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6811971 tn?1385557755 This is not a question, just a few tips for those who are on the road to recovering from an eating disorder. Just a little background on me: I suffered from Anorexia for six years of my life and have been recovered for twelve years now. For me, I experienced some gas and bloating. This can be quite stressful as it makes one feel full and gaining weight. I found that mixing some natural ginger in a tea or water helped. Also, digestion was a little slow for me.
Avatar f tn You say you've tried everything and that nothing works. That's what your telling yourself. Skinny doesn't happen over night you have to work for it and be strong. You can't honestly tell me that you stuck with a diet day after day being consistent and not cheating. You're looking for tips? This is not the place first off and secondly if you didn't manage to lose weight dieting because you were not motivated, lazy, and inpatient.
5061022 tn?1363018223 I have recently removed myself from my fitness pal and tumblr because it is an ED breading ground! It is where I would go to get tips and encouragement. I am trying to get away from doing it as I have had it under control for the past year and it was recently triggered again in January. I have been dealing with it since the 8th grade and I am now a college junior....its a constant battle and I hate it....I am trying so hard right now to fight losing weight the right way....
Avatar m tn Hey, I have the same problem. Ensure is has been a mainstay for me. Once in a while I can eat like no tomorrow. Not sure what the answer is....Sure don't want to get my gall bladder removed. In a recent report they say I have anorexia. Not sure what that means. It's not like I am trying to not eat.
1207078 tn?1265825982 im a 13 year old girl and i cannot stop binge eating!!! i used to have anorexia and am now recovered! :) but now ive been binge eating everyday for a couple months and im afraid i will become obese! im 5'1 and 98 lbs so im not overweight, YET. how do i stop binge eating for good and become a normal teen age girl that has no problems with eating? will i ever be the same again? please, i need tips/tricks to over come this disorder!
Avatar f tn So I'm a 16 year old girl, about 5'5' and 110lbs. I'm on a calorie restricting diet and exercising a lot to lose weight. My family doesn't know and I can't talk to them about it due to circumstances i cannot discuss. My one friend who knows about this tells me I'm on the verge of anorexia and people at school are talking about me saying how skinny I'm getting. When people originally told me this I took it as a compliment, now I find it embarrassing.
762882 tn?1234493890 im pauline, and it really took me a lot of courage to post this question, i usually just surf the net and read patients with ED and their struggles, one fact im know and sure is that i have an eating disorder, but im not really that sure what categorizes it, if i've started out to be a restricting anorexic for 6 months (meaning counting calories and excercising like mad) then suddenly eats then finally turned into binging and purging habits 3 weeks consecutive in 1 month then suddenly r
785277 tn?1244324809 I cant quite seem to be any type of eating disorder consisently. For a couple of days I'll not eat at all, to where i'd be considered anorexic if i was underweight, and then for the next few days I won't have any control over what I'm eating- binging and purging. How can I stick to one routine? I do have some weight to lose, and I'm not going to be looking at any professional help anytime soon. Anyone have any tips on sticking to one routine?
Avatar f tn Hey pixie0304. My son is 16 and has this issue. NOT anorexia. :>) I took my son to a nutritionist. Some tips: make it count when you do eat. So, go for a bang. If you are only going to take a few bites, try a protein bar. If you are going to drink, try almond milk. My son has been doing this in the morning. It upped his calories and he feels better. The other thing the nutritionist said is that drinking nutrition and calories can be easier for some.
Avatar f tn Such as, I feel scare when I see you so painfully thin and not eating. I’m afraid you are going to die. I feel helpless when I hear you want reassurance that you are not fat. Let her know you what her to seek consultation with a medical doctor and therapist who specialized in anorexia. Support her by accompanying her to the appointments. She needs help. You need support, too. Remember to take care of yourself in the process.
Avatar n tn Hi Silvia, Way to go on striving for a healthier lifestyle. Recovery is hard. But you're doing the smart thing in asking for tips and advice along the way which will make the process so much easier on you. I've definitely had my fair share of edema/bloating from starvation, and it has a lot to do with your electrolytes, which keep your fluid levels balanced.
918035 tn?1274644533 I have come across times of stress like finances or trying to do everything for everybody. I loose all sense of controll and lean on my eating disorder where loosing weight is a great accomplishment. And something I have complete control of. Wehn inactiality we has control of me. Ed will destroy if you let him. It is possible to have complete recovery but you have someone you can talk to. And don't be ashamed.
1564404 tn?1295154236 9ft and 132 pound im clealy not anorexic but i continue to restrict and the last 2 moth have only lost 7pounds because i have binged and purged 3 times i feel like a fat failure because i feel i have plateaued on my weight toss but i am to tired to up my workouts. after looking at the criteria for anorexia and bulimia i fit neither does this mean i don't suffer from an eating disorder?
2215229 tn?1339342648 If you have anorexia, you need to keep a diary and note what you are eating. If you feel you cannot do this honestly, ask a friend to do this for you. This will tell you what you eat and remind you to eat. You can set up alarms in your phone, laptop etc to eat. You could ask your friend to check on you. Apart from this, you need to undergo constant counseling. You may also need medications so, please consult a doctor specializing in eating disorders. Take care!
Avatar f tn Well, I had anorexia for quite awhile so I can probably answer any questions you have.. The questions you asked in your post are kind of basic, so I can't give very detailed answers but... Yes you can have stomach pain along with many other symptoms. Anorexia and Anorexia Nervosa are actually two different things.. Anorexia is simply not eating, it doesn't necessarily mean you don't WANT to eat, just a lack of eating for whatever reason.
Avatar f tn I really wanna loose some more cuz im not comfortable in this body at all. So got an tips? ? Would appreciate lot help...
Avatar f tn I have to admit that because I am not eating for fear of being sick it is making me feel increasingly thin which is in turn making me feel good about myself as I am thinking I will get thinner quicker but I know this is not the answer. I suffered anorexia when I was 17 and dont want to fall into that trap again.
Avatar f tn I'm 14 and i've been suffering from Anorexia & Bulimia for a little over a year now. As much as i don't like eating, due to the disorders, i still wanna keep as healthy as i can. I do eat things i think are safe at times that appeal to me..i was wondering if there are any healthy low calorie foods you recommend? The more food i feel comfortable eating the more i will recover.
639965 tn?1228344380 For more information and treatment options on anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder, you could visit the bella vita website.
Avatar n tn When you say that she displays many symptoms of anorexia (in spite of eating three meals/day), what do you mean? What are the symptoms you are noticing?
1158511 tn?1262554942 Low body weight is one of the criteria for anorexia. By visiting the bella vita website you could take our free eating disorder survey and also read more about anorexia to help you understand more.
Avatar f tn I know its really hard to not think about the food and the weight and the body image stuff but you need to try to think about your future without your eating disorder, what kind of life you want to have, what kind of freedoms you wish for, and how your social life and relationships will change once you are done with your relationship with food and weight.
Avatar m tn Please understand that Anorexia can be very serious and lead to eventual death if not dealt with. This information may be helpful for you to understand all Anorexia entails Diagnosis of eating disorders requires you to step outside of it and ask for help. The best place to start may be to have a physical and express your eating practices and concerns over your weight at that time.
918035 tn?1274644533 I myself have 15 years recovery from an Eating Disorder; not Anorexia, but I have spoken with many people who have longterm recovery from that as well. Over time, your symptoms will get less and less frequent and when you are in recovery if something upsets you you will think about restricting, but will have other tools to handle your feelings. I think it is very much important for you to receive treatment for your Anorexia because it is very very hard to do it on your own.