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Avatar n tn How long before you see results and how many grams a day are you taking.Is there any thing over the counter that you can stack with it? i'm getting one shot of 200mg every two wks and five grams a day. Would like to gain size and lean out. Any information will help.
Avatar m tn Dr. Max Powers Test Boost is actually over the counter, and you can buy online. Worked way better than Andro-gel for me in terms of gym and strength of erections.
Avatar m tn Ok I've in the last year at 64 got over ED by taken DHEA and now on 75mg a day, its a hormon replacement, now you really need to read up about it and its side effects, and if in the USA its over the counter to buy or get from PP, and to back this up I'm now on Tribulus 750 mg twice daily, these I take for 5 days, 2 off and start again.
484508 tn?1290014144 Another method to try, related to bio-identical hormone therapy, is progesterone cream. You can buy this over the counter at pharmacies and natural foods stores. Be sure to check the label for a level of 20 milligrams per dose of USP progesterone. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn I too experimented with pro hormones, or the typical Over the Counter Testosterone boosters while going to the gym. Ever since I tried those in my late 20's I have never been the same since. Its as if it triggered something in my body to go into an early stage of andropause which is more common in men over 60. So how do I feel today. Well my muscle mass has been steady.
Avatar n tn but you would need to be over 100 years old! Not good. The average normal level at your age is over 600 ng/dL and the current thinking from the AACE guidelines is that levels under 325 ng/dL are the new treatment (or further diagnosis at least) indicated. If you have symptoms be sure your doctor knows about them because this is a piece they need to know. Try to find out if your form of Hypogonadism is primary or secondary.
Avatar m tn FYI, when I went to my new regular pharmacy yesterday the woman at the counter called me over and accused me in a nice way of Pharmacy Shopping. It seems my mail order script of AndroGel was considered by her to be buying from Mail Order. Fact is I was getting the medication no charge from Patient Assistance Program. Then she tells me she'll be watching my account, I can count on it!
Avatar m tn I appreciate you don't get ED but it is still severe dysfunction for that to happen, you are not 90 years old and want to know whats causing this It could simply be in your case taking Isocort, that is a natural over the counter full adrenal cortex.
Avatar n tn What I can't live with is a penis that has shrunk, problems getting and maintaining an erection, decrease sensitivity when I orgasm - I hardly enjoy an orgasm now and pain in the base of my scrotum when I do ejaculate. I've had a ultrasound and cat scan over the last couple of weeks and every test has come back negative except that I do have a hydrocele on my left testicle. I've been back to my surgeon and I've been to two different urologist.
Avatar n tn I have gained some weight over the years and decided to go on a diet with my friend. We did the Michael Thurmond diet. Absolutely no salt, no dairy, no bread. All I could eat was meat, vegetables, fruit and potatoes or rice. Within 1 week, one day I noticed i didn't have any pain in any of my joints. It was amazing. I could get down on the floor and back up with absollutely no effort. I started moving around and noticed that I had no pain anywhere.
Avatar n tn My frequent visits to my primary physician, visits to the emergency room over the last year were useless as the pain was thought i was there as a pain med junky...sometimes i wonder if doctors are retarted and are more worried to rule out real medical problems towards prescription junkies.... I still haven't paid the hospital bill because in the end they prescribed me STD medicine instead...WTF..."RETARTS"...