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Avatar n tn --- I'm a testicular cancer survivor (1993-MDAnderson) and had no problems til last year when I apparently hit andropause (male menopause) and started getting night sweats, anxiety, brain fog, and of course low drive. Also developed pre-diabetes and high blood pressure (may be related or may be independent but low - teste is implicated in diabetes and androgen supplements lower your insulin needs).
689860 tn?1238721632 I'm 44 yrs old with type 2 diabetes (since 2001) and have high blood pressure. I'm 5'5", 190lbs and recently been having erection problems so i went to doctor and had my testosterone checked. My T level was 216 and doctor prescribed Androgel. I'm hoping that my numbers change and my "problem" corrects itself.
Avatar n tn See an endocrinologist, not just a regular doctor and have him refer you to a dietician or diabetic educator to become a part of your diabetes management team. But the bottom line is you DO have the ability to control your diabetes, and everything else in your health picture which is related to that.
Avatar n tn My testes are of normal size but my testosterone levels are low and the md also put me on androgel. I weaned off the steroids, used luetenizing hormones and HCG to make sure my testes wouldn't quit on me. I am completely scared, I will see my doctor ASAP but I live out in the country and we are not the "MECA" of medical science out here and could use some advice. I have never been diagnosed with diabetes before. I feel I need an endocrine work-up.
Avatar n tn No doctors are on this forum but my guess is the diabetes, anti depressants,being overweight and the low testosterone is the problem.
Avatar n tn All tests came back negative, although my testosterone tests were considered low. I had been put on Androgel with absolutely no effect and viagra also with no effect. At this point I dont know where to turn for direction. My last urologist said he simply didnt know how to help me. So, what would you recommend for the next step??
Avatar m tn I am a 61 year old male. I have been on various anti-depressants since my late 30's (Major Dysthymic Depression, PTSD). Since 1992 I have had off and on again problems maintaining an erection and finally around 2000 I pretty much lost interest in sex all together. Finally in 2005 I went to an Endocrinologist and she diagnosed me as having way low testosterone. She put me on patches and later Androgel pumps and finally little packets that I squeeze on.
Avatar n tn I was referred to a urologist who tested my testosterone total and free, and they measured 173 and 8.7. After being further questioned by my urologist, I said that I have also been experiencing irritability, difficulty concentrating, poor mood, sleep problems, and general feeling of bad health, which he said were also signs of low testosterone. He prescribed 5g androgel, but first had my prolactin checked (results not back yet).
Avatar m tn He said that he has run out of options for finding the root cause and that I just have low t. He prescribed me androgel, which I started last week. I am on no other meds or supplements. My questions are: Any ideas what could be causing this? If I have no major symptoms, do I need to be on androgel? Any other tests I should have done?
Avatar f tn These symptoms have developed one at a time over the yrs and has grown worse with age. He is 44 and 8 mths ago his testerone level was 437, 3mths ago it was 370, however our g.p. is female and has only mentioned "possibly" giving him shots, but has not persued it.
Avatar f tn One month after our wedding he was diagnosed with Diabetes and a few weeks later low testerone. I am trying to be a good wife, be understanding and he does open up and talk about it some. I don't see any urgency on his part to resolve this though and that I don't understand. I'm so sad and it's starting to hurt our relationship and communication. I so need to talk about this.
Avatar n tn no depression, lots of energy & vigor, libido was up, I was outgoing and excited about life. After feeling great for 1 day, the effects disappeared and I am back to the same drained and low-energy shell of a human. (I had this same experience when I was 33 when originally diagnosed with Low-T: felt great for a day and then I felt terrible again, which is why I originally stopped treatment). So my Endo increased the dosage to 10mg, and still no change in energy or mood.
Avatar m tn He said that he has run out of options for finding the root cause and that I just have low t. He prescribed me androgel, which I started last week. I am on no other meds or supplements. My questions are: Any ideas what could be causing this? If I have no major symptoms, do I need to be on androgel? Any other tests I should have done?
Avatar m tn This situation (ED=Erectile Dysfunction) is very common with patients diagnosed with Hypertension (HB) and Diabetes as these conditions can affect the vascular system causing poor circulation causing ED. The low T level is surely making matters worse. The hormone replacement sounds reasonable, however, he should follow up with an Urologist to rule out if there is an problem with the circulation to the genital region. NG has already stated this above (Urologist referral).
Avatar n tn _i am worried about all the conditions i am developing i was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 3 years ago, my levels of glucose are always up & down i also take some (anti depressants) (trozadone & prozac) along with my glyburide & glipizide) i just had a blood test done and i was diagnosed with Low T @ 200 is this the reason why my penis gets soft while am doing sex w/o ejaculating or my sudden change on 1 minute sex activity .?
