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Avatar f tn Yes you can have stomach pain along with many other symptoms. Anorexia and Anorexia Nervosa are actually two different things.. Anorexia is simply not eating, it doesn't necessarily mean you don't WANT to eat, just a lack of eating for whatever reason. Anorexia Nervosa (what people are usually talking about when they use the term Anorexia) is when you don't eat because you think you are fat, or you have a strong fear of gaining weight.
Avatar f tn A person who is sexual anorexic seeks ways not to combine intimacy with sex. Both men and women can suffer from sexual anorexia. Most individuals who have sexual anorexia silently battle with it. They are often too ashamed or afraid of rejection to talk to their friends and family about it. The concept of "sexual anorexia" was first mentioned by psychologist Nathan Hare in 1975, in an unpublished dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment for a Ph.D.
Avatar n tn When you say that she displays many symptoms of anorexia (in spite of eating three meals/day), what do you mean? What are the symptoms you are noticing?
Avatar n tn At your age you have 2 choices for ED (unless you have a serious medical condition) 1) Anxiety 2) Overuse of Internet porn 3) Combo of both Are you using porn? Have you been doing so for a while? We have seen an endless stream of men - some in their teens, most in their twenties, developing porn-induced ED. Nothing like this happened in our generation - baby boomers. Doctors are completely unaware. GOOGLE VIDEO - erectile dysfunction and porn - watch the video series.
Avatar f tn Yes, that is what it is. You are showing anorexic symptoms and it will only get worse. Talk to a counselor at school, your doctor, or another trusted adult and have them refer you to a therapist experienced with eating disorders. Your ED is related to how you feel about yourself and you need help working through both so you can go on to live a good life. Please do it soon.
918035 tn?1274644533 From what you have written in your post, I think you are still experiencing some symptoms of Anorexia. The best thing to do with this disorder is to consult a psychologist that could make counseling with you so that doctors may find the appropriate treatment to your illness.
Avatar f tn i suffered from anorexia an still have blips from time to time is this the cause of my PCOS? have i caused my infertility???
918035 tn?1274644533 You have many symptoms of anorexia. Anorexia is not about the food, it's about underlying issues that causes a person to go away from food. I will advise you to speak to an adult. Hopefully, you could talk to your mom or dad. You need to get some professional help and support. You need to see a medical doctor just to check on your overall medical condition and growth.
Avatar f tn Dear Meg34, You can go home. Colleges honor Anorexia as a medical withdrawal. With your current symptoms, you need support. You probably need an eating disorder treatment program: outpatient day treatment, residential treatment or possibly inpatient treatment. Go to your campus’ health center for your physical symptoms. Ask to speak with a counselor at school who has experience with eating disorders. The health center and counselor can help assist you to get the proper treatment.
Avatar m tn Have you been using porn consistently for masturbation? If so that is the main cause of ED in men under 40. The inability to get excited by a real-life sexual partner, or losing and erection is very common - it is called copulatory impotence. On our recovery forums, we have men in their teens with porn-induced ED. Over the last 5 years we have seen hundreds of men on our porn recovery forums with ED. Many in their teens and twenties.
Avatar f tn Anyone with a resting heart rate over 100 should be checked by a doctor, if just over 100, say even 120, I'd say in most cases it can be done on a non-emergency scheduled basis - depending on other symptoms. In your case and in the absence of any specific knowledge about anorexia I can't make a connection, but I suspect anorexia puts stress on one's body and that could be at least part of the driver for the above normal HR.
Avatar m tn Are you saying masturbation, but really meaning Internet porn? Excessive internet porn can and does cause ED in young healthy men. If want to see about 500-1000 guys with porn-induced ED follow these 2 links to Medhelp threads on porn-induced ED. Read the stories. http://www.medhelp.
1030383 tn?1338460785 I have a history of anorexia, but it's 90% in the past (I think I'll always have tendencies). I also have Hep C. Lately nothing tastes good, I don't want to eat - I've been losing so much weight that I have to belt my skinniest pants. I'm pretty sure this is mostly due to the Hep C, but I can't help "sort of, kind of" enjoying it...
Avatar m tn Mostly it appears to be thinning and I began to notice it about a month ago and to me it seems to be getting worse by the week. There is no history of hair loss in my family men or women before menopause. I have been experiencing irregular periods for the past two year but they have recently been regular. It seems strange to me that a female of my age would be having hair loss. Do you think its permanent? What should I do?
Avatar f tn I was wondering about the medical and social differences between patients with anorexia and patients with orthorexia, or if generally they are felt to be the same disease?
Avatar n tn I donot know anything about anorexia but I do know about OCD. I also know Lexapro works well for me. Our body is made up of vitams and minerals along with all else. The brain has many chemicals. Loss of certain chemicals can be replaced by mood stabilizers or SSRI's which are used to replace serotonin. I am not a doctor but my OCD symptoms have lessened, almost nonexsistent by the use of antiphyscotic drugs to correct the chemical imbalance I have.
Avatar f tn Hello dear, Nutritional neuropathy is common in people who are anorexic.Nutritional deficiencies causes nerve symptoms,tingling and burning. You should consult a neurologist and go for a evaluation and get the diagnosis confirmed.
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18663 tn?1198171815 The signs you are reporting are all possible symptoms of anorexia such as, rapid weight loss, intense fear of getting fat, being less than 85% of ideal body weight; distorted body image, restrictive eating, possible purging (through vomiting, laxatives, diuretics, excessive exercise).
Avatar f tn t remember if any other symptoms existed at that time. I am wondering if I could have aquired HIV at the same time. I did not have intercourse while lesions were visibly present. The following symptoms started about 6,3, and 1 week after each encounter. I am trying to differentiate between real and possibly psycological symptoms. I've been under an extreme amount of stress and guilt for possibly ruining my life and that of my family and possibly infecting someone.
Avatar n tn There is no such thing as penile exhasution. If you do not have a medical condition, then there is one answer for a decline in penile erection health for your age group. That is over use of porn. Not masturbation, but Internet porn. It desensitizes the brain over time. We see men your age all the time with porn-induced ED. Experts and doctors no nothing about it becuase they think masturbation cannot cause ED (they are right), and therefore Internet porn cannot caused ED (they are wrong).
Avatar f tn I tend to be the same as leftcoastchick - doctor is the person you need, I know anorexia needs serious help and counselling but id also wonder if it is anorexia which has fairly specific symptoms and behaviours as opposed to not eating which is indeed possibly an attempt at suicide. Is the person physically ill?
Avatar f tn Could it be true the men actually have your pregnancy symptoms as well?? My boyfriend now complains about nausea, heartburn, and fatigue now that I'm pregnant. I laugh at him but he takes it quite serious. Could it really be real?
Avatar f tn Could it be true the men actually have your pregnancy symptoms as well?? My boyfriend now complains about nausea, heartburn, and fatigue now that I'm pregnant. I laugh at him but he takes it quite serious. Could it really be real?