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918035 tn?1274644533 You have many symptoms of anorexia. Anorexia is not about the food, it's about underlying issues that causes a person to go away from food. I will advise you to speak to an adult. Hopefully, you could talk to your mom or dad. You need to get some professional help and support. You need to see a medical doctor just to check on your overall medical condition and growth.
Avatar f tn Hello dear, Nutritional neuropathy is common in people who are anorexic.Nutritional deficiencies causes nerve symptoms,tingling and burning. You should consult a neurologist and go for a evaluation and get the diagnosis confirmed.
789910 tn?1236878388 I have sufferd from anorexia from age 16 im now 27 and my wight is 74 lbs and i developped a severe crack addiction three years ago and im woundering what i should watch out for and what comlications the two illness may have?
Avatar m tn the risk of sudden death and arrythmias due from alcohol abuse are fairly remote however you have to remember that with overdoing it with the alcohol which is a depressive causes your whole system to slow down and depress everything in your body....
Avatar m tn How do you know that Anorexia causes pain all over the body? I mean i'm sure it does, but this is aout my brother. He is 15 years old and he has been struggling with this eating disorder for a few months now, probably 6 or so. I also have struggled with this disorder myself, but I'm over it now. I just dont' know what to do about him, because he has like, no muscle mass left on him!
Avatar m tn If you have anything where all the vision goes out in the eye or you have stroke like symptoms ( slurred speech, trouble moving arms, legs, trouble with balance, etc) you need to call 911 or have someone take you to an ER immediately. There are some causes of this that are not ultra serious but the serious causes need to be ruled out first. You can read more about TIA on WebMD or emedicine.
Avatar n tn Google searching I found a good article on the Emedicine site. Thank goodness Herpes encephalitis is relatively rare. This article cited a rate of 3 cases per 100,000. of people infected with Herpes The Herpes they mentioned in the article was both type 1 and type 2. Herpes-zoster(the Herpes that causes chickenpox) can rarely cause encephalitis. There is now a good vaccine for Herpes-zoster.
Avatar f tn Does it sound at all like ON? Have any of you had sinus issues that causes eye pain? As of February, I have one lesion on my spinal cord and have another MRI next month. All feedback welcomed!! Thanks!!
Avatar f tn Yes you can have stomach pain along with many other symptoms. Anorexia and Anorexia Nervosa are actually two different things.. Anorexia is simply not eating, it doesn't necessarily mean you don't WANT to eat, just a lack of eating for whatever reason. Anorexia Nervosa (what people are usually talking about when they use the term Anorexia) is when you don't eat because you think you are fat, or you have a strong fear of gaining weight.
Avatar f tn If there is more hair loss than this, the first cause we look at is diet. It has been long known that anorexia causes hair loss. Your 400 calories on alternate days is flirting with an anorexia-like diet and is most likely stressing your body. Rather than cut your long locks, look to have a balanced diet each and every day. Good luck.
Avatar m tn Anorexia - lack of appetite causes fever sometimes.
Avatar n tn Anorexia is the highest death rate of all Mental Illnesses and for those between the ages of 15-24 Anorexia is 12X highest death rate for all other causes of death. If she passes out in your presence, call 911. If her parents are unwilling to get her help, call child protective services on them. You can call anonymously. For more information on anorexia, visit the bella vita website. Best, Dr.
Avatar n tn I feel really defeated because I have been trying to add more protein, calories, and carbs to my diet, but with little results. I look like I have Anorexia, TB, or HIV when I don't!! What should I do? Do you even know? They say it's from rapid weight loss and malnutrition, but what should I do??
Avatar m tn If it is arteritic then large doses of oral cortison are needed to get the sed rate down. The section on emedicine is especially good. If its non-arteritic there is no treatment for the eye problem and visual recovery is usually good. Again emedicine entry is excellent.
Avatar m tn s a very complicated disease and not easy to describe. I suggest you do internet search on WebMD or emedicine and see if you have any further questions. Starbursts are not a common symptoms in AZOOR and more suggestive of cataracts, cornea problems, need for glasses or new glasses RX or macular problems.
1575110 tn?1334664635 I just usually vocalize it I never make plans or anything but I have harassed a couple of no bodys just because I felt like they needed to come to a realization of how negatively they have affected my life. One person had throat cancer, the other has anorexia, the other anorexia, and the other a crack head. I feel so bad.
Avatar n tn Dear ny77, Your inconsistent eating triggered by anxiety and stress can be one cause that precipitates anorexia. Other possible causes could be a loss of a loved one relationally or by death, physical illness, life transition (e.g., going away to college), sport involvement which focuses on physical appearance or emotional, physical or sexual abuse. Visit our website. Take our eating disorder survey and learn more about anorexia.
Avatar f tn Other causes of cold extremities with bluish discoloration are hypothyroidism, anorexia, Addison’s disease, adrenal causes like pheochromocytoma, anemia, Buerger’s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome and Raynaud’s disease. Raynaud’s disease is a disease of the blood vessels in which blood can't get to the surface of the skin and the affected areas turn white and blue. Please discuss these possibilities with her doctor. Hope this helps.