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Avatar f tn I've never had acne but since I've been pregnant my face has been breaking out left & right. I wash my face every morning & every night as well with a face scrub from clinic & nothing is working.
Avatar f tn m 25 years old and I used to suffer from the same problem as you ever since puberty. My skin was either too oily or overly dry, so I kept drying out my skin with different anti-acne products and ending up with oily skind and break-outs all the time, despite moisturising. I always envied those friends who seemed to have flawless skin, while I kept breaking out like a teenager... Despite having been on birt-control for several years I kept having break-outs.
Avatar n tn You also have to consider that the products doctors recommend for cleansing often have a lot of synthetic additives in them and are often also antibiotics in part, so again, temporary relief with the possibility of more long-term harm. As for nose being oily, oily skin usually is where we get acne, so that's not it. It might in fact be that the nose sticks out and gets a lot of sun, and ultra-violet light dries out the acne.
Avatar m tn t use a soap that is too strong as it will cause your skin to overreact. Try to find a light moisturizer made for people with oily skin. I have read not to eat flour and milk but I do love my carbs. The final option that I found was to take and acne drug but I don't think this is the option for you if the oil issue has not caused acne problems.
Avatar m tn Its very frustrating because my diet is reasonably healthy, I drink plenty of water and clean my face with a regular face wash twice a day along with other topical treatments, yet I always seem to get breakouts and have no idea what causes it. My skin can be clear for as long as a week ( barely any spots) and in a matter of days breaks out in the areas outlined above. And they always seem to pop up after one another, I never get one pimple by itself, they're always in groups.
Avatar f tn Hi. If your skin is oily use a good cleanser for oily skin such as Sparkling Clean by Estee Lauder. Over the counter acne remedies such as Clinique's Blemish Solutions (contains salicylic acid) may help. If not see your doctor for a course of oral antibiotics such as Oxytetracycline 250mg twice daily to kill acne-causing bacteria on the skin.
Avatar n tn t seem to work so far. For the oily skin, my dermatologist recommended stopping to moisturize because he thought that I was over-moisturizing and causing breakouts because of excess oil. Hope this helps. I hate acne... it's the plague.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know if a handheld LED/Ultrasound device used for skin anti-aging purposes would affect the thyroid if used over the neck, if there is a diagnosis of hypo OR hyperthyroidism? Thank you.
Avatar n tn I would avoid heavy moisturisers if you are prone to acne as over use of oily anti-aging products has lead, in part, to the increase of adult acne in women.
Avatar n tn I am a twenty-six-year-old female with very oily skin. For the past three years I have had adult acne that has increased in severity. Basically, at first my skin was mildly affected by acne but now I have one cystic break out about once a day. These are painful, red and inflammed often leading to scars. The area where the acne occurs is my jawline and cheeks. I am rarely affected by acne on my forehead although I do have blackheads on my nose.
Avatar n tn t do much without some really expensive dermatological treatments, but you could try the anti-aging wrinkle reducing creams in the skin care aisle. You should also wear sun screen every day to prevent further wrinkle formation (not to mention reduce the chances of skin cancer).
Avatar n tn They gave me super super oily skin. I started using retinoids when I was 14 years old and my skin was normal except for acne, and now I"m 19 and I stopped using them. My skin was oily all through my time using the retinoids but now that I'm off them my skin is still freakin oily. I've been off the retinoids for almost three months now. It doesn't make any sense to me at all. Their is not a dern thing the dermatologist can do about super oily skin.
Avatar f tn I have combonation skin, with both oily and dry spots. I stuggled with premature aging and milia. (little white bumps under my eyes and cheeks) The combo: Half coconut oil Half olive oil I wash my face well, then gently rub the oil all over, especially under my eyes. Then, i just barely rinse it off when I'm ready to get out. It has worked great! I thought my face would be a shiny, oily mess but I was surprised to see how much my skin absorbed it!
Avatar f tn I'm 9 weeks pregnant and have always had bad skin aka oily and in need of dermatology intervention. I was on clindamicine(sorry about the spellings!) And tretinoin but they are no longer safe to use and I haven't been in touch with my dermatologist since I found out I was pregnant does anyone know of anything safe and effective to use on my face, it's breaking out awful and caking on make up isnt making things better. Thanks!
1481901 tn?1287727244 as i used to have oily skin but now its changing somewhere dry somehwere peeled...waht to do ...? which lotion is useful or any creams? m really worried i m just 4 wks pregnant.thanks for all of ur suggestions ..
Avatar m tn Hello. This might sound strange, but after testing myself for some time I can say, that ejaculation makes my skin oily and causes acne. After 4 days the skin gets back to normal (I've been testing this for several months and the results are always the same). I've read that the two things are not related, but my skin says opposite. I am 29 years old and have acne problem on my back, shoulders and neck, fortunately not so much on the face.
Avatar n tn What is the best method of skin care for aging adults? This discussion is related to <a href=''>Jock Itch</a>.
Avatar f tn I have used 2 types of face creams I think have made it worse - both were over the counter daily anti-aging moisturizers - but thats not the only time it seems to get worse. Does anybody know what this is from and what I can do about it??? It makes it look like I have a mustache but its nothing I can wax off! I have seen Ambi, a OTC skin lightener, but I am scared to home bleach my skin.
Avatar m tn Through personal experience my face went through what you describe (oily surface but dry looking skin), when I use benzoyl peroxide. My skin hates BP. Go for a mild cleanser, moisturizer and salicylic acid spot treatments. Try Origins or Josie Maran products.
Avatar f tn They are well hydrated and will not end up all wrinkled and aging. Avoid direct and long exposure to sunlight. Too much exposure to the sun can cause skin aging. When you are exposed to the sun’s UV rays, make sure you applied liberal amounts of sunscreen to your face and neck. Make sure that you moisturise your face and rinse with water to get rid of any dead skin cells to get that all over glow to your face.
Avatar n tn My skin was either too oily or overly dry, so I kept drying out my skin with different anti-acne products and ending up with oily skind and break-outs all the time, despite moisturising. I always envied those friends who seemed to have flawless skin, while I kept breaking out like a teenager... Despite having been on birt-control for several years I kept having break-outs. I tried and endless amount of different products, cheap and expensive ones, anti-acne treatment and so on.
999323 tn?1249913386 nuskin scientists in collaboration with scientists from purdue university discovered a destructive enzyme called ARnox enzyme located in the surface in our skin that destroys the collagen and elastin of our skin. skin then loses its elasticity and firmness and develops premature and permanent lines and wrinkles. arnox enzyme is always present and is activated in our 30's and 40's and after this age, its activity accelerates exponentially.