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206807 tn?1331936184 prank, in which a talking head on a gas pump screen charmingly bantered with Will Sims. Sims took the prank in-stride (we would have screamed "Big Brother is watching!" and fled the scene) and then, with the help of his wife, Monifa, the couple dipped into some impromptu karaoke with more charisma and musical talent than an episode of "American Idol." Well played, guys! People — the best thing about the world." http://now.msn.
Avatar f tn I have depression and anxiaty. Im obssesed with looking at thin people on the internet and looking at anorexia videos on youtube wishing i was like them. I wish i could get myself to hate food.. I know thinking like this is not normal.
Avatar f tn There are several really good books aimed at this age group. They are meant to be read aloud to them (several times) and talked about. A good example is When I Feel Angry - or Cool Down and Work through Anger -
Avatar f tn So, it might be something else. Being picked up and placing her head on your tummy is very comforting. There may be some thing going on that is bothering her. you might want to check out this book which is aimed at kids of her age and helps them to express concerns. Its called, "when I feel worried" and can be found here....along with other good books aimed at his age group.
Avatar f tn there anyone here doing YouTube videos? Here is my channel!
8408613 tn?1414894692 Anyone know any good videos or movies on YouTube that are informational or anything.
Avatar f tn Has anyone seen the video on youtube called Hepatitis c From A to Z? It's kind of long but seems to have some good info. But since I'm new to this thought I'd check here to get your opinion.
1063386 tn?1287878569 I happened to be playing around and found chiari on YouTube. There are soo many videos. And than fuethur into my investigation I found most med students in basic med schools have to do presentations on chiari and related conditions now. I thought what a huge victory this might be for all of us and for future suffers with med schools no longer throwing a few paragraphs our way. Go to YouTube and type in chiari.
1488562 tn?1288826355 I have been watching the youtube videos about HCV. What's the deal with Lloyd? He scared me.
6965936 tn?1394227011 Just sitting here... watching YouTube videos of CSections.. freaking myself out!
Avatar f tn Hmmmm......I think candles are neat to decorate with. I like inspirational sayings & for awhile was into wood pictures that were like puzzles. It is so neat to see how creative people can be. I have to fess up here and clear the air....."candle smoke"..... By virtual, I was meaning, the lazy person's way of having "fake" decorations. You know, like "virtual pets". In Sims you get to take care of people & keep them alive.
1015873 tn?1261271548 I love vidio games. My favorite is the sims 2 and the sims 3. Their pc games that I really love. Pretty cool to have a game site.
Avatar m tn Hi guys not been oin for a while...anyway...heres my story and if any erally nice Dr's read this ur input is greatly valued....andyway as per my post going back last year this dull pain on my back and ribs is now growing out of all proportion....ive had CT scans ive had blood tests ive had IVU i've had god knows how many stays in problem is the 16 months ive been in constant pain NOT ONE person has given me a diagnosis as to what i actually have....
Avatar f tn I used sims lac advantage with baby number one. Seemed good. But yes. It's hard to find right one for your baby sometimes. Also. Sometimes. Even though more money. Liquid kind it way less bubbly. That seems to do good with their bellies.
Avatar f tn But,, i forgot to add in the girl told me he picked her up in a red car.. He use to have a red car.. And he use to live on sims and she said she dropped him off at his house before and said he lives off sims.. She works at SA, & he use to deliver there all the time & buy cigs from there.. Also this girl i use to know worked there n we don't like each other she's a drama starting *****. Do u think this girl maybe put her up to it?
Avatar n tn I could offer a few suggestions but since you DOG owners are so fortunate to have a wonderful Vet on site to help you with such problems I will direct you to the proper place and you can chat with Dr. Sims...good luck http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn Any other mommas like to play video games or watch YouTube blogs when there little ones asleep or if their bored? I play plants vs zombies haha and I love to watch grav3yardgirl on YouTube shes hilarious!
Avatar n tn Hi Dr.: My 14 years old daughter 5'9" only weight 102lbs,she rapidly drop 30 lbs last year and she doesn't want gain any weight now.She has many anorexia symptom but she eats 3 health meals everyday(no fat).Her anorexia became after her right elbow injury 2 years ago(still didn't recovry yet).She deny has anorexia that's mean she refuse to see doctor. what can I help her?Is she anorexic?
1158511 tn?1262554942 I just wanted to know is that consider anorexia. Everybody around me thinks i ok but i dont feel ok.