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Avatar f tn I would like to get some kind of information on a healthy way of gaining some weight. I would like to put on at least 8 pounds.
Avatar f tn I eat healthy igot to the gym 4days a week and im gaining weight not too much but im 5'2 and weighed 163 before iwas pregnant but my dr said my weight gain is fine.
6811971 tn?1385557755 This is not a question, just a few tips for those who are on the road to recovering from an eating disorder. Just a little background on me: I suffered from Anorexia for six years of my life and have been recovered for twelve years now. For me, I experienced some gas and bloating. This can be quite stressful as it makes one feel full and gaining weight. I found that mixing some natural ginger in a tea or water helped. Also, digestion was a little slow for me.
Avatar m tn t mention your weight, you do mention severely restricting your food which is a hallmark sign of Anorexia as well as your fear of gaining any weight. Please understand that Anorexia can be very serious and lead to eventual death if not dealt with. This information may be helpful for you to understand all Anorexia entails
Avatar n tn Hello there, I have been battling various forms of Anorexia/Bulimia since my mid teens and now I am 26 years old. I am about 5'2 and weight around 78lbs. I am in the care of a physician and a therapist, yet I still feel a little lost on how to get started on my recovery, with what to eat, how much, etc. I think this is because I haven't eaten normally in so long my body doesn't know how to tell me what it really needs or when its had enough or not enough.
5061022 tn?1363018223 I have recently removed myself from my fitness pal and tumblr because it is an ED breading ground! It is where I would go to get tips and encouragement. I am trying to get away from doing it as I have had it under control for the past year and it was recently triggered again in January. I have been dealing with it since the 8th grade and I am now a college junior....its a constant battle and I hate it....I am trying so hard right now to fight losing weight the right way....
Avatar f tn 7 and weigh 100 i also have a hard time gaining weight because I have a very high metabolism. In the last year I have been able to gain some weight by doing some things. I went from 90lbs to 100lbs by eatings protein and even drinking protein shakes called insure. When you want to gain weight you need to remember to eat healthy still do not gorge your self on junk food. Try to gain some muscle weight, dont over do the protein to much can be bad for your liver ect.
Avatar f tn I'm a 16 year old female and I am barely ever hungry. I do feel hunger only in the morning and around 2-3 hours after I eat breakfast. I usually eat two handfuls of cereal with milk. When it comes to dinner, I'll take a few bites and I'll immediately feel full and nauseous. However I can eat a lot of sweets and salty things like crisps without a problem. A doctor told me that this is anorexia but I don't want to lose weight or feel bad about my body or anything like that.
Avatar f tn Do you consume a lot of protein
Avatar m tn s right for her, but if she does put on muscle that will put on healthy weight. Resistance training is how you put on muscle mass, but if she's working out twice a day and eating very light meals and she's not in training as a serious athlete, that could be a sign of continuing obsession about weight.
Avatar f tn t eat because you think you are fat, or you have a strong fear of gaining weight. Though technically, part of the clinical diagnosis of Anorexia Nervosa is losing 15 percent or more of what your normal body weight should be, you do not need to be super thin in order to have an eating disorder. Most of what an eating disorder, such as Anorexia, consists of is the emotional/mental aspect..
1496456 tn?1288877552 Talk to a Certified Personal Trainer. They can help with adding lots of protein to your diet, healthy calories, and weight gaining protein shakes and lifting weights. Stay away from cardio. Make sure you are ok physically , that something isn't keeping you from gaining otherwise the above shoudl do the trick.
Avatar f tn So I'm a 16 year old girl, about 5'5' and 110lbs. I'm on a calorie restricting diet and exercising a lot to lose weight. My family doesn't know and I can't talk to them about it due to circumstances i cannot discuss. My one friend who knows about this tells me I'm on the verge of anorexia and people at school are talking about me saying how skinny I'm getting. When people originally told me this I took it as a compliment, now I find it embarrassing.
Avatar f tn If you want to lose, fat, then exercise some more. Stay trim, but not TOO trim, i actually recommend gaining some weight. As for guys, take it from me, were assholes! Learn to love yourself. Maybe you got a self esteem thing, sometimes thats why people want to lose weight, and go too far.
Avatar f tn 33 weeks pregnant and after gaining 5 pounds in the 3 days over Xmas.any tips on trying to lose this 5 pounds as I feel really uncomfortable now lol.
Avatar f tn People who suffer from anorexia nervosa end up having such a vicious cycle of weight gain and weight loss weight gain and weight loss. This is called the binge fasting dangerous dieting (I read it in the book)...from what I notice about my eating disorder is that my eating disorder will make me binge at a certain point so that eventually I won't ever eat again and I'll be sooooo pissed off at food that I'll end up starving myself again. Trust me...
Avatar f tn hi im 20 years old and i weigh about 89 pounds and my question is how can i gain weight i dont like being skinny and i wanna gain weight i eat icecream everyday and also eat alot of food but dont put on no weight im also on the depo shot and i dont know if that has something to do with it cause when i wasnt on the shot i weighted more but since i got on the shot i lost weight but now i wanna know if their is any tips on gaining weight if anybody can help me that would be helpful thanks
Avatar f tn I used to get accused of this all the time. Except I was 5'4" and 100 lbs. Believe me, my super skinny days are over, but as a teenager I used to get accused of anorexia all the time. Here's the main thing: are you obsessed with not gaining weight? Do you think about food 24/7? If the answer is no, you're fine.
Avatar n tn an isulin resistance is what i was told is the reason I gained so much weight. it was slow coming on but they gave me metformin and the weight is fast coming off.
1347708 tn?1276603191 Can someone please help me with ways to maintain my weight, i am terrified of gaining, but I do recognise I have problems. I am not asking for ways to lose more, just staying the same. Anyone?
Avatar f tn resulted in my gaining too much weight too fast (I left an inpatient program for anorexia in February)..I have been battling edema, my muscles and joints hurt, I have problems digesting food (spontaneous reflux)'s as if my body has forgetten how to respond to food properly, refuses to believe I am finally feeding it over 500 kcals/day, and chooses to store all "fuel" received into water and fat reserves. I too wonder if there are insulin..