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Avatar f tn will amoxicillin harm my baby? I've got a water infection and the doctor prescribed me them. Also, if I take them does it cause thrush? I'm curious.
Avatar m tn According to the medication's side effects, which you can find on the web, anxiety is listed as one of the side effects that should be reported to your physician. Remember that you have had this side effect from the amoxicillin so that you can remind your doctor in the future if you need treating with antibiotics. My son became very ill to a prescribed course of amoxicillin and came out in a severe rash. We are all different, so what suits someone, may not necessarily suit you.
Avatar n tn 34 weeks now and everything seems fine (baby is on track growth and development wise)! Apparently the worst that can happen to you is that it can give you thrush? The pharmacist told me that! Not sure how that works tbh!
Avatar f tn i am having a coated tongue a few hours after an intake of amoxicillin 500mg and my tongue is still coated for more than 3 days now there is bleeding when i try to clean my tounge with a toothbrush how long will my coated tongue last? and i am also thinking is this possible symptom of std since i had unprotected sex 5 weeks ago and what std could it be?
Avatar f tn so, straight to the internet and seemed like it was all the signs of Thrush. Took her to the Dr at lunch and she said since my daughter was on antibiotics (today is day 7 of amoxicillin) that it is fairly common and prescribed a gel for me to swab in her mouth four times a day. It was mostly on her tongue and she had two white spots on one of her cheeks. Just wondering if anyone had any experience with this before.
Avatar f tn Oral Thrush or no? Everything started 5 weeks ago when I started not feeling well when I was eating.. My tongue was tingling... I was really tired so decided to do nothing on the weekend and not very hungry. I look at my mouth and I got white patches on the tongue with ulcers as it was really painful. The next day it got worst my all tongue was coated in white and I couldn’t eat or drink for 5 days because it was so painful!
Avatar m tn Antibiotics often can trigger either coated tongue or true thrush, so my guess is that whatever is going on is likely related to your recent amoxicillin treatment. In addition, I disagree with your doctor about oral thrush as a sign of severe immune deficiency; it occurs in entirely healthy people (in fact I once had it myself). Finally, early HIV doesn't generally cause cough, headache, and the other symptoms you describe.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with a UTI, then given amoxicillin to help. I have been taking the prescription for four days. yesterday I noticed that I had white lines on the back of my throat, and discomfort. one side effect is irritation of the throat and mouth. could this be what I am experiencing? I was told that it could be strep, but since I am taking amoxicillin, I wouldn't get strep. also, the lines aren't on my tonsils.
Avatar f tn I have been on amoxicillin for a full 5 days now , the last few days I've noticed very dry throat when swallowing, white coating that will go away when I brush my tongue , but my throat feels a little raw and red and so does my tongue... any feedback appreciated...anyone ever have this problem and what it might be...thinking thrush myself? I also have really bad indigestion...blah , just wish this was over....18yrs since I've been on a antibiotic.
Avatar n tn I am taking amoxicillin for an infection while 5 months pregnant and now I am having on of the side effects of vaginal itching. I still have 5 more days to finish the medicine. What can I do to relieve the itching!
Avatar n tn Last week I caught a cold that went immediately to a sinus infection, and at the same time developed a case of oral thrush. Because the sinusitis discharge was so purulent (nonstop running yellow mucous, from only one side), after a few days my doctor started me on another course of Augmentin, and prescribed Nystatin for the oral thrush. The discharge has lessened but the inflammation is still pretty intense (I'm using a nasal steroid spray as well).
Avatar n tn I have had oral thrush on my tongue since march 2007 until now (8th July 2010). I am constantly going to my doctor ( every month, even every few weeks at times) but every time I see someone they just fob me off with antibiotics. I have taken nystatin, fungilin lozenges, oral-base, amoxicillin, dactarin, corsodyl, pennicillin, salt water, another green mouthwash (cant remember the name of it), corlan pellets (hydrocortisone) and the list goes on but it just gets more aggresive.
301354 tn?1211814120 My little one has thrush right now. It started 'cause I got strep and had to take some meds. I diagnosed based on the white on his cheeks and tongue and the pediatrician called in a script for him. My nipples are definitely sore, but not really cracked. I have a red bumpy rash around the nipples too. The pediatrician said to give him the meds three times a day and each time he nurses to put some on my nipples.
Avatar f tn 3rd dr after looking at my throat said I did not have oral thrush I have tried to scrape these patches off but they are adhered firmly to my mouth. The week before I had oral sex I had been to the dentist and was feeling bad so took amoxicillin then got to filling better and quit taking it. Also I started using a mouth wash which I have never used before. Now I am on sudafed, Zyrtec nasal spray and since I told my dr I had tested positive for yeast I'm on fluconazole for 14 days.
