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Avatar n tn I was told by my Doctor that Ferternal was more common.
Avatar f tn u know i kate to see it but i dont know. i was told this past wednesday dat i may have a cyst on my right side."ovary". or i could possibly be two weeks preg. i say two weeks cuz dats the last time i had sex. any who.i go back june 3 for a sonogram. what did they do when u went. im glad to find someone in my boat. even though they are rocky boats.well let me know.good luck hun.
Avatar f tn Dr. Steve Charles, Memphis (10 hours away) or Dr. Timothy Olsen, Mayo, formerly Emory, (3 hours away). I'm willing to travel to get the answers I need. Any thoughts?
Avatar f tn I'm calling my little girl Amber :)
1310633 tn?1430224091 Scott Olsen, 26, was among more than 1,000 demonstrators protesting the police clearing of an Occupy Oakland encampment outside City Hall when he was struck by the beanbag on Oct. 25, 2011. Widely viewed images of him falling in the street and being carried away while bloodied ignited outrage and sparked further protests......Olsen was hospitalized after he was struck by a flexible baton round - commonly known as a beanbag.
7703407 tn?1396588513 My husband wants the name Kate and I want her to have another name, too. We looked at Kaitlyn and Catherine. You could also do Kathleen, Mary-Kate, Katerina, or Katrina. We've also talked about using Kate as a middle name, but I think we're going to go with Catherine Alice and call her Kate. My mother's name is Alice and I really want her to have that in her name. Good luck! When are you due?
Avatar f tn t happen over night and doing it right will keep it off longer... With anorexia the second you start to eat your body holds in everything including the fat because it knows you will starve it again. Also when you stop eating your body will start to eat itself (including your muscles). You can do this hun... keep it up and persevere.
Avatar f tn Hi Kate - the lesions in MS are rarely Bi-lateral (appearing on both sides). Lesions are usually unilateral. That is why symptoms usually appear on one side of the body but not both. Eg: foot drop on one side but not both, upper limb weakness on one side but not both, optic neuritis in one eye, but not both, etc.. If they were bilateral we would get matching symptoms on both sides. It sounds like the person who had this discussion with you could use a primer in MS.
317019 tn?1532965586 To be honest anything that goes with mary is not going to be unique such as Mary Kate, Mary Ann, Mary Jane, Mary Sue,.....maybe mary should be the middle name. just a suggestion!!!
Avatar f tn Alice,Ashley, Amber, Brittany, Carissa, Chole, Danielle, Dana, Emma, Ellie, Ella, Elizabeth, Faith, Grace, Hope, Hanna, Jennie, Jackie, Kate, Luna, Mary, Nicole, Natalie, Payton, Rebekah, Rose, Rosily, Sarah, Samantha, Violet :) For a boy: Aaron, Adam, Alex, Bradley, Brian, Cody, Caleb, Daniel, Derek, Dylan, Ethan, Jack, Jake, Kyle, Kevin, Luke, Levi, Mathew, Noah, Nathan, Nathanial, Samuel, Timothy, Wayne :) Hope this helps, that's all I can think of right now:)))
188576 tn?1287719062 My precious baby girl Henley Kate decided to make her appearance on Wednesday, 10.13.10 @ 6:54pm!!!! I had never experienced labor on my own as I was induced with my first two girls so when I started hurting i just kind of brushed it off as Braxton hicks. I drank 3 glasses of water and took a shower and nothing worked, so my mom took me to L&D. Once we got there they hooked me up and I was having contractions every 3-4 minutes & had very painful back labor!!!
Avatar f tn In the USA consider Bascom Palmer Institute of U of Miami or Tim Olsen MD Chair of Emory University in Atlanta and a world famous retina surgeon.
Avatar m tn Good, the Chair is Dr. Tim Olsen. Tell the staff physician you see to carry my greeting to Dr. Olsen. Emory will take good care of you, likely your physician surgeon is dealing properly with an uncommon complication. While cataract surgery is common and successful, like driving your automobile it does carry unavoidable risks.
Avatar n tn OK... sorry... just to clarify once again since I see some of my critical info is a bit buried... For those on Bioidentical Progesterone, I know it can be a marvelous thing. It is just recently that I have researched how the body handles supplemental bioidentical Progesterone if the woman has no ovaries. If I had ovaries, I am sure I would use Progesterone, but I quit using it due to the recent info I recovered from Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet ("Screaming to be Heard").
341551 tn?1266980730 Yah they said they found a prescription bottle of sleeping pills next to him and that he was found in Mary Kate Olsen's apartment....whatever they are implying by that I'm not sure. But yeah I am still in shock and can't belieive it - and he was only one year older than me (although I didn't know that and was kinda shocked to hear how old he was, seemed a little older to me, but that may have been is rustic looks) - I loved his voice and his accent, and it will be missed.
Avatar f tn Anyone with a resting heart rate over 100 should be checked by a doctor, if just over 100, say even 120, I'd say in most cases it can be done on a non-emergency scheduled basis - depending on other symptoms. In your case and in the absence of any specific knowledge about anorexia I can't make a connection, but I suspect anorexia puts stress on one's body and that could be at least part of the driver for the above normal HR.