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Avatar f tn MANY people have very stressful lives and high demand jobs who work a lot of hours, and don't require taking an anti-anxiety medication, certainly not regularly. A short term benzo taken regularly will end up causing you more problems than you started with, due to tolerance and dependency. It's also a bit worrisome that you'd be willing to self medicate and try to double your dose. You definitely need to speak with your doc and try to find a more reasonable long term solution, IMO.
Avatar f tn Hey there, I really don't think that your memory loss is due to the anti-depressant. BUT who knows? I have been on anti-depressants, lots of different ones, for 20+ years, but I can honestly say I have no loss of memory. Well only the usual old age thing. I think you need to discuss this with the doctor who prescribed your medication. I don't think what you describe as memory loss is any different from what a lot of us have. I used to spell OK, but now it is getting worse.
Avatar m tn The reason people think it's a stimulant is because it can increase your heart rate, but this is a common property of all hallucinogens, caused from either anxiety, sensory overload, or a mix of both. The reason it's bad to mix these drugs is because marijuana can increase the effects of schizophrenia in people who suffer from it, and you are taking the anti-psychotic for the exact opposite purpose.
Avatar n tn Just as an aside, my mother has been concussed several times (on top of having head injuries) and her doctor prescribed an anti-psychotic for that. She was unhappy taking an anti-psychotic so she was given paramax (that's probably pain and anti-nausea medicine). It could be another option. Talk to your doctor and see what they suggest/ recommend.
Avatar n tn Entry inhibitors like REP9 AC and Myrcludex-B are promising as they are the only drugs that offer a complete CURE for Hepatitis B compared to immune modulators like Pegasys and Anti-virals like Entecavir... I think more research and concentration should be diverted to release inhibitor drugs as they seem to be promising and appropriate....
Avatar m tn I did not go there to get it and did not intend to get it but as she started it I had it in her mouth for 10-20 seconds before I pulled out. I had anxiety soon after-- 1. After consulting Dr.Hook (from medhelp) and my doc in the city and testing negative for bacterial infections I have gotten over the fear of bacteria. 2. After consulting Dr.
Avatar m tn This isn't really a question, it's more or less a walkthrough of what I am going through with anxiety problems and alcoholism in hopes that it might help someone out there. Had I read online about how common anxiety attacks after a night of drinking are, maybe I could have started my road to recovery sooner, and maybe some of you can.
Avatar f tn -went up to his brother and said “this is the night, I’m going to die” -began to have a psychotic episode: ~began to cry ~told us to stay away from him, get out of the house, “get away from me, I might hurt you”, “im going to die”… later…”are the cops coming?”, “don’t do it”, “don’t kill me”… etc…. he was trying to make himself vomit… was making a “dry heave” noise??... like metal music… etc black metal growl noise… ???
Avatar m tn There are some rare effects also like uncontrolled body movement and twitching which can be distressful. this is a anti anxiety/anti convulsant of benzodiazepine group and your doctor prescribed you once he deemed that the beneficial effect dominates the anticipated and possible side effects. I suggest that you consult your primary care physician for careful titration of the dose or an alternative drug in case the symptoms are distressing.
Avatar f tn Amitriptyline is indeed a tricyclic 'anti depressant', but it also has many other effects and uses too. The anti-depressant properties comes from its abilities to inhibit the reuptake of serotonin, (making it a serotonin reuptake inhibitor), but it also inhibits the reuptake of norepinephrine, which - whilst not fully understood - helps to regulate nerve pain from misfiring, or damaged nerves.
696153 tn?1231609458 It is safe as a short acting anti-anxiety drug if used properly though. Temporary psychosis can be a rare side of a variety of medications but permanent psychosis caused through severe brain damage is usually a side effect of highly dangerous illegal drugs such as amphetamines but that is psychosis caused by brain damage not schizophrenia which is something specific.
2107732 tn?1335131583 i pretty much know about a lot of drugs legal and illeagal been there and done that even know how to make more than a few !!!! but this one i know nothing about....and before i take it i want to know more about it........
Avatar n tn They are two different medications that should have a calming effect, it is quite unusual the reaction you had to 1/2 of a xanax, are you feeling anxious or parinoid over taking anti anxiety drugs? valuim, ativan, xanax areall basically similar everyone has their own opinion as to which works best, Even if you had a whole milligram xanax, snapped it and took.
Avatar n tn It may have relieved his chest pain that was caused by tension. In order to receive anti-anxiety meds you may have to request them by name, such as Xanax, possibly along with an anti depressant, some of which have very good anti anxiety properties. The VA has some strange rules that require the doctors to prescribe drugs in a certain manner. For example, a person can't sleep. He goes to the the VA for help. Now we know that there are perscription sleeping pills that would make him sleep.
193245 tn?1189993322 depression or anxiety...hmmm good question. I think both depending on the day. maybe the anxiety is causing the depression. cuz honestly, i have a lot to be happy about and am pretty content with the way my life turned out. i do have an appointment to see a psychiatrist on monday. i will ask him about Tricyclic antidepressants. THANKS!! so you are not gonna tell me what your profession is? hmmm...
