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766752 tn?1234946743 I was thinking the opposite. I was thinking that it's not a lot of food for someone in recovery as when you are in recovery your body actually typically needs more food in order to restore. I am concerned but proud of you if this is what you can get in within a day's period.
5613711 tn?1370974671 5 stone in weight but im a health weight for my height. but people say i exercise too much. i exercise every day of the week for around 3 to 5 hours. Is this a problem? it doesnt feel bad to me and makes me feel more confident and like i can deal with other issues much scared that I may have a problem but dont think i do, What do you think?
Avatar f tn I've lived with anorexia for multiple years now, and recently I have also been having more frequent patterns of bulimia. I have finally realized that I don't want to live my life this way, as it has affected more than my physical health. My parents do not know, and we don't have the money for any formal treatment. So I'm wondering, what can I do to help get on the "road to recovery"?
2215229 tn?1339342648 s because of past trauma or self loathing and depression and you need to deal with that before even thinking of recovery. Recovery is impossible without tackling why you had the ED in the first place, what you were trying to use it to.cope with. Therapy. Very important.
Avatar f tn I gained 15 lbs in the beginning of my recovery from bulimia and then as I started eating meals and snacks regularly (that I figured out with my nutritionists help) and stopped using bulimic symptoms my weight balanced out to my body's needs. I remember the weight gain scaring me a lot too at first but my recovery team reassured me that the number is not what I should be worrying about and my recovery is about me not my weight.
766752 tn?1234946743 Hi there, Unfortunately, in recovery from anorexia it's not really uncommon to have these feelings, and physical symptoms. I know it makes it much, much harder, but it's just part of it. When one's body has been starved for so long, it has to "readjust" once it starts getting food again. It WILL pass though and when your body gets used to the idea of getting food, and learns to trust you again, this will not continue.
918035 tn?1274644533 I myself have 15 years recovery from an Eating Disorder; not Anorexia, but I have spoken with many people who have longterm recovery from that as well. Over time, your symptoms will get less and less frequent and when you are in recovery if something upsets you you will think about restricting, but will have other tools to handle your feelings. I think it is very much important for you to receive treatment for your Anorexia because it is very very hard to do it on your own.
Avatar f tn I've had an eating disorder for a long time now. Since I was seven years old I have been binge eating, then around the age of 15/16 I became anorexic. After pressure to eat from the doctors and my family, I began to switch towards the more bulimic side of things. First of all I was just purging meals but then I began to binge. Since then I've gone through periods of anorexia then bulimia both accompanied with excessive exercise.
Avatar n tn Also, from my experience (I have 15 years recovery from my own eating disorder) when you truly achieve recovery, it is no longer about how much you weigh but all the issues around it. You might also check to see if you qualify for free or low cost psychological services; therapy twice a month isn't particularly useful.
Avatar n tn Is anyone out there a binge eater that would like to get into contact to help recovery? I've had eating disorders for the past 10 years...anorexia, bulimia, recovered on my own for a bit, but now after starting a career and having more stress in my life, I'm not normal anymore. I binge. I went on topamax for a bit and this helped but didn't like the weird side effects and I know I can't rely on drugs my whole life. I'm 26 and just want to be normal with food.
Avatar f tn Should you count calories or just eat what your body tells you? I didn't count calories before, I'm scared that STARTING during recovery will make me obsessed. But I worry If I don't, I won't be eating enough. My plan is just to generally eat more until I see the scales climb at a rate of around 1-2lb a week until I reach a bmi of 19-20, Then I'll stop and maintain intuitively. Is this a good idea?
Avatar f tn Hello ~ Recovery from anorexia is a process that can take many years. It is common to encounter the emotional, psychological, and medical consequences of this disorder even after a long period of stabilization. The toll anorexia takes on one’s body can be immense. It is an integral part of recovery to stay closely connected to your physician and have regular check ups.
Avatar n tn I started anorexia recovery 6 days ago. I'm 15 years old, female, 5"3-5"4, sedentary, only exercise I get is going to school. Every since my first day of recovery, I have been binge eating really really bad. I binge on sweets, carbs, and some salty foods. I can't stop, it makes me so frustrated that I start crying and it really makes me want to relapse.
Avatar n tn I have struggled with anorexia for a long time and am currently in recovery. Your internist isn't trying to blow you off by giving you the answers she did. And don't feel alone - very few people recovering from eating disorders take pleasure from the process. While TV and articles can make it sound like an idyllic and nurturing process, it often feels like jumping off a cliff. Doing the right things feels incredibly wrong because of how you've conditioned yourself to think.
Avatar f tn =D but mainly if your worried about your body, look at those this super models with their bones sticking out, MAYBE go on a health diet, so that you know the food going in your body is good and do lots of exercise so it will turn into muscle. let me know how you go ok.
Avatar n tn I've been trying to find out how long someone can live with anorexia/bulimia, but can't find anything. I guess it really depends on the individual, but there's not even a range given. Any ideas? A little background: I've had anorexia for 14 years and bulimia for 2. I've been very fortunate in not having any serious medical complications, however in the last 3 years my eating disorder has become my entire life.
Avatar n tn I'm recently in recovery from 11yrs of anorexia. I have severe osteoporosis as a result. I am 22 years old. I was put on birth control for the estrogen to help replenish my bones, and return my period. (I do not menstruate without the pill) I have doubts of my being able to actually carry a child in the future, but was considering a surrogate mother. Is there anyway to tell if I'm even producing eggs anymore? Is a surrogate, with my egg and husband's sperm possible?
Avatar f tn Recently i suffered from anorexia nervosa with then developed into me binge eating which then ended in bulimia nervosa. I am aware of what is happening to me, but as it has happened in a short space of time (2years) i feel a little lost. I live in the UK and it is extremly hard to get help as docotors do not see me as underweight. But everyone knows that there is something wrong.