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Avatar f tn Generally people with known allergies will react to the contrast dye and may get a severe allergic reaction. The chance of kidney damage is only in people who have a pre existing kidney disease. Hope this helps!
Avatar n tn The dye is hard on the kidneys and I experienced soreness in the groin where the cathater was inserted for what I thought was a long period of time each time it was done to me, but other than that nothing. I understand it is hard on the kidneys, however I experienced no discomfort. If for some reason you would be damaged by the procedure I would imagine it would be immediatly obvious, meaning while the procedure was occuring. It is probably not related.
Avatar n tn However, in your dad's case the CT angiogram may also be considered risky because of kidney problems. His kidneys may not be able to deal with the dye used for CT angiogram. I am not a doctor so here I am just giving advice based on my on experience.
776302 tn?1241095453 I had a angiogram in May 14 the dye had an effect on me for weeks. Causing the Lyme infection to move all round my body getting different Lyme related symptoms every day. It's settled in my lower legs causing neuropathy and infection. I told the cardiologist that Lyme disease does not show up on scans. It's not a way of conferming a diagnoses. As I already had 3 blood tests. All they have done is push the infection out to other parts of the body.
Avatar m tn The dye used during angioplasty and stent placement can cause kidney damage, especially in people who already have kidney problems. If you're at increased risk, your doctor may give you a medication to try to protect your kidneys. Stroke. During angioplasty, blood clots that may form on the catheters can break loose and travel to your brain. Blood thinners are given during the procedure to reduce this risk.
Avatar n tn Instead I was offered an angioscan which means being injected with the same contrast dye that is used for an angiogram. Within hours I started suffering with unstable angina which lasted about three weeks, and still now, I seem to be getting angina quite a lot. I read somehwere that sometimes the contrast dye can cause some sort of problem if you do have clots, blockages and calcified stuff in the heart. Anyone else suffered with more angina after an angiogram or angioscan?
Avatar n tn I had an angiogram 7 weeks ago with no sign of blockages, yet I am in constant pain, which worsens when I try to lift. I cant even walk fast and am exhausted, dizzy and nauseated. I had only chest tightness and and mild pain before the test, but was exercising and working, now I am leaving the house only to go to Dr.s appointments.
Avatar n tn The angiogram contains dye which will harm the kidneys. She's not on dialysis yet but her kidney specialist said she will have to because the dye will cause so much more damage. My question is, how dangerous is this surgery going to be for her considering her kidney disease and are her chances of survival the same for those without kidney disease. Also, is injecting this dye the only way to check for further blockages? Thank you, I am very scared for her!
Avatar n tn I need to clear this up or I'll wind up losing my whole kidney. So the open surgery is scheduled for this Tuesday 4/20. I had a renal angiogram yesterday. I'm still very scared and wish I Knew more about what to expect. Wish me luck. I'll let you know how it goes.(Probably not for a while tho) Follow Ups: Re: kidney surgery HFHS M.D.
Avatar n tn I need to clear this up or I'll wind up losing my whole kidney. So the open surgery is scheduled for this Tuesday 4/20. I had a renal angiogram yesterday. I'm still very scared and wish I Knew more about what to expect. Wish me luck. I'll let you know how it goes.
Avatar n tn Hi, I don’t think it should have anything to do with the angiogram as most of the adverse affects of the procedure occur immediately and they usually are related to the site of the puncture or with the kidneys as the kidneys can get damaged by the dye. At the most, you can get the kidney function tests done and if they are normal, there shouldn’t be much to worry about. You also need to get your blood pressure checked as a rise in the BP can cause similar symptoms. I hope that helps.
Avatar m tn I'm not entirely clear what is meant by the dye affecting the artery. The dye which is injected during an angiogram is radiopaque - it outlines the artery on the x-ray which is also taken. The main adverse affects which occur with the dye are allergy (short-lived) and kidney failure. This usually occurs when the patient has pre-existing kidney problems. There usually aren't any specific implications for the arms after either an angiogram or a bypass.
Avatar f tn For a person to have an angiogram he should be medically in a condition to tolerate the procedure and the dye used. Before doing an angiogram the doctors will do an EKG, an echocardiogram and/or chest X-rays. This is a tough situation. Your husband needs to be evaluated simultaneously by the cardiologist and kidney specialist. Maybe he can be admitted for a day or two for complete evaluation. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar n tn [49] Metformin is recommended to be temporarily discontinued before any radiographic study involving iodinated contrast agents, (such as a contrast-enhanced CT scan or angiogram), as the contrast dye may temporarily impair kidney function, indirectly leading to lactic acidosis by causing retention of metformin in the body.[50][51] Metformin can be resumed after two days, assuming kidney function is normal.
