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Avatar n tn What is the difference between a Right/Left Heart Cath. test and an Angiogram. I know that a Right Heart Cath test can tell you if you have Pulmonary Hypertension or not. Can an Angiogram be used to diagnose PH too?
Avatar m tn RCA Dominant,Patent Stented Segment What is the significance of LAD type III vessel slow flow and LCx Non dominant? Is there any reason to worry and care i need to take.
Avatar m tn This way you can easily see where the blockage is, and how big it is. An Angiogram is pain free, I've had 6 now. They use a local anaesthetic to numb your upper/inner thigh and make a tiny incision to access your femoral artery. A catheter is passed through your arteries up to the heart and from the Aorta they can access all your coronary arteries. They inject dye into them and look at an image produced by the scanner above your chest. You are awake and you can see the images.
Avatar n tn Pumping dysfunction is very slight as normal EF is 55 to 75%. There is a small hole in the wall that separates the right and left atrium. There may be a biopsy associated with trabeculations!?. I'm not sure what the indications are when the echo was inconclusive, but the report shows results?
Avatar n tn hey my dad is suppose to go in for an angiogram but he fears what might happen to him if he does. i was wondering if there was possible any alternative procedure or something else he could possibly do.
Avatar n tn My hubby had an angiogram in 1996 and have had no ill or side effects after the op, so there is something wrong and it should be checked.
Avatar n tn Its difficult to know from your style what comments are differentiated and what isn't; who said what, what is documented evidence, what is YOUR interpretation, QUOTE:"A cardiac CT scan for coronary calcium is a non-invasive way of obtaining information about the presence, location and extent of calcified plaque in the coronary arteries" Here is an excert from a site dealing with calcium scans, explaining to a patient what it does and what to expect....
Avatar f tn Could we travel a week after an angiogram and what is the advice should angioplasty be required? Thanks if you can advise. I know at the end of the day, it'll be down to the cardiologist.
Avatar m tn 1) One aretery is 50-60 percent blocked or lesion is what is says on the paperwork. There were 2 other ateries that had a 30 percent lesion on them. This was all on the left side, and the right side was negative (almost like they never looked at that side.) All other heart functions were normal or at least that is what it appears. The surgeon who did the cath, never came and talked to me.
Avatar n tn Hello, Please help,not sure what to do.One cardio feels I should do an angiogram, and possible be able to come off some of the meds,if ok.The other seems content on increasing medication and tells me I really don't need an angiogram.I take diltiazem 420mg, minoxidil5mg,clonidine.3,diovan 320mg,Tramtrene/HCTZ37/25, metoprolol 100mg,told to stop mevacor and Zocor do to severe muscle pain,test completed showed inflammation.As of 10/28 on no cholesterol meds.
Avatar m tn Your heart was normal a year ago yet your EF was only 15% ? High blood pressure would have adapted your heart to get 15% so what caused such a dramatic drop in your EF?
Avatar m tn Some people confuse the term 'groin' to mean the actual genitals. Is this what you are thinking? The catheter goes into the inside of your leg, near the top, to enter the femoral artery. If this is offtrack I apologist. The area is numbed of course and you are given medication to keep you relaxed. If I'm offtrack, some cardiologists can go through the wrist.
Avatar m tn For example, my LVEF is always 70% but it doesn't mean there is no ischemia. What is often observed as a giveaway is how slow the heart muscles is at relaxing each time it has pumped. I assume you have had some sort of symptom to prompt the tests?
Avatar f tn I'm not sure what it'd be that's the scary part I don't no what would cause this pain. I didn't no if my ef was to high or not I usually hear them like 40 to 60. If you don't mind me asking why so many angiograms?
Avatar f tn I had one I'm still having problems I'm still scared I'm just not getting cad at all it can come with three months or take 60 years could it be a infection could angio cause it does anyone really no what its caused by it seems as if family history is the number one cause but could it be genetic or is that families do the same things like eating habits work ethics all that stuff I've done a ton of research and not really found what's what.
Avatar n tn Doing the angiogram later on will give your doctors an idea of what else is going on with your heart.
974371 tn?1424656729 No way could I get through that and understand they keep you awake? Wondering if there is an alternative and if anyone has had the angiogram done and what your experiences were.
329165 tn?1515475590 I didn't stress to much about that (not an anxious person) but when I tried to sleep, turning on my side, I noticed that my chest is burning, jaw feels as if it is pulling and tingling in fingers. ?????????
Avatar m tn However, the second paragraph you give the 80-90 stenosis of RCA which is non-dominant. What that means is that the right coronary artery (RCA), which is the artery to the back of your heart has a 80-90% blockage, which is severe. HOWEVER, if it is non-dominant, it is a small artery that does not affect much of the heart muscle, and is something that often is not fixed with stent because the muscle affected is so small.
Avatar f tn What does it mean : a kink in Proximal RCA Segment at the bend into mid segment,non flow limiting ?
Avatar n tn is severe tooth pain normal during cerebral angiogram? if not, what could this mean?
Avatar m tn I had my Coronary Angiogram through arm 10 days back. Still, the bruise on the arm is still there and also the arm is paining a lot. Could you suggest any pain killers? -- Thanks & Regards Rachel.
Avatar n tn My insurance would not pay for me to see my dr. again so I just wanted to know if what exactly is this and can I continue to exercise. What causes this and can it be reversed?
Avatar n tn Hi, I had a ct angiogram Dec 21 and my calcium score is 694. My cholesterol is 242. My doctor put me on crestor 10 mg per day. I just got the hard copy report today and my dr. is away for the holidays.... what does that score mean? I have chest pain frequently but they thought it was all in my head....
Avatar m tn Guys i wanted Know whether Angiogram is safe? i heard that there is a risk of getting Kidney damaged after Angiogram test? What are other risks? Can Angiogram done without any risk's?
Avatar n tn Hi, I had a ct angiogram Dec 21 and my calcium score is 694. My cholesterol is 242. My doctor put me on crestor 10 mg per day. I just got the hard copy report today and my dr. is away for the holidays.... what does that score mean? I have chest pain frequently but they thought it was all in my head....
Avatar n tn The fluoroscene angiogram (FA) is used to diagnose serious eye problems. The light is very bright and in some cases quite uncomfortable. HOWEVER the light is not on long enough to cause damage to the eye. While extreme light exposure (prolonged sunlight) should be avoided in patients with retinitis pigmentosa (RP), the FA has been used in RP patients without damage. Now the OCT might be used in some cases rather than FA.
Avatar n tn My understanding is that the CT-A is almost as reliable as a catheter angiogram and would spot any potential problems? What did your report say? I had a 64-slice computed tomography (CT) angiogram last April which revealed some bloackage (3 blockages of less than 30%) but unfortunately detected a considerable amount of calcium (CAC score of 739). My cardiologist was very impressed with the quality of the images provided by the CT-A (he had originally pushed for a catheter angiogram).