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931175 tn?1244457804 If stress, anxiety and/or depression are part of her dynamics. Stress management tools, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy and/or medication could help. Anorexia can be life threatening. To learn more about eating disorders, visit the bella vita website. There is also a free survey to screen for an eating disorder.
Avatar f tn See what your options are. Typically it is a team approach to therapy. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with a psychologist is excellent and they often do full family therapy. Working with medical professionals and dieticians are typically also part of the 'team'. The specifics will depend on what particular eating disorder you have. If you are severely underweight, they will try to normalize your weight. This can be hard when you fight this emotionally.
Avatar f tn I know it is work and I know you are thinking what the hell, am I going to have to breathe like this for the rest of my life? The answer is no. The therapy will help you, the medication is going to help you, and you will be back to normal. I can't tell you how much I wanted to throw in the towel....I'm so glad I didn't and you shouldn't either. Take care.
Avatar f tn What does Cognitive Behavior Therapy do? And does it help for depression and OCD (self harm)? How long does it take? I am also taking Celexa as well as this therapy with my GP, she's doing it to help keep me out of the hospital and still make it so I can get back to myself!!! Any body know how well this will or can work? Thanks.
Avatar n tn Has anyone else tried this on-line learning course for Cognitive Behavior Therapy? It's run by the Scottish National Health Service, and I've found it useful. You have to register (it's free), and then start running the "Starting Out" module. I think I should talk with a real therapist, but this was at least a good way to start, and it certainly spoke to my concerns and symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder.
2215229 tn?1339342648 I'm sorry but that's horrible advice! I've had anorexia since I was 14 (and disordered eating since I was 7), I'm now 20. I've seen many friends manage their anorexia and one die from it. Keeping a food diary with everything you eat is a bad idea because it reinforces the obsessive relationship with food, you'll be counting calories and trying to eat smaller portions so it looks better on your log, and feeling horrible about how "much" you've had.
Avatar f tn And no you can not really recover through gaining weight but it does help, however you need to go through therapy such as cognitive behavioural therapy and maybe a body image programme, this is what i did. This is in order to reduce the anorexic thoughts and get your thinking back to normal as anorexia is a mental illness. So best of luck to you, i hope they can come back and that you can continue to gain weight and become a healthy bmi again.
Avatar f tn It seems like the key to your situation may be therapy (cognitive therapy) to help you deal with the triggers that kick off the bulemia/anorexia condition.... you seem to have a complex set of parameters that the doctor is trying to deal with... when you were prescribed this medication, you mentioned that the doctor was aware of all the factors before (eating disorder, suicide attempts, pain med, etc). Did you ask if the medication would be okay given everything in your history?
Avatar m tn Your question reflects the sad truth that many people don't consider mental problems to be an illness, they are. While my struggle with depression and anxiety remain manageable - but I may yet get medical help. Both my wife and our son (an adult and medical doctor himself) suffer from depression and my wife also anxiety. They have both been helped by psychiatrist (MD) and therapist or psychologist.
747988 tn?1396536878 Their theory is that no one thing on the list will significantly improve the cognitive function, but maybe combining many things that improve cognitive function in insignificant amounts (by themselves) will significantly improve cognitive function if many of the things are followed, like throwing the kitchen sink at the problem. Personally, I think they are on to something. I have gradually noticed more and more improvement in my cognitive function.
Avatar f tn i moved in with my mom, told her all my habits, and going to see a homeopathic doctor on tuesday..i know therapy is supose to help but i went in the past fo this and was able to manipulate her? will i ever really be better? i dont want to die? and how can i get better and healthy without falling into depression, since recovery will mean i will have to put on weight?
551683 tn?1220656108 my aunt has fibromyalgia and she is in aqua therapy and it does help. she said it makes such a difference in the pain.
Avatar f tn Yes you can have stomach pain along with many other symptoms. Anorexia and Anorexia Nervosa are actually two different things.. Anorexia is simply not eating, it doesn't necessarily mean you don't WANT to eat, just a lack of eating for whatever reason. Anorexia Nervosa (what people are usually talking about when they use the term Anorexia) is when you don't eat because you think you are fat, or you have a strong fear of gaining weight.
Avatar m tn m sorry to hear this. It will help to work with your doctor on the depression. Medication along with talk therapy really can help one overcome depression symptoms which things like poor concentration are often associated with. I have another suggestion. There is a link to body movement and brain organization and thinking, even executive function. Exercise that includes things like light weight lifting, muscle work, swimming, running, aerobics, etc.
535882 tn?1396576685 However, if you are interested in specifically targeting behaviors that set off anxiety attacks then you might be more interested in cognitive behavioral therapy. Sometimes both can be of value. It depends on the individual person.
Avatar f tn I'm on too much thyroid supplementation, I presume based on these numbers, is that correctt, whomever will answer this for me, please doctor? But my subjective s/s are calling it another way. My labs generated this: TSH-0.010; T4-13.7. Meds are 175 mcgs qd, synthroid, plus cytomel-5 mcgs. bid; however, I've been on this therapy for 38 years. Is there 1. a possibility I should be changed from a synthetic; and 2. the dose lowered? Would just love some feedback.
1238036 tn?1457315447 i would say you need some very complicated, intense impatient treatment. they will work on cognitive behavioral therapy as well as your addiction. positive thinking would help you a lot.
Avatar n tn Does she still have help,therapy? I would advise her to talk to them,they can help her with losing weight healthy and/or the worrying about it.
Avatar f tn My parents are very angry with me and have basically disowned me from the family. They think I have anorexia but I dont I dont think im fat and need to lose weight. I just have alot of panic attacks and start to shake and then i cant get my dinner. Can anyone please help me - what can i do to make this stop???
Avatar f tn In my search for alternative therapies I read about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and feel that this is exactly what I need. I am really concerned about what might happen if I do not get the proper help soon and would like to know what avenues are available for me in NYC to receive this therapy since my insurance is through medicaid?