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5049711 tn?1364572195 Just wondering where everyone is from? I live in Long Island, NY :) Anyone else?
Avatar f tn Hi, We are looking for LLMD in the Long Island NY area? My mother has become very ill suddenly about 2 months ago with fatigue,crazy PAINFUL headaches, vomiting w any motion,bad neck pain, confusion and a little memory lose. She's currently in the hospital and they have no diagnosis. Lumbar puncture being done tomorrow so hopefully we will have some results. I just want to be prepared if I have to look else where for help to find out what this is.
Avatar n tn Where are you in NY???
918029 tn?1243371571 But if you can do the traveling, The Chiari Institute on Long Island (Where Selma is), is one of, if not THE, best Chiari hospitals in the world.
Avatar f tn I was born in Rhode Island but currently reside in California.
Avatar m tn Can you share your anti-aging regimen like cream, facial wash, soap, supplements, diet, etc. Would appreciate any info. Thanks!
Avatar f tn Yes, there is. You...Only better is a HCG weight loss clinic in Des Moines. The website is and their phone number is 515.442.1624. The girls at YOB are great and they can help you lose the weight fast!
Avatar f tn I do not have any itchiness or redness (start of Pinkeye) but the blotches are preventing me from seeing completely. What could this be? I live on Long Island, NY and its sunny today but I wear sunglasses with UV protection. So im not sure where this came from. Please help.
1068968 tn?1256169388 In doing my research I found this doctor in Long Island, NY who hasn't shown up on any of the lists here. I actually found her because I found a research study she did on Chiari and did a search of her name. I just thought people would like to check her out. She does peds and adults and is an expert on Chiari.
1815939 tn?1377991799 Damian Becker, spokesman for the hospital in Oceanside on Long Island – near New York City – said no medical staff had been observed reusing the insulin pen reservoir. The warning was issued, however, because a nurse was overheard saying it was alright to do so. "Once that was said, we then followed through with a report to the state Department of Health," hospital spokesman Damian Becker told the Long Island daily Newsday.
Avatar f tn They do have astore location that I went to so I was able to see everything before buying. Its located on long island in ny. Oriental trading is also very good with prices as well. Ive found they are cheaper than other companies even with personalization.
Avatar f tn I know you might be scared rite now with all that they have told you, but Selma is rite there are lots of doctors out there, just be sure you go to a really good one!!! Like Selma suggested there are those 2 great places in Long Island NY, I am having to go thru a second brain surgery because my first Doctor didn't. Understand all related conditions, with Chiari and Siringo...