Anorexia recovery and weight gain

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Avatar f tn I've had anorexia nervosafor almost three years, and I'm in recovery. Is it possible to gain 5 lbs in 3 days? I was not stuffing my face or sitting on my ***, I'm just hoping the scale was off because this is giving me a lot of anxiety.
Avatar f tn Don't worry, weight gain can be a sign that you are recovering! I gained 15 lbs in the beginning of my recovery from bulimia and then as I started eating meals and snacks regularly (that I figured out with my nutritionists help) and stopped using bulimic symptoms my weight balanced out to my body's needs.
Avatar f tn This is not a direct question about health insurance.... Hi I'm a 21yr old female I'm 5'4 and weigh like 106lbs. I'm very solid and tone (naturaly) so I look smaller than what I weigh. I would like to get some kind of information on a healthy way of gaining some weight. I would like to put on at least 8 pounds.
2215229 tn?1339342648 Also be forewarned that when you start to increase your intake you will probably experience extreme hunger and immediately gain a lot of water weight as your body starts to heal itself from starvation. Don't freak out, this is part of the healing process and totally necessary and it will subside as long as you continue eating enough. (I found Gwyneth Olwyn's site, YourEatopia, extremely helpful in navigating the recovery process.
Avatar n tn What exactly is tissue edema or tissue fluid? and has anyone experienced this cyclic weight gain being anorexic and did the doctor blow smoke my way to get rid of me. This experience has been bery traumatizing to me and I don't like who I am and I am trying to notgo into ED mode and seeing my psych once a week to keep me in check. Any suggestions/information would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn The Eating disorder has nothing to do with Your weight it should not go on Your current weight, overweight people and people at a normal weight can be anorexic and bulimic and have other eating disorders while someone underweight can experience overeating. I understand what You're saying about doctors sometimes not knowing it but it is not right perhaps try finding a therapist You're able to talk to who recognizes the problems You're having.
Avatar f tn I feel helpless it makes me not wanna eat anymore! I struggled with anorexia as a child:( and im very sensitive about how i look....
773368 tn?1235322140 I've had anorexia for about 2 years now. I've been in and out of hospitals. This past year I've had the opportunity to recover by myself, or else I'd be going right back to the hospital. I was maintaining a "danger zone" weight for 6 months. My doctor was finally fed up and told me if I didn't gain any weight, then she'll have no choice but to put me back into a hospital. I was like, **** THAT.
Avatar f tn So best of luck to you, i hope they can come back and that you can continue to gain weight and become a healthy bmi again. Just remember to think positive, it is scary and hard at first but it really pays off! You will be so much happier!
Avatar f tn ll gain weight, and try to understand if your underweight you will gain some weight to be healthy. A meal plan may also make you initally gain weigh but in the long term you will loose that weight if you stay commited to your meal plan, and moderated excersise. If i had only stayed commited to mine i wouldn't be going back to a treatment center this year.
Avatar n tn Hello there, I have been battling various forms of Anorexia/Bulimia since my mid teens and now I am 26 years old. I am about 5'2 and weight around 78lbs. I am in the care of a physician and a therapist, yet I still feel a little lost on how to get started on my recovery, with what to eat, how much, etc. I think this is because I haven't eaten normally in so long my body doesn't know how to tell me what it really needs or when its had enough or not enough.
Avatar n tn Hi Dr.: My 14 years old daughter 5'9" only weight 102lbs,she rapidly drop 30 lbs last year and she doesn't want gain any weight now.She has many anorexia symptom but she eats 3 health meals everyday(no fat).Her anorexia became after her right elbow injury 2 years ago(still didn't recovry yet).She deny has anorexia that's mean she refuse to see doctor. what can I help her?Is she anorexic?
1479003 tn?1287429481 I suffered from an eating disorder all my life before I got in recovery, and I have been in recovery now for 16 years, so it is possible! But what you need to focus on is not your weight, but your eating disorder. If you try to lose weight you will start the illness all over again and it will get worse the longer you have it. Ask your doctor for a referral to a therapist who works with eating disorders and start working on your issues.
6811971 tn?1385557755 I have recovered from both Anorexia and Bulimia and like yourself I struggle with bloating, and find myself often mistaking the bloating as weight gain. Wow! We are two positive people for this site. Yes everybody. YOU CAN RECOVER FROM AN EATING DISORDER. I had Anorexia aged 16-18, and Bulimia age 18-32. I am now 38 and the idea of being sick is yuck! The thought of overdosing on laxatives is something I wouldn't dream off now.
Avatar f tn The potential of weight gain and the risk of diabetes occurs with all atypical (current generation) antipsychotics, some more than others. However each person responds differently to each medication. With some antipsychotics I was prescribed I didn't encounter any concerns as regards weight gain. The potential risk of diabetes can be treated with Metformin. However only a psychiatrist would understand the clinical specifics so it would be worth discussing this with them.
Avatar n tn From anorexia to bulima the bast 5 years my head is spinning from gaining and losing 20kg each way. I'm eating soo much and binge all the time. I try to get help, i'm seeing a psychologist but can only afford 2 times a month and isn't helping because sometimes goes to once a month. I'm a dissapointment and trying so hard to get back on track.
1223598 tn?1289968459 I just weighed myself right now to make sure and i have gone up. It CANT be weight gain, because everyone says i have not gained weight. And also, i have been eating regularily, healthy, there's no way it can be from weight gain. My normal weight is always 120 and fluctuates up to 125. I don't think i was underweight. I looked at a healthy weight. When I checked a few days before starting eating it was, 135. Now it is at 140, after only a few weeks. I am really worried.
Avatar n tn I continued eating about that much and exercised a bit more (but not much), and by spring 2006, my weight had dropped for some unknown reason to about 83 pounds. I was secretly pleased but disturbed. In the summer of 2006, while I kept my calorie intake at about 1850 and continued exercising for 45 min/day, my weight started to inch back up. After it got to the high 80s, I couldn't help myself---I started to restrict again.
Avatar m tn does chewing and spitting food out put weight on This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Anorexia--Bulimia--Binge-Eating/wil-i-gain-weight-/show/1255694">wil i gain weight ?</a>.
Avatar m tn Topamax was prescribed to counteract the weight gain from Zyprexa and then Abilify. I am going to see my pdoc about my metformin venture. I had a saliva test done recently and found my seritonin level was extremely low. Started Deplin and 5HTP and stopped all AD's what a difference.
Avatar n tn Don't know what 7stone is, but yes I agree with angelica. If you are below that, yes you can get some serious problems from being underweight -- malnourishment, which can cause anemia, vitamin deficiencies, which can affect your heart and your reproductive organs. If you have a problem with anorexia you can die from complications because left untreated it will affect your internal organs.
Avatar f tn Sweetheart, You will be placed in a hospital for longer than that if You continue not to eat and You will be forced to eat through a Nasogastric tube which You will gain a lot more weight from if You continue not to eat. I know that it can take over Your mind and it can make You feel horrible and it is difficult. I have been in hospital with Anorexia in the past for Five months and it was a horrible time, I had no control at all and was sedated if I tried removing the tube.
Avatar f tn You should eat more calories and try to be fit instead of trying to be thin. Gain muscle and lose fat. Strength training will help, I think. But eat healthy and gain muscle. Gaining muscle and exercising regularly but not TOO much with help you become lean and healthy, so you can be happy.That way you can become lean and even LOOK and BE healthy.