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Avatar m tn Why cant i apply androgel to the penis directly/ What would be the side effects or problems?
Avatar m tn AndroGel (testosterone), a topical hormone gel works by replacing or supplementing the testosterone that is naturally made in the body. It is recommended that you take it as prescribed by your doctor. While effects may be seen after a few weeks, factors such as presence of illness, co-morbid conditions, stress and over-all health may have an effect. While taking this medicine, monitoring of the liver and prostate is important.
Avatar m tn Hello, Gynecomastia(enlargement of male breasts) and priapism(frequent or prolonged erections) are common side effects of the androgel(testosterone gel).Pls stop using this drug and consult a urologist for the erection problems that you are having. It can be due to psychological or medical causes which need to be ruled out one by one. I hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional doubts.Kind regards.
978469 tn?1433551546 It should be between 60 and 100 at rest. If your Dr knows little about the Androgel effects can you see another one that does? Your numbers may be caused from this or it could be another reason. If you have pre-hypertension Drs normally want to try and control with it diet and exercise first. Have you cut back on the caffeine and started drinking more water yet?
1956302 tn?1324997250 Long-term therapy with intramuscular testosterone enanthate has produced multiple hepatic adenomas. AndroGel is not known to produce these adverse effects. There are rare reports of hepatocellular carcinoma in patients receiving long-term oral therapy with androgens in high doses. Withdrawal of the drugs did not lead to regression of the tumors in all cases. Edema Drugs in the androgen class may promote retention of sodium and water.
650419 tn?1281363537 I have low testosterone from being on a pain pump implant for almost 7 years and I'm currently on Androgel but the side effect is that it keeps me up all night long like insomnia. I have been living this way for 4 months. I can't go to sleep until 4 or 5 am every morning. If I were to switch to the shots or the pellets would that rid me of the current side effects that I'm suffering from?
484508 tn?1290014144 I had been on Androgel for low testosterone, but it did nothing, so I started testosterone therapy replacement using pellets, a newer procedure. I am 65. After 7 days, I was hit with overwhelming anxiety, panic, the yawns. Today it is a bit better- Today is day 8. I had no idea that testosterone replacement could cause anxiety. I took the stuff because I had anxiety, that Celexa had done a tremendous job of helping. I had to take a Klonopin last night because I was so anxious.
689860 tn?1238721632 If overweight, try losing 10-15% of your body weight and see if things improve. If none of this works, in my opinion, the only thing you can do is find a doctor that is familiar with men's hormones (typically NOT what you'd think, an endocrinologist. from my experience, they are more in tune with diabetic needs, and not age related hormone modulation). What seems to work best to raise your hormone levels to where they need to be are WEEKLY injections of between .5 and 1 cc of testosterone.
Avatar n tn I'm 52, been in menopause for 8 years, induced by chemo, never had any unwanted facial hair, only medication I'm taking is femara, which I've been on for 7 years, and never had any side effects. Started a new sexual relationship 3 months ago. Now suddenly I've got facial hair around my mouth. I've heard that male enhancement products can cause this in female partners, but can't find any information on the Internet to confirm this. I would like more information before I confront my partner.
Avatar m tn This time the T came back much lower - 250. And she wants to put me on therapy - probably androgel. What I want to know is: is it standard practice to test pituitary hormones (LH & FSH) and other hormones (Prog., Aldo., etc.) before starting therapy? I asked her those questions and she said that I have "classic low-T fatigue symptoms", which is why she wanted to test it, and "no sign of pituitary problems". I don't know how she can tell just by looking at me.
Avatar n tn After feeling great for 1 day, the effects disappeared and I am back to the same drained and low-energy shell of a human. (I had this same experience when I was 33 when originally diagnosed with Low-T: felt great for a day and then I felt terrible again, which is why I originally stopped treatment). So my Endo increased the dosage to 10mg, and still no change in energy or mood.
Avatar n tn Beta blockers have mutiple effects beyond heart rate including antiinflammatory effects, they also effect the myocardial demands of the heart beyond heart rate, thus in large studies of people with heart attacks, they save lives. Plavix, goes well beyond its anti platelet effects and actually has effects on the endothelial function (through monocyte recruitment, p-selectin etc..) and the control of inflammation.
Avatar f tn The reason is that so many people with Hashi's are improperly tested and treated, with resultant lingering hypo symptoms and their effects on other body functions. I think you might get some good info from these links.
484508 tn?1290014144 I had been on Androgel for low testosterone, but it did nothing, so I started testosterone therapy replacement using pellets, a newer procedure. I am 65. After 7 days, I was hit with overwhelming anxiety, panic, the yawns. Today it is a bit better- Today is day 8. I had no idea that testosterone replacement could cause anxiety. I took the stuff because I had anxiety, that Celexa had done a tremendous job of helping. I had to take a Klonopin last night because I was so anxious.
Avatar m tn Due to excess and deficiency of testosterone in a fall and rise kind of pattern irreversible side-effects are very common. That is why they are usually not preferred. Testosterone skin patches provide physiological testosterone replacement, with night-time applications leading to a pattern of circulating concentrations similar to that normally seen in healthy males. Side effects usually are skin reactions which can lead to discontinuation of therapy. Do you have any skin reactions?
