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Avatar f tn Thank you for getting back to me, well I don't have diabetes and if its a pinch nerve I don't have any discomfort my thyroid I get blood work every 4 moths so is controlled I'm pretty health so it could be aging but the other side is totally normal the eye lids look normal so I'm confused and will be seeing my doctor thanks.
Avatar m tn Hypothyroidism can sometimes cause loss of the outer 1/2 to 1/3 of the eyebrows. Droopy lids most common cause by far aging changes of the eyelid muscles.
Avatar m tn I also have had a drooping eye lid that I thought was caused by aging I am 36. the drooping is on the pupil that is smaller. i just researched on the internet and i am worried that it is horners syndrome. what steps do i need to take. i also had some pulsing on the bottom lid last saturday that went on and off for a few days then stopped. i could not feel this but could see it pulsing when i looked in the mirror. i have also been experiencing eye headache since then daily.
Avatar m tn Wash your clothes, bed linen, towel etc daily separately from others. You will need to put anti bacterial and anti-allergic eye drops. Also cold compress helps relieve inflammation to some extent. Take care!
Avatar m tn I was about to do my usual cleaning and warm compresses on my lids when I accidentally poked myself in the eye with my finger on the outer and lower side of my sclera. It stung, and my eye got all bloodshot. So I waited a few hours for my eye to calm down and then proceeded with the cleaning and compresses.
Avatar n tn I woke up this morning with 2 rolls on my eye lids and under my eye and it was almost shut tight. As the day progressed i notice a rash around the eye in the late afternoon. Now that it is night they are burning fearsly and itchy, the rash is starting to appear on the opposite eye but with no swelling. HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! What is going on?????/?
Avatar m tn The itching isnt on my actual eye lids though, its the inside corner of my eye. It isnt red or anything either, just itches like mad. I dont get scalp dandruff either. Maybe i have developed an allergy of some sort, perhaps to my contact lens solution. Would it help if i buy some anti allergy eye drops?
Avatar n tn my eye lids are burning and watering in the corners and also feel rough to touch.
Avatar f tn If I have it what are the possible ways of infecting others? If I have a swelling in eye lids or eye irritation or itching and at the same time if somebody is kissing on my eyes, will they get infected? Will every optholmologist are aware of HSV I in eyes? Are there any medication specifically for HSV I in eyes? I am planning to take suppressive theraphy for HSV I and HSV II (Acyclovir for 3 times a day - 7 days a month - for 6 months). Will that suffice for this also?
Avatar f tn I had pink eye about 4 weeks ago and was given eye drops to use Sulfacetamide Sodium Ophthalmic Solution USP. Now my eye lids (the one that had pink eye is the worse) are swollen, pink and itch like HE**. They are crusty and burn, and I have wrinkles in the corner of my eyes and my lids seem to droop I also have a huge bag under the eye that had pink eye. I dont know what has happen to me can someone plese help?
Avatar n tn Your glasses correct for myopic astigmatism. You have a moderate to marked amount of astigmatism. You are also young enough that aging (presbyopia) is not an problem. There are a number of possibilities. Your glasses Rx could be incorrect. You could be "over minused" especially if your glasses test (refraction) was done without first dilating the eye. This is a common problem.
Avatar n tn Hi good people, My niece has a problem for the past one week of waking up when the lips and eye lids (similar to eye bags) are swollen and when she takes cetrizine and diclofenac,the inflammation goes away. She is 29 years and tells me she had the same problem about 10 years ago and cleared .
Avatar m tn Some times I feel like their is a drop that goes in my eyes.( feel it in my eye lids.) Can some one explain to me why is that? Could it be due to my eye duct being blocked?
Avatar m tn I found CASTOR OIL,PURE 100% COLD PRESSED ,has to be this one,not diluted with something else,wash your face and eyes warm water dry,then dip cotton bud in this oil and rub on the lids,making sure you get right to the edge of lids to the eye by pulling down and lifting lids,found it has a soothing feel instantly ,get better as time goes on,found better to do this before you go to bed,you will wake up alot better not dry or sore..
Avatar f tn Yes that is a common symptom. Use the search feature and archives and read the many helpful posts about dry eyes. Go to Dr. Hagan's home page and read the Journal Posting on treatment of dry eyes. As I have said many time both my wife and I have dry eyes and have been on Restasis for several years with excellent results. WIth MGD it's important to keep the eye lids free of oil and debris (*called scruff). Try Ocusoft Plus PLATINUM it's over the counter.
Avatar n tn Hopefully you have flushed the eye copiously and showed and washed you face, hair and lids. If still painful try and see an Eye MD ophthalmologist or optometrist to make sure bug parts not under lids.
741910 tn?1245365082 Just finished with Scleritis and Episcleritis dealing with eye problem since Dec 22 2008.Since using prednison pills and eye drops Combigan to reduce eye pressure in the right eye my eye lids are heavy and hard to keep opened.It seems like the eye muscles can not hold the eye open.How long will the heavy eye last after I finish the prednisone?
Avatar n tn 5%) and his eyes are swollen, upper eye lids are red and he cannot open his eyes. We took him to ER last night and they said it could be conjunctivitis and prescribed an eye ointment which we put on this morning approx 5 hrs ago. He also got some benedryl last nite at ER. He still is not opening his eyes and the swelling seems to be a little less than last night. What do you recommend we do?
Avatar m tn I always have a feeling of tired eyes. Above the eyes, the eye lids usually have a pinkish colour, depending on the severity of the tiredness. I usually have the feeling I do not sleep enough, even though I have around 7 to 8 hours a day. As I work in front of a PC for about 5 hours a day, this seems to make matters worse. Even driving a couple of hours shows the "tired eyes and pinkish colour" symptoms.
Avatar n tn I have had swollen eye lids, top and bottom for 2 weeks. No discharge or pain, but my eyes are red. Dr. prescribed steroids and zpac for 5 days, but the symptoms are the same. I am not experiencing any allergy problem right now.
Avatar n tn My husband had cataract surgey about 6 months ago. His eye lids are now drooping. Could this be an after effect of his surgery?
Avatar f tn I have been Having headaches which Start in my Neck . Recently My Eye Lids started swelling up too . My ENT Doctor Ordered A cat Scan of my Sinuses . My Thyroid and , Kidneys were also Checked they are fine . Can someone help me figure out what is Causing this ?
Avatar f tn Thanks !
Avatar f tn Christmas morning I woke up to puffy, swollen eye lids. Went to the doctor and told me take benedryl and hydrocordizone 1% for itching on lids. It took 3 days for swelling to go down and finally Sunday the dryness on lids went away. And now today I wake up to puffy lids again. I thought about all I ate on 24 hours, and nothing unsual nothing different... please help....