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Avatar m tn Can you share your anti-aging regimen like cream, facial wash, soap, supplements, diet, etc. Would appreciate any info. Thanks!
Avatar f tn Does anyone know if a handheld LED/Ultrasound device used for skin anti-aging purposes would affect the thyroid if used over the neck, if there is a diagnosis of hypo OR hyperthyroidism? Thank you.
Avatar n tn t do much without some really expensive dermatological treatments, but you could try the anti-aging wrinkle reducing creams in the skin care aisle. You should also wear sun screen every day to prevent further wrinkle formation (not to mention reduce the chances of skin cancer).
427265 tn?1444076436 It is necessary to improve not only the effectiveness of HCV treatments but also their cost and duration. This is true not only in the U.S. but worldwide. I suspect when the time comes, Medicare will weigh the cost of treatment versus the cost of transplant and treating someone with cirrhosis and decide that the drugs are a bargain.
Avatar f tn technology growth, the desire for one standard of care (everyone gets Lucentis or Avastin, MRIs, ICUs, maximum end of life care), the growth of the population, the aging of the population, the cost of "defensive medicine" to combat the sue-happy US cultrure, and the amount of care spent in the last year of life, and the "bureaucratic" costs of dealing with insurance companies, the state and local governments.
Avatar f tn What vitamins can I take to prevent aging? Exclusively the face and neck areas. If there is not a vitamin, can herbs help and what kind? Any Natural Preventions?
1064785 tn?1406638398 I do not know if there is anything specifically geared towards pregnancy- I am sure there is. I like the 'skin deep' section on the environemental working groups page. Please know it is kind of overly-cautious, but at least you can see why somethings are worse for you than others and what the ingredients are that shoud be avoided. Hope this helps! Congrats on your tww! Stick and grow baby!
Avatar f tn I have used 2 types of face creams I think have made it worse - both were over the counter daily anti-aging moisturizers - but thats not the only time it seems to get worse. Does anybody know what this is from and what I can do about it??? It makes it look like I have a mustache but its nothing I can wax off! I have seen Ambi, a OTC skin lightener, but I am scared to home bleach my skin.
Avatar n tn Does anyone have any experience with self-treating a candida infection? Many of the treatments for sale on the internet cost upwards of $200-$300. Unfortunatley, this doesn't fit into my budget. Any ideas on how to treat this inexpensively? Thanks!
Avatar m tn 2007 AASLD Guideline for chronic HBV offers IFN and antiviral drugs as treatments. IFN has such strong side effects that my ability to drive and work cannot be assured and its cure rate is 4% or below.
Avatar f tn Go to ulta and talk to their estheticians for a professional recommendation. While pregnant do stay away from retinols which are anti aging. They can cause birth defects. But look for something that has hyaluronic acid in it which is a natural chemical our body makes which helps retains moisture by 1000x its weight. So it is super hydrating which will help reduce and prevent wrinkles.
Avatar n tn Since these acne products increase cell turnover and exfoliation, I was wondering if extensive use could lead to premature aging of the skin. One of the components of aging is mutation via repeated DNA replication. The more times your body makes copies of its cells, the higher the chance of a mutation occurring and a less-than-perfect copy being made. So, does it follow that BP and SA, by increasing skin cell renewal, would hasten the aging process?
608104 tn?1352587153 I am a 70 year old woman with ADHD. My brain is aging along with the rest of me. With the help of the prednisone and a Z pak for a secondary infection and convalescence, the respiratory problems are gone, but I'm coping with the side effects of the prednisone including agitation, mood swings, greater distractibility, disorganization, incredible appetite increases, and gastritis.
Avatar m tn Per the AASLD (American Asociation for the Study of Liver Diseases) the current recommendations for GT 4 are EPCLUSA for 12 weeks, Viekira Pak with ribavirin for 12 weeks, and ZEPATIER for 12 weeks are the preferred treatments for GT 4. Is she under the care of a doctor? Has she tried to obtain medicine through insurance? That really is the first way she should go instead of getting the incorrect treatment from India.
Avatar n tn Its called corneal arcus. It is cholesterol. It often is associated with high blood levels of cholesterol but can also be an aging change in the eye. There is no treatment for it and it doesnot ever affect vision.
Avatar f tn Before using any serum, I'd check with your doctor to see what they recommend. Has your doctor given you any advice on what you can do to treat the alopecia and fast aging?
Avatar f tn Thanks for the reply! I agree, rejection is the main reason I'm worried about cosmetic treatments. I was hoping to find someone that might have experienced it. I'm definitely considering seeking out a doctor that specializes in EDS.( dermatology) I have many questions, not just cosmetically, but overall. I really want to if EDS is being researched and if there is any advancements being made.
1713150 tn?1314467342 I know you serious but ROFL! Who on earth is giving you this mythical garbage about MS, one of our biggest annoyances is people saying "but you look so good" lol maybe there is a wacky expectation of us all being wrinkly old prunes, cause MS has su-cked the vitality out of us lol. Genetics and life style, i've always looked 10 years younger than my age, bit of a problem in my younger years.
Avatar m tn I want to become a mother again. I have a 19 y/o. I am a newly wed. My husband has no children we are considering IVF but it is so costly. Not sure if I am able d/t high FSH. didn't get result for AMH as of yet. But if its not possible for me to have one biologically we are considering using DE. My question. Is it cheaper using a family or friend as a donor in comparison using an anonymous donor. Where I am living, it cost $16,500 for DE...IVF cost almost $20,000.
Avatar n tn I suggest the use of products that are hypoallergenic and also with organic ingredients such as vitamin C and E. Anti aging products may also be beneficial especially for women with fine lines and wrinkles. A healthy diet,decrease intake of fatty food, cessation of smoking,adequate sleep and daily exercise will ensure not just great skin but also a healthy body in general.