Avatar n tn I'm 19 weeks pregnant & had been goin to doctors for weeks with suspected thrush, they finally had given me a swab to now discover I have group b strep. I was so scared at first after reading online. I've now been perscribed amoxicillin to take 1 three times a day for a while to try & get rid of it now, is this normal as from what I'm reading its normally given when in labour?? Please can someone help.
Avatar f tn Your mom is probably right. Thrush can be very painful before the obvious symptom of a white coating on the tongue shows up. Try taking acidopholus capsules. That's the active ingredient in yogurt that helps with any kind of yeast overgrowth, which is what thrush is - yeast. They're available at any pharmacy or health food store. Stay away from highly seasoned foods in the meantime. I had thrush after a round of IV antibiotics and anything with pepper was intolerably painful!
Avatar f tn Hi I am currently taking Amoxicillin for a tooth infection and it had given me thrush. My question is as I have not finished my course of Amoxicillin can I still take Fluconazole?
Avatar f tn Im new at this so I am far from comfortable airing out and requesting assistance... Well I have recently been taking some amoxicillin (excuse the spelling errors), and I've notice serious pain and tenderness in my personal areas. I am not so sure if it has any direct relations, but I do notice that I have some odor issues and discharge. Can someone please help!!!
Avatar f tn You don't even have symptoms of thrush. Amoxicillin won't cure thrush, and if you have had a diagnosis of something that you need antibiotics for, you really need to take them.
Avatar m tn I had Gono a while ago and was placed on anitbiotics. After I noticing my tongue white, I was thinking thrush but I did an HIV test and it was negative. Any idea what this could possibly be? Any sort of STD causes this? or adverse effect to the antibiotics?
Avatar n tn Antibiotics tend to increase the occurrence of thrush and having taken both biaxin and amoxicillin would put you at high risk for getting thrush. Your 4 week test would have been expected to have detected at least 85-90% of infections acquired 4 weeks early and is strong evidence that you do not have HIV. Your 6 week test, which I anticipate will be negative, would detect over 95% of HIV infections acquired 6 weeks earlier.
Avatar f tn The guy also got a uti within one week of the oral sex. I was given amoxicillin. The sore throat went away but one tonsil stayed very swollen and is still the same two months later! I am also having nerve pain on the same side and one swollen lymph node that always stays swollen. I have seen my dr numerous times and have tested negative for stds. No one can seem to figure out how this happened or what is going on. I've been on a couple of rounds of antibiotics.
Avatar f tn My vulva is dry, red, swollen, itchy and painful. I have no idea what could be wrong... I've been sick lately and am on amoxicillin. This is the only change in diet, lifestyle, anything. My girlfriend gets tested regularly and does not have an STD. I've only had sex with one other girl and that was about 5 months ago. I don't have the time to go to an OBGYN or a doctor with recruitment. Can ANYONE help?! I can't sit, stand or lay down without irritation. Please help!!!!!
Avatar n tn when i brush my teeth and scrub over the white patch i notice it seems to be breaking some of it off but staying white. This is right after i went to the doctor from signs and symptoms of strep. they put me on amoxicillin and cpm/pse even though i got a negative on the strep test.everything is still swollen, hurts to swallow, and even started making me vomit. now after 4 days since urgent care trip now the white patches are showing. i am really worried.
Avatar m tn Take pain relief medication as prescribed on the packet and also drink plenty of warm juices, honey and lemon in hot water is very soothing. What you could have picked up is a fungal infection like Thrush. Thrush can also present itself after a course of antibiotics. You can buy from the chemist an oral gel called Daktarin if you have Thrush in the mouth.
Avatar f tn Went to Little Clinic, the APRN noticed white spots on my throat, said it was likely Strep (although I had no sore throat) but that it was too soon to test, started me on Amoxicillin anyways. I felt better a day after taking them and finished the round. The next morning after finishing the amox, after taking them for almost a week, I noticed a slight rash. It ended up getting worse, started on my chest and back, and eventually spread to arms, hands, feet.
Avatar m tn Having to suffer with kidney issues, I have a history of taking amoxicillin throughout life and I am embarrassed to say that I binge eat on sugars at weekends. I also have a three to four year history of binge drinking, and to be honest it was at that point when I quit that I have never felt the same since! Can anybody explain these symptoms? I have had people tell me that I am a hypochondriac and that it's all in my head but I know these symptoms are very real!
1820473 tn?1344984363 if its itchy it may be thrush, and that can be due to the hormones when your pregnant, just go to the chemist and they will give you something to use thats safe during pregnancy, probably canneston (sp), if its not itchiy an increase of vaginal discharge is quite normal, I had it everyday while pregnant