Avatar n tn The Hospitalist Doc strong armed me into skipping the angiogram at that time, telling me he reviewed my records and felt that my creatinine was too high and recommended a change to a healthier life style. Said the dye was too toxic, and might throw me into kidney damage and possibly dialysis. He spoke to the Cardiologist, who unfortunately didn't see me and give me his recommendation.
Avatar n tn lab work showed egfr at 58 so Dr did a CT Angiogram which showed a 60 percent kidney artery blockage. I went to a vascular surgeon who said I shouldn't have had the contrast dye but too late for that now also said blockage wasn't nearly bad enough. Went back to my Dr he did more labs creatnine was 1.5 and egfr had dropped to 46. I had been taking lisinipril too. He took me off that and put me on Clonidine 3 X a day!
Avatar m tn Am I soon to die,,I have a 95% blockage in the heart branch they couldnt get any further because they couldnt use the proper dose of dye because I have Multiple Myeloma cancer, one kidney ,a blood clot in the left appex of the heart ,diabetic and 70 yrs old ,with a pace maker and defibralator,,so should I really expect complications or maybe death with this,,,,,,Mindless,Please Help
Avatar n tn Have had cystocopy, had catheter in bladder, had dye ran thru kidney and bladder, full physcial with bloodwork, urine checked 30 times. Every single test/bloodwork was normal and urine has been 100% normal every time. Have changed my diet, what I drink with no change at all. Prostate has been checked more times that I wish to remember and has always been normal. Tired every OAB med available.
Avatar f tn I went for a heart CT scan using dye and after I read the consent form I was concerned about kidney damage, however like all consent form all risks no matter how trivial have to be listed.
Avatar f tn I had an angiogram last year 08 in April and after that I started developing high blood pressure. I was on meds for 4 months and then my blood pressure began to drop. They took me off and it has been fine since. The past two weeks (Jan 09) my pulse has started jumping from 90 to 140. My blood pressure is also elevating from normal two weeks ago to as high as 164/99. It is normal when lying down or sitting. only high when standing. I have had a halter, echo, stress test with dye and without.
14250615 tn?1436465495 Furosemide Bp 40mg 7. Vitamin B1, B6, B12 8. Methylprednisolone 16mg Docs has not preferred for Angiogram yet.
Avatar f tn Anyway they want to do an angiogram ,where they inject a iodine dye into my arteries and then x-ray me with alot of radiation again.I am very very ill and need to have the test probably but what if they dont find anything but the actual test kills me. I want them to try some other things first like seeing if I get better from medication or doing another treadmill test but they wont listen.I think they think I am overreacting or excagerating but I am not at all.
Avatar n tn Neurologist did all the in-office test and said I check out very well, but he wants an MRI and MRA with the dye thing done just to be safe becuase of my family history. I had a slight temp at 99.6. Any ideas of what is going on? I go for the mri/mra today. Can anyone give me some idea of what may be happening to me? Thanks so much!
Avatar f tn He said he could have made a mistake in reading it (I appreciated his honesty), and he didn't want to do an angiogram (due to my dye allergy) or angioplasty (heaven forbid!) until he knew for sure it was renal artery stenosis, so he ordered an MRI with gadolinium (which although there is not supposed to be a reaction to it - Bayer could not guarantee it - but they did say to make sure there was no kidney disease first - my egfr and creatinine were normal so they said it should be fine).
Avatar f tn Anthony Atala of Wake Forest North Carolina was in a photo showing him holding a prototype of a kidney. Growing lungs and other organs for transplant is still in the future, but scientists are working toward that goal. A 3-D printer builds prototype kidneys. In several labs, scientists study how to build on the internal scaffolding of hearts, lungs, livers of people and pigs to make custom-made implants. There's a really long web address....
Avatar n tn he suspected that suffocation and dizziness could be due to high BP but ge wasn't sure and asked me to get Lipid profle , CBC , and some kidney related tests done ..All the tests appeared normal including cholesterol levels ..I saw another doctor today and he has written few more tests like ECG , 2d doppler and an X RAY...I personally feel that this condition or problem may also be due to acidity (I do have acidity problem and I drink lot's of tea which I m sure adds to acidity problem )..
Avatar n tn my headache still there, but less. yesterday, i have repeated my CT-angiogram.. It turns out that the clots is still there,..did not regress at all... so now, i have to accept to live with coumadin for life,.. forget about all the contact sports and my favourite activities..and. forget about having my own child since i'm not allowed to get pregnant..