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Avatar f tn Although not in wales, here across the border it is five pounds. But if they print more off it is there choice to give you the extras so even if you get two or three its five pounds. Obviously will depend at each hospital but I think the standard rate is five pounds per photo.
Avatar f tn Any Welsh Mams on here? Im living in south Wales and i seem like Im the only pregnant person i know and its getting pretty boring and lonely by myself!
Avatar m tn HIV may transfer at about 1 in 500 to 1 in 1000 instances of Heterosexual intercourse, this subtype HIV may transfer in about 1 in 30 to 1in 50 times. The estimates go on to say that of 2000 HIV infected patients, approximately 82% have subtype E (95% of subtype E infections contracted heterosexually), and approximately 13% have subtype B By the way, I'm not pulling this information out of my arse, you can find a lot of it here
Avatar f tn I'm from NZ but not in Auckland. .
4848471 tn?1372238752 reported that twice as many people - 2 per 1,000 in Scotland as opposed to half that number or 1 per 1,000 in England and Wales - suffered from MS. This figure was recently updated when it was discovered that Scotland has 10,500 people with MS, out of a population of 5.1 million. That's a much higher rate than England or Wales. According to a Scottish newspaper if you have a Scottish surname you run twice the risk of developing the illness.
223152 tn?1346978371 thanks for the prompt pooh - the biopsy I had done was before my first tx in 2007 and showed F0 - F1. Before starting tx number two in 2011 I had to have a Fibroscan in order to qualify for the free drugs from the drug company before they were licenced here. My fibroscan showed 6.7 which was equivalent to F0 - F1 and below the threshold required to qualify. They redid the fibroscan 5 minutes later and got a reading of 7.2 -equivalent to F2 which bought me the golden ticket.
Avatar m tn You wouldnt knowingly, but if in a short term relationship with someone who isnt aware of there status (female) , i know stupid should always wear a condom. Was just wondering if a lady had HIV (not sure whether or not she does) what statistically would be the chances of aquiring HIV?
Avatar f tn My Stepdad is always caling me ugly .. And when i look in the mirror i believe it sometimes, all my friends say i'm beautiful. But i don't feel Beautiful. i have a problem, I hardly ever eat anymore :( i starve myself. I'm 5'3 and 100 pounds and i'm scared that i'll become anorexic, When i don't eat i get headaches, I always carry Ibuprofen with me, i take atleast 2 or 3 a day, I just really need help ..
Avatar n tn When you say that she displays many symptoms of anorexia (in spite of eating three meals/day), what do you mean? What are the symptoms you are noticing?
194555 tn?1264286923 I moved from Wales to england last year and changed my gp, it was the gp in england who refered me to get ultrasound done, now the past few mnths i been spending alot more time down in wales due to uni (no room on courses in england for me), i will still be in wales finishing off untill summer.
Avatar f tn I have very low self esteem when i look in the mirror i just want to break it, sometimes i just hate myself, I'm 106 pounds and 5'3, i keep eating less, sometimes i starve myself, i'm scared i might become anorexic, But whenever i eat i get depressed, i need help please help me, before things get outta hand ];
Avatar f tn why do girls with anorexia stop getting their periods ? what is the link to Kyphosis to anorexia ?
918035 tn?1274644533 The problem is the voice in your head. The second problem is that you listen to the voice in your head which is telling you all the wrong things. You need to sort this out with a profesional..there are many trained to deal with eating disorders with teenagers...your parents or your doctor can help you find the right person. This can be a very serious health risk...see a professional as soon as possible.
Avatar f tn We do have a lot of posters from England and Scotland, haven't seen any from Wales, though, or Ireland for that matter.
Avatar f tn t happen over night and doing it right will keep it off longer... With anorexia the second you start to eat your body holds in everything including the fat because it knows you will starve it again. Also when you stop eating your body will start to eat itself (including your muscles). You can do this hun... keep it up and persevere.