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785277 tn?1244324809 How long would someone have Bulimarexia (cycles of anorexia followed by cycles of bulimia) until they start to have teeth problems? What kind of teeth problems happen other than decay, and is there anything I can do to lessen the strain on the teeth?
Avatar n tn What should I be looking for regarding symptoms of this disease? He is one of two cats abandened after a fire. The other is a american short hair female. The female was not diagnosed with the disease at two years of age and was vaccinated.
Avatar f tn Symptoms of jaw osteomyelitis includes, deep pain, malaise, fever,warmth and redness of the surrounding area and anorexia. Within 10 to 14 days after onset, teeth in the involved area begin to loosen and then Pus exudes around the gingival sulcus.Skull osteomyelitis presents with headache as the initial symptom and then as the areas of brain and cranial nerves supplying that area become involved,patient may present with variable symptoms depending on the same.
Avatar n tn When children do not eat for awhile, they cry because they are hungry. Symptoms of anorexia is hair loss (lots of it), development of peach like body hair, bad teeth, emotional problems, stomach problems, heart problems, etc. She needs help. She will intitially be upset about it, but eventually she will get over it.
Avatar n tn When you say that she displays many symptoms of anorexia (in spite of eating three meals/day), what do you mean? What are the symptoms you are noticing?
Avatar f tn Maybe you should stop listening to other people. You BMI is 15.9 meaning you're severely underweight. I would start seeing someone about this because it's called anorexia and it can cause a lot of problems.
Avatar n tn She is about 3 months old and in the same cage as a male same age. She is making a loud teeth grinding noise that I know means she is in pain. She is drinking alot but won't eat. We are watching her closely but are very concerned. We are unable to find a local vet we can afford.
4742865 tn?1358632836 Im 43 ive struggled with anorexia/bulimia since i was 18. My weight has always been arund 100. I still restrict eating only one meal a day yet now that im in my 43 its harder to lose. Someone once told me once u hit 40's its impossible to manage ur weight. Is this true? This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Anorexia--Bulimia--Binge-Eating/Metabolism-problems-after-anorexia-recovery--Please-help/show/924308">Metabolism problems after anorexia recovery--Please help!
1564404 tn?1295154236 9ft and 132 pound im clealy not anorexic but i continue to restrict and the last 2 moth have only lost 7pounds because i have binged and purged 3 times i feel like a fat failure because i feel i have plateaued on my weight toss but i am to tired to up my workouts. after looking at the criteria for anorexia and bulimia i fit neither does this mean i don't suffer from an eating disorder?
Avatar f tn Yes, that is what it is. You are showing anorexic symptoms and it will only get worse. Talk to a counselor at school, your doctor, or another trusted adult and have them refer you to a therapist experienced with eating disorders. Your ED is related to how you feel about yourself and you need help working through both so you can go on to live a good life. Please do it soon.
Avatar n tn I have other symptoms as well such as slightly palpable lymph nodes in front of both ears, side of neck, and under chin (which I have had an ultra sound of and was told they they are within normal size range), burning in lower abdomen, burning all over at night while trying to sleep, insomnia, and an inability to gain weight. I have seen multiple doctors and specialists and although they have run tests the majority tell me I need to get my anxiety under control.
918035 tn?1274644533 From what you have written in your post, I think you are still experiencing some symptoms of Anorexia. The best thing to do with this disorder is to consult a psychologist that could make counseling with you so that doctors may find the appropriate treatment to your illness.
Avatar f tn i suffered from anorexia an still have blips from time to time is this the cause of my PCOS? have i caused my infertility???
Avatar f tn Yes you can have stomach pain along with many other symptoms. Anorexia and Anorexia Nervosa are actually two different things.. Anorexia is simply not eating, it doesn't necessarily mean you don't WANT to eat, just a lack of eating for whatever reason. Anorexia Nervosa (what people are usually talking about when they use the term Anorexia) is when you don't eat because you think you are fat, or you have a strong fear of gaining weight.
918035 tn?1274644533 You have many symptoms of anorexia. Anorexia is not about the food, it's about underlying issues that causes a person to go away from food. I will advise you to speak to an adult. Hopefully, you could talk to your mom or dad. You need to get some professional help and support. You need to see a medical doctor just to check on your overall medical condition and growth.
Avatar f tn Dear Meg34, You can go home. Colleges honor Anorexia as a medical withdrawal. With your current symptoms, you need support. You probably need an eating disorder treatment program: outpatient day treatment, residential treatment or possibly inpatient treatment. Go to your campus’ health center for your physical symptoms. Ask to speak with a counselor at school who has experience with eating disorders. The health center and counselor can help assist you to get the proper treatment.
Avatar f tn Anyone with a resting heart rate over 100 should be checked by a doctor, if just over 100, say even 120, I'd say in most cases it can be done on a non-emergency scheduled basis - depending on other symptoms. In your case and in the absence of any specific knowledge about anorexia I can't make a connection, but I suspect anorexia puts stress on one's body and that could be at least part of the driver for the above normal HR.
Avatar f tn I was wondering about the medical and social differences between patients with anorexia and patients with orthorexia, or if generally they are felt to be the same disease?
Avatar n tn I donot know anything about anorexia but I do know about OCD. I also know Lexapro works well for me. Our body is made up of vitams and minerals along with all else. The brain has many chemicals. Loss of certain chemicals can be replaced by mood stabilizers or SSRI's which are used to replace serotonin. I am not a doctor but my OCD symptoms have lessened, almost nonexsistent by the use of antiphyscotic drugs to correct the chemical imbalance I have.
Avatar f tn Hello dear, Nutritional neuropathy is common in people who are anorexic.Nutritional deficiencies causes nerve symptoms,tingling and burning. You should consult a neurologist and go for a evaluation and get the diagnosis confirmed.
Avatar f tn Don't cop to Anorexia so fast. You are not too thin....and neither am I ! You are 5'7" 120lbs.? That's not bad at all but you must not, MUST NOT ever "purge!!! That is sooooo bad for you. I am 5'4', 96.4lbs. and not at all worried about it. Watch everybody jump on me for saying that......My shrink is all concerned and wants me to get on CBD (??) medical Marijuana because I have no appetite.
Avatar n tn Hello, Adderall can cause anorexia,weight loss and abdominal pain but it causing taste of blood in mouth is not documented.You are having dysguesia i.e bitter or bad taste in mouth. It can be due to dental caries, gastro-esophageal reflux disease,sinusitis causing post nasal drip,salivary glands infection,pharyngitis or strep infection, medications like antibiotics, vitamins and antidepressants, poor oral hygiene, copper or lead toxicity and Sjogren’s syndrome.Can you identify any of these?
18663 tn?1198171815 The signs you are reporting are all possible symptoms of anorexia such as, rapid weight loss, intense fear of getting fat, being less than 85% of ideal body weight; distorted body image, restrictive eating, possible purging (through vomiting, laxatives, diuretics, excessive exercise).
Avatar n tn She does grind her teeth at night and wears a guard in her mouth while she sleeps to help prevent head/jaw aches from the grinding at night. Can the seizures/migraines be linked to anorexia or past history of anorexia?