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Avatar f tn Hello, I am 70 years old and was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer in July of this year. I had a lumpectomy in August and when tissue was sent to pathology the results showed ductal carcinoma. I had a mastectomy beginning of this month and I found out yesterday that the pathology reults were clear of cancer. I spoke to the oncologist who explained I have the option of no treatment, or to take a "chemo pill" for 5 years everyday. The name of the medicine is Anastrozole.
Avatar m tn afertwords bone scan repoted osetosclerotic lesion STERNUM SMALL NODULE ACTIVEON RT LATERAL BORDER rest of pet lesion werebsentmri brain xa\ray chest normal ultra sound abdomen pelvis normal then 50 gray of irradion given to chestwh[ch covered sternal lesion now for last two months she is on anastrozole and monthly zolendric acid what is prognosis and recirrance free duration
Avatar n tn I did some reading and there is a drug being used in a phase II trial...Arimidex (anastrozole) you might want to ask about and there is also some radiotherapy being used. I don't know much and I am not in the medical field but this info might come in handy. have posted in the patient to patient might want to post again in the doctor to patient forum. Good luck to you both. Peace.
Avatar f tn Hello - I have pelvic aggressive angiomyxoma, not breast cancer, but it is very rare and this is the only forum I could find to post a question in. AA is considered benign but a locally very aggressive tumor and, being estrogen receptive in my case was surgically removed and is now being treated with Lupron (3 monthly injections) and Arrimidex. I have something that looks like scar and is not changing as per the MRI scans for several months now.
1030058 tn?1252257172 Dear nannyct, The current data with "extended adjuvant therapy" (beyond the initial 5 years) is with letrozole (Femara) after 5 years of tamoxifen. Letrozole and anastrozole (Arimidex) are both aromatase inhibitors and are very similar to one another. In most of the adjuvant studies using these drugs, 5 years of treatment has been given. An ongoing study will compare 5 to 10 years of aromatase inhibitors but there are no results available yet on that study.
Avatar n tn Hi there, don't give up,stay strong for her.The doctor on the ovarian cancer forum here,has listed these for another patient: Hormonal agents -tamoxifen -arimidex (anastrozole) -megace (Megestrol acetate) Oral chemotherapy -cyclophosphamide -hexamethylmelamine Intravenous chemotherapy doxil -topotecan -weekly taxol weekly carboplatin -weekly cisplatin Hope this helps Sue.
Avatar f tn My internist is the one that called it a incidential but the endo was very careful with her words but she did want to wait and see what happens in 6 months. Thank you for the info I'm very new to this and not sure exactly how all this works on the forum so bare with me and hopefully I'm in the right spot. This has given me some good questions to ask.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone: I just found this forum today, anyone ever been treated with a medication called : Budesonide? My Specialist has just put me on this as a maintenance drug and to calm a flare back into remission.
Avatar m tn It sounds as if you need to get onto a motor neurone disease forum. On this forum we know all about lyme disease and other tick borne diseases, and you probably won't find the detailed knowledge you're looking for. Good luck!