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Avatar f tn Many people with anorexia nervosa, due to trauma in their pasts, want to lose weight for the complete opposite reason, to look sexually unattractive. In my own case, because of a lifetime of being raped and abused, I wanted to become emaciated so that men would find me unattractive and would be sexually repulsed by me, so that they would leave me alone. I hope that by losing weight the abuse might stop.
Avatar f tn I hate how skinny I look, it often makes me rrslly depressed. But at the same time I feel the need to lose more weight, I cant help it. Although at times I feel too skinny- I mostly see myself as overweight and having to lose more, if I don't I feel terrible with myself, I have to lose weight. I'm eating as little as 500 calories daily. I don't think this is anorexia but have been told otherwise,any opinions or advise? Much appreciated.
Avatar n tn Does she still have help,therapy? I would advise her to talk to them,they can help her with losing weight healthy and/or the worrying about it.
Avatar f tn m no expert but I would say your in the begginging or middel stage. You are one pound under weight and I take you by what you said you want to lose weight so my guess is yes. But I would talk to your doctor because no one online can diagnose you. You need to see a profeshanal doctor. And try posting this in the eating disorders fourm!!!
4742865 tn?1358632836 Controlling this eating disorder along with exercise, and eating right and treating any medical problem that you may have can help you lose weight effectively. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you. The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history.
Avatar f tn / Though I think the first thing to do is lose any water weight you have by drinking a lot of water regularly (I've got an app on my phone which tells me how much water I should be drinking each day and that helps motivate me) also record what you eat and it's nutritional values (I also have an app for this) and don't skip breakfast! Then just do leg exercises (e.g. squats, lunges) often.
Avatar f tn Make sure you check back in with us, there a lot of people on here with the same concerns and they feel alone on the topic. And keep in mind too your own individuality. I used to be in the modeling industry and do fashion shows. I had one agency that wanted me to work with them but told me I needed to lose 10 pounds. I was already at my normal weight. The comment alone, which ofcourse they left on my answering machine of all things just created a paranoia.
Avatar n tn t remember the exact amounts/times), at which point I would maintain my weight (or even lose half a pound or so) for about three more months, after which the weight would go up again---until I restricted a tiny bit once more. Now it's 2009, three years after I weighed 83 pounds, and I weigh 95 again. Not a huge deal, but I'm now restricting my calorie intake to about 1300 calories--which I hate, and I DON'T want to go any lower! (I'd rather increase it.
Avatar f tn ve met in treatment), most people who struggle with anorexia or EDNOS all set a certain goal weight but once we reach that goal weight, we always set another one. For someone struggling with an eating disorder no weight is ever good enough. For me, it was always "oh I'll just lose another 5 pounds and then stop" but I never stopped. It was almost like the thinner I became, the more I saw myself as fat. I'm 37 right now but my last treatment stay was when I was 28.
639751 tn?1223570892 thanks and, i dont know how to get help but i am wondering how can i lose weight without making myself sick with what you had. becuase i am thinking about straving myself and i have tryed but nothing at all works for me. what do i do???
Avatar n tn !!!!! People are less likely to say much about weight loss and someone as young as yourself, because there is danger of Anorexia. The weight loss you're talking about sounds like you're crossing into the area of Anorexia. I have heard about the trend with young people, especially girls, thinking that Anorexia is a "cool" or "in" thing. Well, it isn't. People die from this mental illness. Please, concentrate on being fit and healthy.
1310561 tn?1285863461 It's the only way I lose weight, really. I tried dieting, but it was only good until 125 pounds, which is only decent for my age/height. Any tips on sticking with anorexia?
1347708 tn?1276603191 I have gone from 258lbs to 106lbs in 18 months. I am now up again 3 pounds and scared stiff of the weight gain. Can someone please help me with ways to maintain my weight, i am terrified of gaining, but I do recognise I have problems. I am not asking for ways to lose more, just staying the same. Anyone?