277836 tn?1359669774 Are you over age 45, Are you on acid blocking meds, Are a vegetarian, do you have digestive problems, Are you or have you been anemic, have digestive problems or low stomach acid, take diabetes drugs. Most B12 products even the B12 injections is cyanocobalamin and it is made from a cyanide molecule attached to a cobalamin (B12) molecule. Cyanide is a toxic poison that the body cannot metabolize, and over time, it can accumulate in brain tissues.
Avatar n tn I am on Androgel 10 grams daily and my testosterone is 750 and my free testosterone is only 7.6. I have erections when I masturbate but it takes a long time to climax because of lack of sensation in the glans tip of the penis and is ejaculate is low.
Avatar m tn My health history includes - GERD, Mild Hypertension, recent Diabetes (diet and exercise controlled), High Cholesterol, Hypogonadism. I am currently under treatment for Back Pain, I have a history of Herniated Disks. The Back pain has been going on since before the first Blood Test. I have taken Advil, Naproxen (stopped this one), Darvocet, and Fexiril as needed for the Back Pain. Current meds include - Androgel, Lisinipril, Nexium, Trilipix, Allegra.
Avatar m tn After doing testing she apologized, believed that he wasn't doing steroids and started him on Axiron. His prolactin was only 9 and his FSH and LH were in the low-normal range. She said that the problem was his pituitary gland but that she wouldn't do an MRI because his prolactin was fine. Because of insurance he switched to androgel and a year later her practice had closed. His PCP continued the treatment but his testosterone levels were actually lower than before treatment.
Avatar n tn I have now been on Androgel for 5 weeks and have lost all libido and interest in babes. Up until Oct 09 I had been on Testosterone cypionate injections every 10 days. I had noticed that for the entire several years that I was on this regimen, a sex drive cycle. For days 2,3, 4 and 5 after an injection, my libido and interest were low. For days 6,7,8,9 and 10, my libido increased every day. This always puzzled me because it contradicted expectations.
Avatar m tn I seem to crave sweets and carbohydrates after tx, just the opposite of on tx. My blood sugar, and GTT numbers are quickly pushing toward pre-diabetes levels, and my GP is concerned. Lots of fallout from tx....but at least my liver functions are normal! I just hope we can all find a way back to healthy, normal functioning. The medical community has been painfully slow to acknowledge these post-tx problems. All of our voices may help them focus.
Avatar n tn How you get HRT is not as important as how well it works. I've done both Androgel and Injections and they both work but they also both needed a number of labs and a sit downs with the doctor to talk over the results before the levels were adjusted so it worked. Re the 100mg Injections every two weeks? In my experience thats really really low. Ask your doctor to get you into range and quit trying to dial you up from zilch.
Avatar n tn e. neuropathy). I would also consider testing for thyroid disease and diabetes, which can also cause the symptoms. Followup with your personal physician is essential. This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case. Thanks, Kevin, M.D.
Avatar m tn I didn't ask him to run the T3 Free again because today I received the results (see below) and I have really elevated TPO Abs and they are referring me to an Endo. I am really confused and hope someone here can shed some light on what's going on with my body. I also had them run a CBC which all came back normal but I didn't include those results below but I can if you think it will help.
Avatar n tn I have been taking the Androgel for 3 weeks now and still haven't seen any improvement down there. I also still have a little excess belly fat that I never used to have (I work out alot and have always been skinier than most people). I also noticed that if I consume alcohol (even just a beer) it exascerbates the symptoms. Do you think the gel just isn't working? Or is it that I have too much estrogen? I'm scheduled to see another urologist in two weeks. Any suggestions. Again, thanks alot.
Avatar m tn i allready know that i have hypogonadism and was on androgel for about 10 months but did not fix my ed and started to cause testicular atropey im hopeing that if i go back on the trt that i will be useing hcg or something to keep the testis working.hopeing if any of you could think of any more test that i should ask for (will be getting the basic blood test to) tird of the urigist hopeing endo will know more.i have been off of the androgel for about 3 months .ill get to see where im at .
Avatar n tn I had low testosterone and I was only in my mid 30's. I was put on androgel and after a week or so my energy came back mood improved and libido came back. My ED improved and my orgasms were the way I remembered them in my early 20's. I enjoyed sex again. I would encourage everyone having these symptoms to get your T levels checked. I eventually was put on testosterone injections because I stopped responding to the cream. I feel great.
Avatar n tn I am a 60 yr old man and never thought I could get this healthy and look good and feel like i am getting younger everyday. Along the way I have cured my diabetes and gotten off all my blood pressure and cholesterol medicines. I am spreading the word while I watch the lbs melt away.
Avatar f tn I have intermittent fatigue after being active, takes me at least 2 days of resting to recover from any strenuous activity, and I mean flat out and sleeping, then I can have periods of insomnia which I never had before. I have had a major shoulder op due to rotar cuff deterioration, carpal tunnel release right hand, and looking at the left soon. Left knee cartilage repair, now due to have my right one done. I have aches in my joints which are random, clumsy as well.