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Avatar m tn Can you share your anti-aging regimen like cream, facial wash, soap, supplements, diet, etc. Would appreciate any info. Thanks!
Avatar f tn Does anyone know if a handheld LED/Ultrasound device used for skin anti-aging purposes would affect the thyroid if used over the neck, if there is a diagnosis of hypo OR hyperthyroidism? Thank you.
Avatar n tn t do much without some really expensive dermatological treatments, but you could try the anti-aging wrinkle reducing creams in the skin care aisle. You should also wear sun screen every day to prevent further wrinkle formation (not to mention reduce the chances of skin cancer).
Avatar m tn All my symptoms point to Black Piedra and I was in Chennai India for 10 days but that was 2 years ago. No fungal treatment over the last 3 months is working. My head has been shaved for 2 months but the black crust keeps growing out covering the hair from inside the follicle. When my hair was longer it felt like grains of sand but nothing would ever fall out.
Avatar f tn Facelift surgery is the best solution of anti-ageing. It help in restoring a more youthful and rested appearance to their face, thereby helping them in ageing more gracefully with the passage of time.
Avatar f tn I have used 2 types of face creams I think have made it worse - both were over the counter daily anti-aging moisturizers - but thats not the only time it seems to get worse. Does anybody know what this is from and what I can do about it??? It makes it look like I have a mustache but its nothing I can wax off! I have seen Ambi, a OTC skin lightener, but I am scared to home bleach my skin.
1064785 tn?1406638398 I do not know if there is anything specifically geared towards pregnancy- I am sure there is. I like the 'skin deep' section on the environemental working groups page. Please know it is kind of overly-cautious, but at least you can see why somethings are worse for you than others and what the ingredients are that shoud be avoided. Hope this helps! Congrats on your tww! Stick and grow baby!
Avatar n tn I m 34 yrs old female, having problem of vibration in my abdomen. In a day i feel in 30 to 40 times, and it is not painful. Am i having kidney/uterus/stomach problem.. i am not able to understand? It is very serious or simple problem? Udaya. Chennai This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/230649'>Abdominal vibrations</a>.
Avatar m tn Other than the tumors in his mouth (That I personally would get taken care of quickly), his other symptoms sound like aging arthritis......Your Vet can prescribe Anti- inflammatories that will work wonders to ease his pain...... There is no reason for him to suffer like this as the meds from your Vet will give him a new lease on life.....Please, get him there as soon as you can....Let us know how he's doing....
Avatar m tn i am 19 yrs old teen boy. i am residing in Chennai. i am suffering from vitiligo for the past 4 yrs and i have taken all kind of treatments. now i am undergoing homiopathic treatment for 6 months. i feel no difference. the white patch is there only on my face n no where else. thankfully it is not spreading. but being a teen boy i feel it embarrassing. can i continue my treatment or do i have to change my clinic or do i have to switch to alopathy? please help me to come out of this problem.
Avatar n tn Hello, I have adult acne and through much trial and error have found a regimen that works for me: 4% BP gel in the mornings and 2% SA at night, along with a good hydrating moisturizer. Since these acne products increase cell turnover and exfoliation, I was wondering if extensive use could lead to premature aging of the skin. One of the components of aging is mutation via repeated DNA replication.
Avatar f tn While pregnant do stay away from retinols which are anti aging. They can cause birth defects. But look for something that has hyaluronic acid in it which is a natural chemical our body makes which helps retains moisture by 1000x its weight. So it is super hydrating which will help reduce and prevent wrinkles.
Avatar m tn am 20 years living in pennis size is 5.1 getting ashamed....can i have pills to increase my pennis size??does it cause side effect?..if NO,tell me the name of the pills which is available in chennai?????....or is there some other way to increse my pennis size without pills?....pls reply soon...this is about my life.....
Avatar n tn It often is associated with high blood levels of cholesterol but can also be an aging change in the eye. There is no treatment for it and it doesnot ever affect vision.
Avatar f tn Before using any serum, I'd check with your doctor to see what they recommend. Has your doctor given you any advice on what you can do to treat the alopecia and fast aging?
Avatar f tn Hello! I've been diagnosed with EDS for a few years now... I was wondering does anyone know if its possible for people with our condition to get facial fillers? (Restylane, Juvederm, collagen, botox, or Retin- A creams?) The reason I ask is because I've noticed that the skin on my face is getting thin and wrinkled, especially around my stretchy eyes. ( due to EDS) I know it sounds vain, but I'm just been tired of feeling like an old lady my whole life...
1713150 tn?1314467342 I know you serious but ROFL! Who on earth is giving you this mythical garbage about MS, one of our biggest annoyances is people saying "but you look so good" lol maybe there is a wacky expectation of us all being wrinkly old prunes, cause MS has su-cked the vitality out of us lol. Genetics and life style, i've always looked 10 years younger than my age, bit of a problem in my younger years.
Avatar m tn what happens in osteo arthritis? is it due to calcium deficiancy? willcalcium supplement willhelp? isitpossible to cure itcompletely? isitrelated to aging only ?