918035 tn?1274644533 My lowest weight was 83 pounds....although i was disgustingly skinny I wanted to lose more weight. I WAS NEVER happy. All I could think about is how to lose more weight. Weight is not important in the scheme of things. I went on a mission trip this summer to nepal. I helped at a childrens home. There I heard some of the kids stories. one girl's parents both died and then she was given to her uncles. Her Uncles did not want her so the attempted to burn her. Thankfully, she came out alive.
1479003 tn?1287429481 But what you need to focus on is not your weight, but your eating disorder. If you try to lose weight you will start the illness all over again and it will get worse the longer you have it. Ask your doctor for a referral to a therapist who works with eating disorders and start working on your issues. Since you suffer anxiety as well, the therapist may recommend some medication.
Avatar m tn Zeldox (Geodone in the US) caused rapid weight lose for me. It was great at first - lost all the ziprexa weight. In the space of a year I was a size 2 and couldn't keep weight on. So we switched to Abilify. I am still slender but not nearly as bad.
Avatar m tn If you have already reached then then you should work owards maintaining it and not losing weight further. Too fast weight loss can cause rebound weight gain. Also, it can cause other problems such as loose skin, flabs at unwanted places etc. Apart from losing weight, you need to tone up the body. A combination of aerobic, strength training and stretches works best. Many people find it difficult to fit an exercise regimen into their lives.
Avatar m tn 58 is not healthy im a man 16 years old with intestinal issues wich make me weigh 58 kilo with 180cm wich is almost anorexia i weighed 65 kilo before perfect weight that was now i only seem to lose weight
Avatar f tn which means that I need to lose 3 lbs. every week in order to be my target weight (75lbs) by Christmas. I plan on restricting myself to 150-200 calories everyday. Are there any vitamins I should be taking? Keeping in mind that I am only 14 and can't get a hold of all the suggestions I'll provably receive.
Avatar m tn s something to be mindful of. The underlying issue is anorexia, right? What is happening to help you with that disorder? tell me more, I want to help support you sweetie.
Avatar f tn You say you've tried everything and that nothing works. That's what your telling yourself. Skinny doesn't happen over night you have to work for it and be strong. You can't honestly tell me that you stuck with a diet day after day being consistent and not cheating. You're looking for tips? This is not the place first off and secondly if you didn't manage to lose weight dieting because you were not motivated, lazy, and inpatient.
Avatar m tn I gained weight when I was so ill, partly from eating a lot to try to combat the fatigue, but others lose weight. Lyme affects everyone differently, which is part of what makes it so hard to diagnose. There is a movie called 'Under Our Skin', a documentary made about a few Lyme patients. I'm not wild about the movie, because it goes over the top and is imo intentionally scary to get people's attention. One of the characters in particular (Mandy?
Avatar n tn Hi Dr.: My 14 years old daughter 5'9" only weight 102lbs,she rapidly drop 30 lbs last year and she doesn't want gain any weight now.She has many anorexia symptom but she eats 3 health meals everyday(no fat).Her anorexia became after her right elbow injury 2 years ago(still didn't recovry yet).She deny has anorexia that's mean she refuse to see doctor. what can I help her?Is she anorexic?
Avatar f tn t lose anymore weight. its unhealthy, and it can be physically damaging. you should eat small and work youre way up, a friend of mine has a similar problem, thats what shes doing. shes 17 and only weighs a little more than you. since youre so active you shouldn't starve yourself. If you want to lose, fat, then exercise some more. Stay trim, but not TOO trim, i actually recommend gaining some weight. As for guys, take it from me, were assholes! Learn to love yourself.
Avatar f tn hi i been on the depo shot since may i will be getting my 5th shot on april 23rd i was wondering if u can lose weight when your on the shot i lost some weight and i even lost weight at the chest part and i was wondering if its normal to lose weight or should i be concerned i do eat alot but i dont gain much weight hopefully i can gain the weight back if anybody can help me please do thanks
1440512 tn?1294471633 I want a answer to what is wrong with me not a its all your bipolar you will continue to lose weight for the rest of your life. After 7 years my bipolar has decided to make me lose this much weight and will make me continue to lose weight the rest of my life. What about the other symptoms. I have a top of the line therapist who will argue his theory. I realize I have said a lot.