. This person instantly falls to sleep and doesn't move all night.
4182046 tn?1355820039 I gor diagnosed with depression and anxiety and age 16, three years later here I am and pregnant! I stopped my medication as soon as I found out (20 mg citalopram) but my anxiety and depression are so bad, I really feel like I need my medication. Has anyone taken citalopram or another antidepressent while pregnant? pros and cons?
Avatar f tn I assume you mean you're taking an antidepressant and you feel it has affected your ability to focus and concentrate? If so, if the drug is new to you this might go away. If it's not new to you and this has been going on for awhile, it might be that this med isn't the right one for you. You might want to bring this up with your psychiatrist.
1499709 tn?1289168670 Now he is under the impression if he is stressed out he can take more than what is prescribed. Note he takes anti depression meds because of mood swings from his diabetes highs and lows. Also note he refers to this medication as chill pills. I am wondering if his thinking is off on this and is this really helping at all or just a waste of additional medication in his system? Also unfortunately he does this also with other medications he takes for his diabetes as well.
Avatar f tn I am currently looking for a new depression medication. I need some info on something that is NOT a SSRI, a hormone, and is not zoloft, celexa, or prozac......also something that does not contain salicylic acid aka aspirin. If anyone can help I would appreciate the help.
953190 tn?1276516034 re depressed again, I would definitely go back on this medication. Always keep in mind that every medication works differently in different individuals. Every situation and body is unique, so go by what you know has worked for you.
1349951 tn?1276819530 3 oxicoldene 3 muscle relaxants 1 anti inflammatory
Avatar f tn Im on medication for depression and anxiety. Also occasionally I have a sedative in case I go bizzercerz. Would that hurt my child more than stress would?
Avatar n tn I have been taking an anti-depression pill for several months, tried Paxil and they did not work for me. Iam taking Nortriptyline at the present time and do not see any favorable results. I do not believe that I have a depression problem, I think I have a nerve problem. I have been nervous all my life. What I really want to know,Is there a difference between depression pills and nerve (or tranquilizer) pills?
Avatar f tn Protozan is an herbal used for depression, and amoryn a natural formula for depression. These remedies are not regulated like medications, although they are starting to look closer at them. They may have some serious side effects that are unknown, and I would avoid them. If you feel depressed, I agree that you need to see a psychiatrist to determine this, and he would know if medication is needed or maybe just therapy or both.
Avatar m tn im sick of getting panic attacks even with the valium and ativan,,,, ive been one or the other for a year now , im just wondering if theres an anti drpessant for anxiety attacks, that is weaker than paxil or prozac? i was on paxil before and i didnt like tha way it made me feel. im just sick of feeling like this?
Avatar n tn I think i might have depression but dont want to see doctor for work reasons.I have been taking herbal ant depressants but no change still feel down. I got some real anti-depressants online but dont know if i should take them. I had one tablet and it made me a little queezy. The drug has ESCITOL-20 ie Escitalopram Oxalate Is it safe to take these or is there any substitute i can take?
1225178 tn?1318980604 depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain that medication can correct. According to the chemical imbalance theory, low levels of the brain chemical serotonin lead to depression and depression medication works by bringing serotonin levels back to normal. However, the truth is that researchers know very little about how antidepressants work.
Avatar n tn I have read in this forum that beta blockers can be used as an anti-depressant, what are some of the drug names, is this a common usage, and how do they work?
1551836 tn?1294151018 I am on anti depressant medication but no luck. I am so grossed out when I look in the mirror and so sad when I get on the scale. It makes me not want to cook and eat healthy or work out.
Avatar n tn Zyprexa is used as an anti-psychotic, yes, and this is what it was first developed for, but it was also approved by the FDA in March of this year as a mood stabilizer for bipolar depression. I am on it for bipolar depression, and it is working very well for me. I am not psychotic, nor does my psychiatrist think I am.
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Avatar m tn My mother is 67yrs old, recently the doctor advised her to take both Serta 25 and stalopam plus, both are anti depression medicines. But her blood pressure is normal. can some one help me know why she had been prescribed two anti depression medicines.
541196 tn?1293552936 I was on Effexor XR and when I told my doctor that I was planning on starting a family soon she told me that only Prozac and Celexa are good anti-depressants to be on while pregnant, but you can't breastfeed while on any anti-depressants.
Avatar f tn the best way would be to treat the depression by talking to a councillor and take meds for the svt, you cant take medication for depression because the meds can cause irregular heart rythm and this wouldnt be good to mix with heart problems, you should be looking into loosing weight if you're diabetic because you are more at risk of heart disease, good luck
Avatar n tn Pain management is quite difficult sometimes, particularly when depression is mixed in. Depression tends to make pain worse, and pain can make people more depressed. To top it off, medications for pain and/or depression often have cognitive side effects such as drowsiness, dizziness, unsteadiness, and occasionally even hallucinations. Finding the right combination is too complex for a forum like this. You are in the care of a psychiatrist and a neurologist. I think that is an excellent plan.