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176495 tn?1301280412 later this month, early next month..I'll be getting immediate dentures (upper)...what can I expect as far as pain/recovery..the dentist has told me some but I keep forgetting to ask other questions...I plan on being home from work for a week as I know I'll be going back for adjustments and there will be they generally use anesthesia to pull the teeth (ie, "twilight") or is it novocaine and nitrous?
874521 tn?1424116797 There is no pet that will allow an anesthesia free dental cleaning under the gumline - and it would make the teeth worse. Leaving the tartar and bacteria showers to other organs damaging them -- see more in bloodwork comments next. As this hard cement line tartar is removed, microscopic scratches are put in the teeth, which - if not polished out, will result in deeper seeded quicker return to the same tartar level often within a month.
Avatar n tn m on Medicad and after my baby is born I only have it for 2 months, right now they pay for my pulling and teeth. My dentist wants me to wait 8 weeks after all top are gone before fitting me for top dententures. I need my top teeth fixed while I can. Idk I'll ask my OB cause I don't want to hurt my baby or myself.
382218 tn?1341181487 Glad to hear the extraction went well under local anesthesia. Enjoy your ice cream, guilt free while you can! There are always risks with general anesthesia and for this reason, whenever possible, I would always opt for local. Using nitrous oxide (laughing gas) in combination with local anesthesia can help reduce anxiety and pain. I had my wisdom teeth removed under general anesthesia in the early 80's. Teeth were very much impacted.
Avatar f tn I have a 5 year old w/ ADHD and Tourette's who needs several teeth worked on. I'm also scared to death that he might have a problem w/ the anesthesia. I have been trying to hold off having the work done in the hopes that the teeth will fall out (the baby teeth usually start to fall out around 6 years old) before they cause any major problems.
193137 tn?1367880063 My Samoyeds get their teeth cleaned by a dentist every 6 months. It's an anesthesia-free cleaning. Their teeth are in relatively good health. We also feed them each half a regular greenie each day with dinner. Bianca will chew hers and break it down into smaller pieces. Sorcha, on the other hand, will swallow her half greenie whole. Recently, I've heard that greenies can be dangerous because they're not digestible.
Avatar f tn I had a tooth removed at my 5 weeks. Local anesthesia dont affect the baby. How many weeks do u have?
1847035 tn?1327274923 You can have your wisdom teeth removed with local anesthesia rather than general. I will admit that I had the local and would not recommend it, but looking back I'm sure an hour of crazy pain was worth getting those little buggers out. =) Plus, I doubt it's nearly as bad as childbirth! Talk to both your OB an an oral surgeon that you trust and hopefully they will be able to give you a good solution.
Avatar m tn regarding your Periodontal Dental Surgery and 4 infected teeth extractions, if we use the anesthesia your Pulmonologist recommend which was conscious sedation, the Hospital 's Oral Surgeon and Anesthesiologist stated you will die during the Periodontal Disease and various infected teeth extractions dental surgery".
Avatar m tn Hei i just received a dental anesthesia my ob gyn said it is ok but i keep reading about mepivacaine and wondering... Has anyone had that done? It was a tooth, a small injection the effect did not last even half an hour.
Avatar f tn So I have a genetic issue with my teeth, everyone in my family has gotten dentures before they were 25, due to being born without enamel. There isn't anything that will save my teeth. Anyways I am 32w4d and I have a molar that is decayed and falling out. It is nasty. (TMI) I have blood and puss oozing out of it. I was wondering what the chances were of a dentist pulling it out while being pregnant?
Avatar n tn 3 months ago I had a spinal tab, and to this day I still have a loud roaring in my head and ringing in the left ear. Also I have lots of pain in the neck and is sore where the spinal tab was done. Has anyone had this experience or heard of anyone who had?
Avatar f tn I guess ever since ive been taking prenatals and ive been pregnant my wisdom teeth have been killing me! They were growing before I was pregnant but now im waking up with a sore jaw line and gums. Im not even sure if I can get them taken out while im pregnant. Has this happened to anybody else?
541150 tn?1306033843 I like the vet better because they can use anesthesia to sedate him and then shave that belly. I’m a bit skeptic about sedating him though. The groomer….Hmm I don’t quite like that idea. Abby is very strong and big and he gets aggressive even with me when I groom him. It’s a fiasco. He’s never been to the groomer before and he is 3. What if he bites the lady? I don’t want a law suit on my back. He is very, very aggressive. What should I do?
398038 tn?1247857003 Can a man go under anesthesia and have wisdom teeth have sperm taken for test tube ..
Avatar f tn I'm 21w and I have my wisdom teeth coming in on three sides. It's really quite painful and I don't have enough room for them! I obviously need them removed. Is this possible while pregnant? Can I be put under anesthesia? And what about pain medications afterwards? It just doesn't seem safe for baby, but I don't know how long I can suffer!
Avatar n tn pre-anesthetic bloodwork, continual anesthesia monitoring, gas anesthesia, IV fluids, nerve blocks for extractions, dental xrays and gingival flaps - then your cat is getting the best care she deserves. Anesthesia is quite safe now a days. When the veterinarian can select the best anesthesia to use based on your pet's lab results, the outcome is even better.
Avatar m tn My dentist wants me to take 10 mg valium for pulling several teeth tomorrow. I've used Valium and 10 mg seems like too much. I don't want to be out. And Valium last several hours. I think I could do it without anything if I had to. I would rather have the shorter acting Xanax. How much Xanax do I need for this. I have the.25 pills. And I have 5 mg valium pills.
514349 tn?1272801633 He gave me an itemized breakdown of what it would cost - $359 to $408 and that is for EACH cat, so that means I could be spending anywhere from $716 to $816 on cat teeth. I wanted to know if these charges on the list are on the high side and what, if any, are "padding".
Avatar f tn My little girl has to have surgery on her teeth. The 4 front teeth will be extracted on the top. Then 2 on the bottom will be fixed and capped. She has to be put under and she's only 3 years old. Someone that knows anything about this or has had to have thier child put under- I am begging you to respond.
Avatar n tn I do have an irregular heart beat- I suffer from sinus tachycardia and PACS. It is my top molar. What are the cons of just pulling the tooth?
Avatar n tn ) to put him under anesthesia, and then trims his teeth. There is NO WAY he would be still to try this procedure without anesthesia!! You can try the for vet referrals by particular state. The website is for pet rats and mice, but alot of information is certainly transferable for your hamster! BTW, my vet has used a formulation for "pain" called Medicam. He makes it up special according to the mouses weight. Please find another QUALIFIED vet! My heart goes out to you!
736293 tn?1316517842 I have to go to the Oral Surgeon today to have my wisdom teeth removed and the do this i will have to be put completely under. I exclusively bf my dd so i am going to avoid pain meds at all cost, so i don't have to pump and dump as long. I was wondering though if anyone knew how long it will take for all of the anthesia to leave my body, so i will be able to begin bfing again.
Avatar m tn I have been taking the exact same brand and within a couple days of taking one tab a day my teeth started to feel very sensitive. I too stopped taking them and my teeth returned to normal. I'm keen to take CoQ10 so took one tab again yesterday and today my teeth are very sensitive! Any others had a similar experience?