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Avatar m tn Can you share your anti-aging regimen like cream, facial wash, soap, supplements, diet, etc. Would appreciate any info. Thanks!
Avatar m tn There are a lot of ways to relieve stress.. I took a healing strategies course at my local community college and learned some amazing ways to relieve stress.. I practice meditation I would recommend listening to Deepak Chopra's "the soul of healing meditations" it works wonders.. I also to an exercise called Qi Gong its basically slow movements of the body that helps transfer energies and align your chakra and also really helps relieve stress..
382218 tn?1341181487 Talking about his MS, staying healthy, diet, 'anti-aging' stuff, things to increase energy. He certainly seems pretty energetic, hyper almost.
Avatar n tn I suggest the use of products that are hypoallergenic and also with organic ingredients such as vitamin C and E. Anti aging products may also be beneficial especially for women with fine lines and wrinkles. A healthy diet,decrease intake of fatty food, cessation of smoking,adequate sleep and daily exercise will ensure not just great skin but also a healthy body in general.
Avatar f tn What vitamins can I take to prevent aging? Exclusively the face and neck areas. If there is not a vitamin, can herbs help and what kind? Any Natural Preventions?
1244180 tn?1325899111 olv Assessments • Occupational therapy assessment ---- David displays fine motor difficulties. David is under sensitive to touch and has sensory seeking behaviors. David has poor balancing skills. Needs assistance with toileting and dressing. Full psychological assessment ------ David only uses eye contact sometimes. David does not understand nonverbal cues. David speech and language skills are moderato delayed. David has stereo typical movements. David can become very anxious.
Avatar m tn Boost your learning capacity For the latest study, researchers fed aging rats a blueberry-enriched diet for one or two months. They also sent the rats through a series of mazes to test their cognitive ability. The faster the rat got through the maze, the better its score. The first time the aging rats ran through the maze, they scored badly. But after eating a diet filled with blueberries they all performed better, even the rats who were fed blueberries for just one month.
Avatar n tn **PLEASE READ** I've suffered for almost 2 decades with chronic post nasal drip and bad breath because of it. I'm currently 26 now and the last 2 weeks I went on an anti candida diet where I did not consume sugars/carbohydrates to kill off excess yeast. I ate lots of raw garlic with my foods. That still didn't help with the post nasal drip or stinky mucus. I read more on this site and someone wrote about grape fruit seed extract mixed in with a saline spray...
Avatar f tn I’ve been using prescription strength differin gel for acne for many years, and would like to add a retinol moisturizer to my skincare routine for anti-aging benefits. Would like to know if the combination is safe?
Avatar m tn It can also be linked to an autoimmune disease - according to dr david fenton of st thomas hospital uk a dermotologist, if you have one autoimmune, alopaecia can be the sign of an additional autoimmune disease.
Avatar f tn Go to ulta and talk to their estheticians for a professional recommendation. While pregnant do stay away from retinols which are anti aging. They can cause birth defects. But look for something that has hyaluronic acid in it which is a natural chemical our body makes which helps retains moisture by 1000x its weight. So it is super hydrating which will help reduce and prevent wrinkles.
167426 tn?1254086235 Benefits of Fasting There are several benefits such as purification, rejuvenation, revitalization, and rest for digestive organs, clearer skin, anti-aging effects, improved senses, hearing, taste, and reduction of allergies, weight loss, drug detoxification, and better resistance to disease, spiritual awareness. Fasting is helpful to clear out the problems that have arisen from overeating and a sedentary lifestyle.
1916673 tn?1420233270 Awesome news, Tony. I'm so glad this has been published. I'm working with two vets. One out of state, Dr. Carol Osborne: Per her website, she is the first U.S. veterinarian certified as a Diplomat of the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine. She's amazing. Last week she mentioned Calcitriol to me for Mandy. My local vet is good, too, but not as informed or progressive as Dr. Carol Osborne. I'll share your article with my local vet.
163305 tn?1333668571 Harborside Health Center has the ambience of a crunchy yet well-run bank. Every day,thousands stream into the largest dispensary on the West Coast. Jason David, a 35year-old single father from Modesto,showed up at Harborside in June 2011, desperately looking for a new treatment for his son. Jayden, now 5 1/2 has Dravet Syndrome, a severe, rare epilepsy sub-diagnosis that affects infants and children. When he was 4months old, he started having seizures.
Avatar f tn Before using any serum, I'd check with your doctor to see what they recommend. Has your doctor given you any advice on what you can do to treat the alopecia and fast aging?