1139187 tn?1355710247 Should I try to work my way up to 1 tablet and a half? If you take too much levo, will your body just cut back on how much it naturally produces?
Avatar m tn I went to my doctor. Blood work showed very low testosterone. I started on Androgel and within a couple months T was up to 7 but I did not feel any better. Then in February 2011 I did a sleep study and was put on a CPAP machine. Again that did not help. In March, I went to a new doctor and she ran a bunch of tests but all looked reasonably normal. Then I had a nuclear stress test and results were okay.
Avatar m tn A few months ago when all of this started back upy GP took a variety of blood work (CBC, testosterone and thyroid level). All good but for extremely low t and I'm taking androgel for that.
1005897 tn?1252924650 Having lost most of my eye sight ( left ) after the surgery, I am very worried what might happen this time and the right eye... How good is IMRT and what are the adverse effects? Why surgeries are not an option 2nd time?
Avatar n tn For the first 4 months, he prescribed Androgel. Then, for the past 4 months, I switched to injections. This week, I went to see my urologist and he told me that there was no reason for testosterone for me because the last testosterone test I had done showed that my levels were normal. He told me I should stop the injections and allow my body to start producing testosterone on its own again.
Avatar n tn My sex drive was actually fine when using Androgel, however the androgel didn't seem to boost my test levels very high (still had low energy and depression). So the doc switched me to testosterone cypionate injections. I felt great energy wise but my sex drive went to nothing. Both my doc and my urologist said there is no way the testosterone would cause that. But I know my body, and I know that's what did it (similar to the 1-AD).
Avatar n tn 2) It is unlikely that the body is converting the androgel to another hormone. 3) Supplemental testosterone can help with erectile dysfunction if the testosterone level is low. However, in those with normal testosterone levels, I am not aware of data suggesting that supplemental testosterone increases erectile quality. 4) Diseases like diabetes, nerve damage, as well as vascular diseases can lead to weak erections. 5) A known side effect of SSRIs is sexual dysfunction.
Avatar n tn RE: HEY BUDDY WHO ARE YOU ANYWAYS. YOU SOME KIND OF DOCTOR OR SOMETHING. Attacking someone personally is a sign of a weak mind. RE: I THINK UR A NOBODY. HCG SHOTS AND STEROIDS ARE NOT HARMFUL UNLESS YOU USE HIGH DOSES. Wrong. Many endocrinologists are wary of even bumping up testosterone a small amount in borderline cases of low test. RE: AND WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT USING ISNT A VERY HIGH DOSE. For the record, why exactly are you interested in the recreational use of steroids?
Avatar n tn I think most of you guys should consider seeing a sicologist (this people are doctors too, and can help in a field where others can't) and keep your md because he actually cares for you and knows that anything foreign or synthetic to the human body may have side effects I am 40 at 252 and I take care of my wife 3 or more times/week with no problem and as far as energy are you guys eating healthy or do you guys think hamburgers are a good source of energy for a highly efficient machine as your bo
277836 tn?1359669774 I did find out my total testosterone was low it was 187 so I was put on Androgel and after 6 weeks my level had dropped to 185 so I am now on Testosterone shots I have taken 4 one shot every two weeks.. I am also being treated for B12 issues although I feel my levels are up I still take the shot never found out why it got low no test revealed anything as to why.. My dr did do a blood tet for Mysthesia Gravis but it was negative..
1139187 tn?1355710247 I know that I am being told that a lot of this is mental, but honestly I do not want to get the mental effects confused with the side effects of whatever is going wrong with me. Original symptoms 12/01/09 extreme thirst, exhausted, bad back pain and joint pain, shakyness, exhaustion. 03-16-2010 Test Results: Thyroid Peroxidase 62 IU/ML OUT OF RANGE <35 Thyroglbulin AB 251.
Avatar m tn According to the National Cancer Center Research Institute and the International Medical Center of Japan, the doctors used a cell called mesenchymal stem cell that accounts for about 10 percent of the subcutaneous fat tissue of a human body, believing the cell has the potential to change into different cells that make up various organs or other tissues.
Avatar n tn I honestly have no idea what is causing the imbalances and it's bothering me a lot. Any ideas? I'm thinking about stopping the TRT. I am on the 5mg androgel gel. It helps my mood, but I don't want to further complicate my condition if the androgel isn't even fixing the problem. Is that a bad idea? I take a daily vitamin (Men's One a Day, Vit. E 45 IU, Zinc 15mg). Is that enough for my zinc and vitamin E? Should I start taking HCG? Will that fix the problem?
Avatar n tn when I noticed that my testicles were shrinking, I went off androgel (10 g. daily), for four days. by the end of the four days, they were pretty much back to normal size. back on treatment, one month later I tried again, but they are taking longer to restore this time. can you trick your testicles into thinking they need to keep producing, and thus stop shrinking, by cycling in and out of synthetic testosterone treatments? if so, is this safe?
1216523 tn?1285113808 Steroids are basically just injecting testosterone. Testosterone is made naturally in men, its what makes males aggressive and basically all the "man" traits you can think of. Since he's injecting more than what his body needs. His aggressive nature is "amped" up significantly. The problem with it is: when injecting testosterone your body don't make it on it's own anymore. It doesn't have to. So when you stop, your muscle and strength is dramatically reduced, and fast.