Avatar m tn This time when I quit the Cough syrups, I went to a different doctor who gave me something for the depression and anxiety but no anti psychotics or anything. I feel that some chemical help when you quit is neccessary to cope with the mood swings. Talk to your doctor about oleanz and be of off it as soon as possible, remember that you must not stop it on its own though, the dose needs to be tappered of, best of luck... Check out the wikipedia page on oleanz for more info [ http://en.wikipedia.
Avatar n tn So, all this started after Reglan? Was she taking any other drugs at that time (for anxiety maybe...?) Liver disease mentioned, was it Reye's syndrome? I've found connection between Reglan and Neuroleptic malignant syndrome Just look at these search results:;_ylt=A0geu8mW_kBI8XsAVhpXNyoA?p=Neuroleptic+malignant+syndrome+reglan&fr=ush-mailc&ei=UTF-8 Read this article (or serach for others):
1896811 tn?1323981959 Some degree of control of the fasciculations may be achieved with the same medication used to treat essential tremor (beta-blockers and anti-seizure drugs). However, often the most effective approach to treatment is to treat any accompanying anxiety. No drugs, supplements, or other treatments have been found that completely control the symptoms.
Avatar f tn 2 (0-100) I also have some of the hypothyroidism symptoms listed in wikipedia such as weight gain, depression, anxiety, fatigue, sleepiness, cold intolerance. My doctor thinks I have Hashimoto's Disease. She suggested that I start taking levothyroxine (25mcg). I've bought Euthyrox, one of the two brands available in my country. My reaction to it was quite bad, I had very severe headaches. I usually use ibuprofen for my headaches so I tried it first. It couldn't help at all.
791213 tn?1239597152 Lithium Anti Manic Agent Mood Stabilizer Anti Impulsive Tegratol Same Depokate( Valproic Acid ) Same Cloropromazine Zyprexa Risperidol Lorazapam Sounds Like Alterating Ups And Downs Clasic Case Of Bi Polar Lithium Or Valproic Acid Works For Me Im Only 19 but have Been Dealing Since The Age Of 8 And Have Been Medicated Since 13 1200 mg Valproic 1200mg Tegratol 600 mg lithium 200 mg Cloropromazine Im A Very Sever Case I Get Extreamly Violent And Agressive Then Crash Into A
Avatar m tn Don't recall whether you see anyone for talk therapy, but that is a safer alternative. There are also non-benzo anti-anxiety agents, including anti-depressants such as Lexapro. Sometimes these are supplemented with other meds for sleep. One of these is Seroquel. I don't know how knowledgeable your doctor is about psychopharmacology, but many, even neuros, are woefully ignorant. You might want to run this whole issue by another doc.
Avatar f tn I looked at all 4 of the CRABs and their prescribing information. The interferon betas function as an anti-inflammatory and are thought to improve the blood brain barrier. This makes some kind of sense since interferons are a subclass of cytokines (a molecule that provides external signals to cells.) One of the cells cytokines communicate with immune cells. Because cytokines have some control over immune responses, they are classed as immunomodulators. [Wikipedia contributors.
Avatar m tn For your anxiety there some supplements you can try before using the popular anti-anxiety drugs prescribed. Gamma-aminobutyric Acid (GABA), Passionflower, Kava, Seredyn and Valerian are all things you can look up at your local food supplements store. Note that physical activity will play a crucial role in your fight against depression and anxiety with all the hormones produced while doing physical activity. Relaxation techniques are also very effective.
574118 tn?1305138884 And benzo's will calm a manic episode the same way they calm anything - they are at heart muscle relaxants and act to calm by that mechanism - they work primarily as anti anxiety medications and can to some extent control anxiety and panic - while they have "mood stabilisation properties" to a very minor extent (and I tend to think this is not a reason to use them EVER) the use of benzo's to control mania is the same as using any sedative - you would not be functional for much else
Avatar f tn I also seem to have some sort of anxiety disorder, and have been on xanax, clozapham, and valium (which does nothing). All I know is I am an emotional wreck. Its affecting my family life to a point, I want help, I want to be as normal as I can, I want to not want to cry all the time. I have had problems in the past with cutting, nothing I am proud of, and embarressed with the scars they have left - physical and emotional.
1115678 tn?1258816429 I just responded to someone here just a minute ago so ill copy what i told him about what you can actually try as treatment options. For your anxiety there some supplements you can try before using the popular anti-anxiety drugs prescribed. Gamma-aminobutyric Acid (GABA), Passionflower, Kava, Seredyn and Valerian are all things you can look up at your local food supplements store.
Avatar f tn Anxiety is not a "severe mental problem," however I do also agree that people should consult their own doctors and instructions on their medications regarding dosing.
Avatar n tn The withdrawal from Lexapro is horrific so I don't know whether there are other anti anxiety/depressants without such severe withdrawal. There is no point talking to my doctor about withdrawal as according to them they aren't addictive....