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Avatar n tn but the majority of times blood came out in the sperm, or only after ejaculation during urination, or both in the sperm and the urine. once i woke up without having had sex that week and urinated blood. i tested my blood, sperm, and urine and the only abnormality was a high psa level. my dr said it is very rare and is that high in 40/50 year old. i did a biopsy for prostate cancer and my dr said that everything was ok. after the biopsy, i waqs back to normal.
Avatar n tn ) My ex-wife has an uncle who is a physician across the border in Mexico, so I might visit him for a presciption for a blood thinner and stop taking the vitamin E and garlic, unless he says otherwise. I already take 10 mg. of Plavix and 3,000 mg. of garlic a day, so I bought some vitamin E this morning and will take 400 i.u per day as recommended. Time will tell. If anyone has gotten any confirmation from a physician about these symptoms and the possible causes, please post that information.
174267 tn?1220408828 Jennie- I know you just found us then got cut off so if you find us you'll be in good company... One of us is in the 2ww and I will be next week sometime. BTW girls - RE called today and said I will take the menapur and tetrocide for probably another 4 nights. ER is set for Saturday or Sunday the latest they said. I know he's planning a 3 day ET so I should have them in me on Tuesday or Wednesday. YIKES!!!!!
Avatar n tn I got worried about STDs and decided to self-treat with some amoxicillin I got on a trip to Mexico a few months earlier. I did some research on the internet to get the dosages. For gonorrhea, I took 5 grams, followed a few hours later by 2.5 grams. I took way more than what is normally prescribed for two reasons. First, I was worried about resistance. Second, I wasn't confident that the drug was pure, since I figured Mexican drug regulation might be lax.
Avatar n tn Most but not all patients will describe a feeling of tension or stiffness in the cranial muscles, especially in the forehead.
Avatar m tn I've maintained a good diet for many years and am not a big drinker. Recently, my wife and I vacationed in Cancun, Mexico. We drank and ate the local food and partied harder than normal. Upon our return to the states, I had a very sore throat, bloodshot eyes and an upset stomach that would not go away. My initial thought was strep throat but after a negative test a doctor told me it was the common cold.
Avatar n tn Hi Doc, A couple months back i had a sexual intercourse with a CWS in Mexico. The condom was extremely loose, was about to fall off when i pulled out afterward i never checked for any holes on the condom im also not circumcised. Last month i was showing cold and flu symptoms and acquired an ear infection but my temperature was never really high. My doctor prescribed 500mg of amoxicillin for the ear infection. Last week i did a STD panel test except for HIV which all came back negative.
Avatar f tn Otherwise, I've started pricing what they cost in Mexico compared to here. Learned they're OTC in Mexico so no script required. Will post once I get it all worked out. It seems Daxon is from Romark itself: "From 1995 to 2000, Romark obtained 10 U.S. patents for nitazoxanide, along with others abroad, for use against parasites. It was sold first in 1996 in Mexico under the name Daxon, then spread to other countries.
Avatar n tn Hi Doc, A couple months back i had a sexual intercourse with a CWS in Mexico. The condom was extremely loose, was about to fall off when i pulled out afterward i never checked for any holes on the condom im also not circumcised. Last month i was showing cold and flu symptoms and acquired an ear infection but my temperature was never really high. My doctor prescribed 500mg of amoxicillin for the ear infection. Last week i did a STD panel test except for HIV which all came back negative.
Avatar m tn I have a wedding to attend in Mexico in 3 weeks. Can I fly with the fluid in my ears? Would Nasonex help? Can the doctor flush/wash my ear with water / salt mixture or with hydrogen peroxide? This is driving me crazy. I don`t have appetite, I lost 6 lbs in 3 days. i don`t know what to do. I tried to inhale hot water, I would also put my ear over a pot of water and just cover my head and the pot with the towel,hoping the fluid would drain, but nothing.
645418 tn?1238093883 We leave on November 2nd - return on November 3rd!! Again in May! For meds we buy in Mexico (written permission from my LLMD), check the company on line for free medication programs, anything - what ever it takes!!! Please... you need a LLMD!
Avatar n tn So far he has not vomited again. If it occurs again I will take him to the vet, but I'm in Mexico and the language barrier may make things challenging. The mucus production is intermittent. Sometimes it's clogging his nose where he is obviously having trouble breathing and he sneezes this stuff out his nose. Sometimes it doesn't appear to be there at all. Other times it is in his chest only. I hear this when he breathes in and then maybe a few times a day he has a productive wet cough.
144210 tn?1273092382 So, is Alinia now more available? and what is this about purchasing in Candada, Mexico, how does that work?
Avatar f tn high heart rate, overeating and not gaining weight, light headed, nervousness, intolerance to heat, always complained of chest pains, body aches, joint pain, constipation, low grade fever and I was also diagnosed in Mexico with Rheumatic Fever.
