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Avatar n tn I suggest the use of products that are hypoallergenic and also with organic ingredients such as vitamin C and E. Anti aging products may also be beneficial especially for women with fine lines and wrinkles. A healthy diet,decrease intake of fatty food, cessation of smoking,adequate sleep and daily exercise will ensure not just great skin but also a healthy body in general.
Avatar m tn Can you share your anti-aging regimen like cream, facial wash, soap, supplements, diet, etc. Would appreciate any info. Thanks!
Avatar f tn I have had every conceivable test for MS which were negative but I am being treated with Copaxone which has not resolved the issue. It has not gotten worse. I do eye exercises under the guidance of a behavioral optometrist which does help quite a bit.
Avatar f tn I want to know is my eyesight really weak ?.Are there any eye exercises that can prevent me from wearing glasses.? Should I take any precaution ?
Avatar m tn Will this cause blindness in my other eye if this situation longs. How can i survive this.Is there any eye exercises to survive this.I am already wearing a glass for my long-sightedness.
Avatar n tn s much of your problem could be explained by presbyopia or near focus problem due to aging. You need to see an Eye MD ophthalmologist for complete medical exam with dilation and glasses test (refraction). Not likely that CVS would account for all your symptoms.
Avatar f tn I had woken up one day and had found that I my eye was slightly red then I noticed that I had half a white ring around the iris of one of my eye I started using anti allergy eye drops without any consultation it went off after a few day but is back again with a slight pinkness in the same eye
Avatar f tn Also another thing you may look at, have you used your arms less lately to cause muscle atrohpy?. Sometimes overdoing exercises can break down muscle instead of building it. Dehydration and weight loss are another cause. With aging it seems like the dense fat pad underneath the skin is gone and the skin becomes loose. I have the same problem as you in my arms but will tell you I have a big improvement since doing weight lifting pyramid style...
Avatar n tn Use the search feature and archives and read about PVD. The vitreous normally pulls away from the back of the eye as a normal aging change. 50% of people have it by age 50. Retinal detachment is quite rare occuring in about one in 7000-10 thousand people. I have seen traumatic PVDs causing flashing that lasts for years (tennis ball into eye).
Avatar f tn What vitamins can I take to prevent aging? Exclusively the face and neck areas. If there is not a vitamin, can herbs help and what kind? Any Natural Preventions?
446049 tn?1649005835 Do any ab exercises? That can cause it. I would never attribute anything exclusively to aging. Aging makes things worse, but doesn't necessarily cause them to arise in the first place. At any rate, hope it goes away.
Avatar m tn Are there any exercises that limit the progression of presbyopia? Conversely, are their any habits that should be reduced? Thanks.
Avatar n tn Posterior subcapsular cataracts can result from aging, steroid use, or diabetes. Long term use of steroids (especially topical eye drops or oral prednisone) can raise the eye pressure and cause glaucoma damage and cataracts.
Avatar m tn ANY eye exercises This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Eye-Care/Eye-Power-is-Increasing-Cylindrical/show/407677">Eye Power is Increasing (Cylindrical)</a>.
Avatar m tn Just I want to share my daughter information by doing eye exercises my daughter vision(8 years) is improved( Her glasses power reduced -0.75 with in a month) Thank you.
Avatar m tn I have what I would consider to be relatively minor lower back problems caused by degeneration - the standard aging process. I am 58 years old. About once or twice a year my lower back muscles tighten or even spasm and then I go through a period of one to two weeks of recovery. Getting up from a sitting position is difficult, but once standing I have no problems walking. Since I have no problem or pain when walking should I continue to walk?
Avatar f tn I almost blacked out while driving my car about a month ago and was referred to a eye surgeon but my eyes are fine. I have just received my results from MRI which I had a week ago and the brain MRI is clear but the Cervical Spine MRI shows "minor degenerative changes"........can anyone tell me what this means, is it MS related or should I even be worrying. I don't get to see my Nurologist until June 24th so just wondering if anyone can help me before then. Thanks.
Avatar f tn My vision has blurred in my left eye even with my contacts on and my left eye has been looking glassy. Every post I read about blue rings around the irises has to do with aging, but I'm fourteen... I don't know if these symptoms have anything to do with each other, but i just wanted to know if there's anything I should be worried about?
Avatar f tn Go to ulta and talk to their estheticians for a professional recommendation. While pregnant do stay away from retinols which are anti aging. They can cause birth defects. But look for something that has hyaluronic acid in it which is a natural chemical our body makes which helps retains moisture by 1000x its weight. So it is super hydrating which will help reduce and prevent wrinkles.
Avatar m tn Some doctors will tell us that such problems with the aging eye come in groups-eg, vitreous detachments, floaters, macular problems, retinal tears, and retinal detachments. I've been told these are 'typical' of the aging eye. We need research, but no companies have picked up on this huge problem to our daily vision. The companies that could pursue this may well be those who offer very expensive eye drops for glaucoma, for dry eye (eg, Restasis), and for macular edema.
Avatar n tn Dear Lucky1984, You may be describing a floater which occurs aging changes of the vitreous of the eye or a detachment of the vitreous from its normal retinal attachments. I recommend that you seek the care of an eyeMD to examine the second eye as well. Dr. Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.