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Avatar f tn What vitamins can I take to prevent aging? Exclusively the face and neck areas. If there is not a vitamin, can herbs help and what kind? Any Natural Preventions?
Avatar m tn I do know one things most of the anti-seizure medications robs out bodies vitamins and minerals that are needed by our bodies on a daily basis. To stay healthy we need so much vitamins and minerals and fluids on a daily intake. When, I took Tegretol, I did not have the appatite to eat what I should. My bones were litterly being robbed of Calcium and Mangnesium without me even realizing it. I took the Tegretol for a little over 10 yrs.
Avatar f tn I am having alot of hair loss in the past 3 weeks. I am also wondering if it is o.k. to take hair vitamins. Not currently on tx. I take fish oil, garlic, vit D and calcium. I think since I am not on tx. that this is O.K. Am I wrong?
Avatar f tn Shall i use foligro drops and cgro serum to maintain my hair? Facing alopecia with thyroid. Also Shall I use h one ointment for face ? To avoid wrinkles....facing fast anti aging problem too. Ok help me.
Avatar n tn but i feel when i reach your age , i will ask my self , what i am living for and i will not find the answer , and i am sorry for being rude to say that ...
Avatar n tn When battling with my previous MD over my long laundry list of adrenal/thyroid symptoms, he told me that all of my symptoms were explained by depression except for the hair loss. He had no explanation for the hair loss and insisted that I was most likely just depressed. God help us all who have had to endure such outrageous nonsense.
Avatar f tn My hair is falling out. I thought the prenatal vitamins would help, but I'm loosing a hand full a day. I love my hair. I'm an ex hairstylist and only use salon brand products. I don't know what else to do.
Avatar m tn increase your intake for B vitamins and biotin... they are good for your hair... vitamins E and C for your skin... There is no evidence that bathing twice a day could make your hair dry... the only thing to that is... your removing the normal flora of your body thus making your skin susceptible for infection...
Avatar f tn Hey there, I recently checked out the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database to check for interactions with your current medications & did not identify any problems if you decide to take Evening Primrose. The increase in the incidence of seizures has occurred with drugs called "phenothiazines" (eg. chlorpromazine, thioridazine etc) and not with Seroquel (Quetiapine). However, I do caution against using Evening Primrose Oil for hair loss.
Avatar f tn I asked my doc about pain doc is real into anti-aging and he likes the dhea..he is also taking testosterone supplements...aint touching that one! dont want hair on my chest...
Avatar m tn Does complusive masturbation lead to rapid aging? and premature andropause..
Avatar f tn My mom had poor prenatal care during a couple pregnancies and she has lost teeth, her hair, and her vision suffered as well. Its for the best to make sure you and your baby are healthy talk to your doctor about nausea because you need all the nutrients you can get.
Avatar n tn I'm looking for a way to improve my skin, hair, and fingernail strength and growth. My skin is constantly dry and full of acne, my hair falls out in clumps, and my fingernails break extremely easily. I'm a type 1 Diabetic as well, if that means anything. I've tried using skin cleansers, lotions, acne creams, Biotin and Collagen vitamins, and even changing the temperature of my shower water. I eat quite a bit of protein (fish, chicken, and nuts) as well.
Avatar m tn A dermatologist confirmed that it was Alopecia and after treating with cortisone cream for nearly a year, the hair returned. The only thing I could think of as a trigger at the time was a mens multi vitamin that I had tried. Years later I had no problems until mid last year when I again took some mens multi vitamins. Almost overnight, several bald patches developed on my neck which are now spreading quite aggresively.
Avatar f tn I’m only 29 and always had rather thick pubic hair (my gf always said it looked like a lion), but in the last free months she commented on how it looks thinner and now I notice it too. I only trim it but never shave. It is light brown (almost blonde) so now it is really noticeable. It looks patchy almost. I asked st the GUM but was told it is aging (I’m only 29 ffs!). Has any experience similar? Maybe it’s stress? No sores or mites or anything, lol.
401095 tn?1351391770 not obese but much heavier than i am used to is also an anti-aging thing as hair is getting thicker..on my head that is..I have had no weird side effects like facial hair or nuttin like that..just more nrg..and toning workouts r not as strenouous as they used to be either due to pain...i was an aerobic instructor for 15 yrs//and is where i hurt myself yrs ago...being a nurse isnt a great back job either..
Avatar f tn I suggest that consult a nneurologist to start with multi vitamins and anti oxidants to minimize and allay the neurological deficit.
Avatar f tn I take my prenatal vitamins but recently started taking a hair skin and nails due to my hair thinning and nails pealing so I'm hoping that helps
Avatar f tn t taken them and their babies are healthy! But I must admit they do wonders for your hair and nails!
Avatar f tn Also Can you plz tell me a natural solution for it...
691935 tn?1421027090 Is anyone taking this? A couple years back I read articles of how the studies were yielding bad results for the liver. Recently, I've read that is not the case since the earlier results were from studies using extreme amounts. Most of what I can find looks good. Supposedly, key role in preventing eye disease, it is believed to cause desirable genetic and biochemical effects at the cell level, and as an anti-aging drug.
768754 tn?1373918737 vitamins/supplements. Are there any other specific concerns about multi-vitamins for Hep C+ people, not currently under tx? Thanks.
Avatar f tn I have used 2 types of face creams I think have made it worse - both were over the counter daily anti-aging moisturizers - but thats not the only time it seems to get worse. Does anybody know what this is from and what I can do about it??? It makes it look like I have a mustache but its nothing I can wax off! I have seen Ambi, a OTC skin lightener, but I am scared to home bleach my skin.