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Avatar m tn As you probably know, this eating disorder can have severe effects on the heart. One of the most common--which you have--is an extremely low heart rate. Other very serious problems include a change in electrolytes, the ions that control the rate at which the cardiac cells fire. That's dangerous, as you can read here: You do belong under the watchful care of a cardiologist at this point, to prolong your life.
Avatar f tn Make sure you check back in with us, there a lot of people on here with the same concerns and they feel alone on the topic. And keep in mind too your own individuality. I used to be in the modeling industry and do fashion shows. I had one agency that wanted me to work with them but told me I needed to lose 10 pounds. I was already at my normal weight. The comment alone, which ofcourse they left on my answering machine of all things just created a paranoia.
Avatar f tn Proper nutrition is the goal in treating Anorexia. Food is medicine. To learn more about anorexia and treatment options, visit the bella vita website.
Avatar f tn Hi my doctor prescribe me vemlidy , any bad side effects on this since is still new..
554703 tn?1227497870 I am being evaluated for a pacemaker, I also have right sided heart failure as a direct result of the eating disorder.
Avatar m tn When you have been with someone for a while sometimes things in the bedroom get monotonous and can cause disinterest. Doesn't mean you don't love or want to be with your partner sexually, just that you want something new and exciting in bed! Try different positions or role play. Experiment with toys or sex games. If you are just all together burned out there may be an underlying cause. Do you feel pressure to have sex? Do you feel less strongly about your partner?
Avatar f tn My anorexia is mostly due to my GAD. So I really worry about the impact the anorexia has on my body. I dont want to be anorexic. But anorexia takes over when im stressed, anxious or depressed. I dont think I have had a day without at least one of those ha. Anyway. My blood results came back fine on my muscles. Which is great. Im still worried about my heart rate. It is still high. Resting rate 110-113bpm. When I stand up it is 120-127bpm.
Avatar m tn s something to be mindful of. The underlying issue is anorexia, right? What is happening to help you with that disorder? tell me more, I want to help support you sweetie.
Avatar f tn So my questions are how much weight will I gain and will diet and excercise help? Im also debating on if I should just get off the pills or not so I wont gain any more wieght, im not into starving myself so if I have to I'll get off the pills. Please please please someone help me on this!!!!!!!!!
1310561 tn?1285863461 Are you crazy? You are obviously not smart for your age. Anorexia can cause some severe damage on your body. If you don't give your body the nutrients it needs long time effects will come.Then you'll just look really nasty and skinny, and that is not attractive for anyone. So if thats what your going for, to look good, you're just making yourself look worse. Try a diet or exercising don't put your body through that!!
Avatar f tn It is possible the anorexia stressed the heart and caused some sort of issue with the sa node or creating extra spots in the heart that are causing the heart to beat fast. I would try a few lifestyle changes first before agreeing to a pacemaker. I would make sure you are eating enough, getting lots and lots of water, as well add the sodium and supplements like he suggested. Low bp from the fast heart rate may be what is contributing to the black outs.
Avatar f tn i am an anorexic 5'4" 97lbs. on border of heart aryhtmias (ekg result) and every so often (1-2x wk) for a very short period of time feel pins and needles in both of my feet - not toes, but towards center of foot. Is this cause of concern?
Avatar m tn Hi and welcome, Unfortunately eating disorders such as anorexia effects the entire body, including the brain and nervous systems. What you are experiencing could be due to your anorexia, as it can cause peripheral neuropathy, vitamin B12 deficientcy etc so it would be worth discussing this with your doctor. Cheers..........
Avatar n tn t treat your heart correctly untill you correct the bulimia, it would be like putting a bucket on the floor because you have a leaky ceiling, you have done nothing to fix the underlying problem.
1475974 tn?1306881321 Yes...blood and rays were done one week ago ..all negative . We have tried all foods... chicken. .tuna...roast beef...even canned from the vet; nothing. Under side effects Baytril says "anorexia" side effects . Just need to find that one ingredient to get here turned.
Avatar f tn Also, there is a possibility that she wants you to start eating so that you do not suffer from the side effects of anorexia. Anyways, please clear this with her so that this does not affect your relationship. Also, if you have anorexia, please try and consult a therapist dealing with eating disorders. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
918035 tn?1274644533 I want you to remember this, it's not about being fat or thin, it's about being healthy! I realize that you are going through a difficult age right now, and sometimes things seem like they can't get any worse, but somehow they always seem to work themselves out. I suggest that you talk to your mom about what's going on, tell her exactly how you feel, not what you think she wants you to say.
Avatar f tn how you feel about your body is what gives you the disorder, the behaviors the define which kind. there are two types of anorexia, restrictive and binging/purging (which doesn't always include binging). it sounds like you have anorexia nervosa b/p, but i am not a doctor and you should really see one so you can get better. long term purging has terrible effects on your body, everything from sore throats to cardiac arrest.
429700 tn?1308007823 I would say if you are already being monitored for liver damage, the same protocol would help if you are on Gilenya. If spotted, the offending drugs are then halted. All of the interferons (rebif, avonex, and betaseron) have a known risk to damage the liver and is why those patients are regularly screened. You can read the reported list of adverse effects (AE's) that people had during the trials of fingolomod at
1372757 tn?1305916571 I just echo what others have said above. BOTH! I felt a definite surge on the days following my shots however, the rest of the week wasn't a walk in the park either because of the Riba's sides. I was taking my 3 pills of Riba in the morning with my breakfast so by lunchtime I had NO APPETITE whatsoever and usually was wiped out. I took my 2 Riba's at the supper meal.
Avatar m tn Ethacrynic acid has the listed side effects of possibly causing GI irritation, diarrhea, anorexia, abdominal pain, and dysphagia (difficulty swallowing) but does say how frequent these side effects are but side effects are usually mild and not very common (usually less than 10%). Lasix (Furosemide) has the listed side effects of possibly causing anorexia, constipation, cramping, diarrhea, nausea, oral and gastric irritation, and vomiting and again does not list the frequency.