734312 tn?1231798500 If you have not been tested yet for West Nile, it is a simple blood test that can probably be done at your local health department. Here in New Mexico, there appeared to be a delay in communication between some of the local hospitals and the state health department. The test for West Nile is not often done because it is a relatively new problem here in the USA (1999) and it seems many hospitals or medical offices don't know where to send the blood for examination.
Avatar n tn The pain was so bad I was shaking and could not stop crying. The next day in Mexico I decided to go see a neurologist. He told me based on my symptoms that it sounds like it could be epilepsy with a complicated migraine. He sent me to the hospital to do an MRI and to have an EEG. I did these tests and went back to him. He told me everything came back normal. I told him I felt the inside of my head completely empty and numb, like there was just a hole inside my head. My head felt wobbly.
904511 tn?1251223333 I know that antibiotics are the treatment and most are on Doxy but I haven't been tested for co-infections yet and dont know if that would change the treatment. I am in Yuma Arizona and there are basically NO cases of Lyme down here so the more I come to the appointment knowing the better. What treatment plan did your doctor start you on? Mine is more than likely chronic in the later stage.
203342 tn?1328740807 I looked it up online and saw some scary stuff, like it can lead to an ulcer if left untreated, and it can put you in a higher rate for cancer of the stomach or pancreas. Yikes! I tried asking the nurse how I could have caught it and she said no one really knows. If anyone else has had H.Pylori, what did your doctor tell you? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!
Avatar n tn Hi, from an Aussie living in Shanghai China! 4 months ago, returned from Bahrain awoke with weird feeling in my legs and fast heart rate. This cont. for 2 weeks. Then developed stomach cramps and I was dx with Helicobacter Pylori and started triple therapy for 7 days. 1st day of treatment and twitching started in my left calf and 2 days later to my arms. I then went to Australia for R & R and some more tests. Full Bloodwork was fine.
Avatar n tn My left left leg almost feels like a peg leg at times. No weakness. I go to college, and some people reportedly contracted myoplasm in Mexico uring spring break, and probably transmitted it as well, worsening existing symptoms. My symptoms of severe fatigue and stomch pains went away after a few months, but I still don't feel all that great,so I'm just trying to get by. I'm wondering what I can do.
1855076 tn?1337118903 The only poisons that I know if in pot are the pesticides some growers use and the chemicals that are used by interdiction forces in Mexico. But who in their right mind wants Mexican brick weed anyway, when there are so many connoisseur-grade strains around these days. Dane, I think a lot of people have some issues with "Kush" because it's an Indica dominant strain that gives a 'heavy' stone and can cause paranoia in people that are anxious to begin with.
Avatar m tn The Flip-Turn is the original, and still the best Sinus Flush. WARNING! DISCLAIMER! The technique in this manual involves bending over in a hot shower. Obviously, if you bend over in a shower, there is a slight possibility that you can get dizzy and fall down. You could possibly hit your head, get knocked out, or break something.
Avatar n tn Meaning for some, there will be weight loss if they believe strongly enough in it and mainly, if that belief leads to other life-style changes, involving a change in the amount of calories taken in versus the amount burned. You increase burning by increasing activity. B12 has nothing to do with it. Save your money and find another way to re-balance your calories.
Avatar n tn So these clinics open up in Mexico and in the Orient and are curing cancer. Anyways, I am positive this same therapy would work for Hep C b/c the bases of it or the reason that it works is b/c it builds up your bodies immune system. So 4 things for "cuteos who asked the first question on here in 2005" that I am looking forward to healing myself by trying, The silver colloids, magnetic pulser, Ozonated water (or other oxygen therapy), and using the ****** therapy diet.
Avatar n tn The couging has subsided, but there's still phelm in my throat. Yesterday I noticed that my tongue was coated in an yellowy/orange color!! I scraped it, and brushed it, but to no avail. Is this a common ailment? Anybody??? Thanks.
Avatar n tn Hi, March 19, I had sex with a stripper in Mexico. I wore a condom during intercourse and blow job. The condom was fine, I didn't notice any breaks or tears. However, at one point before putting on the condom, the tip of my penis briefly touched her butt crack, near the top. It did not touch her anus or vagina or mouth. After sex, I removed the condom and wiped my penis with an antibacterial napkin. (I am 44, and have had outstanding physical health until now.
Avatar n tn Like almost everyone else, a couple days before I had a really bad cold and throat infection fo which I was taking Amoxicillin. I am in my thirties, have had colds and throat infections before and this has never happened. I hope one day some research will be done so that we can have some proper diagnosis. It is scary when it happens, I was waiting to pass out or something lol. I called friends and family to tell them what had happened. If anyone gets any additional info please post.
Avatar n tn I need to get in touch with people who think that other people might be allergic to them or people who think/know they have bad body odor. Please email me: samantha.
Avatar f tn I went to get my breakfast and there it was, the stitch that's in the wrong place. The pain always occurs in the same place, in the left lung (or around because I don't know if it's to do with the lungs or muscles etc) just above my stomach. Again. I don't think it is anything too chronic which is why I am on here not at my GP.. although if it does sound bad I think I will head off to see him.