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Avatar m tn From the day Saturday I am presenting my right tonsil tonsillitis is swollen and white plates. I went to the doctor and was prescribed amoxicillin for 7 days, but I'm on the 5th and I still feel the pain. It may take a few days to take effect the antibiotic?
Avatar n tn Hello, I have currently been taking flucloxacillin for the past 3days for an infection (boil) inside my nose. But over the past 2 days I have suffered from a very sore throat and this morning I think I can see a white lump on one of my tonsils. I have suffered from tonsillitis before and was taking amoxicillin but was wondering if flucloxacillin can clear up any infection if any on my tonsils.
Avatar n tn He has seen two rn's, and has been told that he has tonsillitis. However, he has been on amoxicillin, zithromax, rocefrin (3 shots now), omnicef, and a shot of steroids. He is still not better. It hurts to talk and swallow both in his ears and throat (mostly in his right ear). Does anyone have any idea what's going on or what he should do to get some relief? He did go to an ear/nose/throat dr. on Thursday, but the rn said it was bad tonsillitis.
Avatar m tn the doctor tested her for strep (she did not test for STDs) - it came back negative, so the doctor thought she had tonsillitis, and gave her amoxicillin. After a round of that, she wasn't better, so the doctor gave her doxycycline. She just finished it, and she is feeling much better, but she still has a small white spot on her tonsils. I just learned of my of previous partner getting gonorrhea - we only had oral sex once. I also have no symptoms.
Avatar n tn I took amoxicillin (antibiotics) for tonsillitis for 5 days this week and I am going to take a blood test on Monday in which I would like to get an HIV test (it's just past 8 weeks post-possible exposure). Will the antibiotics affect the test?
1609992 tn?1298328510 Dr say's its Tonsillitis, so he's been given"Curam"- Amoxicillin & Paracetamol. He's real lithargic & dont wanna eat so I've got him ice blocks & yogurt aswell, dont know what else can fit down such a sore throat?? Oh, my poor little spud-man. :(( Any & all suggestions on what else i should be doing please let me know??
Avatar m tn In the meantime I also go to another clinic to discuss my through problem and my doctor said it's possible a upper respiratory infection. So he gives me amoxicillin for 10 day treatment. I told him I'm also feeling a new symptom of left facial pain near my ear/lower jaw and white pockets of pus on my tonsils. He looks and says it can be apart of the URI and to take the antibiotics and Claritin because allergies could be the culprit too.
Avatar m tn I didn’t agree to this surgery since they had done only basic tests to find the cause for the tonsillitis. Also, I have never had problems with my tonsils before. When I was abroad, my tonsils were again badly inflamed. In the hospital they prescribed me an interferon inducer. Since then my tonsils have been fine. However, some weeks after the tonsillitis cleared, I got geographic tongue and a chronic dry cough. Both have now lasted for many months.
Avatar m tn I didn’t agree to this surgery since they had done only basic tests to find the cause for the tonsillitis. Also, I have never had problems with my tonsils before. When I was abroad, my tonsils were again badly inflamed. In the hospital they prescribed me an interferon inducer. Since then my tonsils have been fine. However, some weeks after the tonsillitis cleared, I got geographic tongue and a chronic dry cough. Both have now lasted for many months.
Avatar n tn I had a sore throat in April, and the doctor gave me amoxicillin believing i had strept throat, without swabbing. The antibiotics didn't work until day 7 out of 10, and a few days after i finished the antibitocs it came back. A different doctor prescribed me cefaclor which worked after using it for 1 day. When I finished the prescription, a day after i had a sore throat. The doctor prescribed me cefaclor again, and once again when I finished the prescription, the sore throat came right back.
Avatar n tn About 10 days later I came down with severe chills, a dry cough, then a temperature which quickly skyrocketed. I felt dizzy and weak for the next several days. Over the next few weeks I had several night sweats. I had a cough and about two weeks later I developed very bad pharyngitis. I had white spots in my throat and this progressed to very painful tonsillitis. I became nauseous and vomited the next day. I had sharp stomach pains.
1124121 tn?1267139338 I was treated with very strong IV acyclovir (anti viral) and two sets of antibiotics for a secondary infection in my brain I was on strong IV metronidazole and amoxicillin aswell as morphine for pain relief on top of codeine, ibuprofen and paracetamol with cyclizine for anti emetic treatment. My blood pressure was extrmely low as my fluid intake was poor so I was on IV fluids and my pulse dropped as low as 35 one evening.
Avatar m tn (in order) Doxycycline (10 day) for acne (not the slightest improvement) Amoxicillin (2 tablets/day for 5 day) for my sore throat (it was getting worse) Penicillin ( 3 tablets/day for 8 day) ------------------------- i haven't finished the course of Penicillin yet but there is a very good improvement in my throat today (and in my total heath) like: the folliculitis/acne rash started to heal I stared to manage to sleep some extra hours my breath started to go back to normal.
Avatar f tn So all my life I've suffered from tonsillitis i was supposed to get them removed when I found out I was pregnant(last year of medical card). I am 35w and been having a throat infection for about 3 weeks. In addition to this I have ear pain an today I woke up with a pink eye, since I can't take any medicine I believe the infection is spreading. What should I do? I called my oB but they didn't pick up my call. I'm in so much pain.
Avatar m tn Hello, last week I was diagnosed with HPV, the symptomas are two small lesions in my prepuce and a lot of burning and painful while urination, and at the same time a strong crisis of tonsillitis appeared. I started taking amoxicillin and in 3 days the tonsillitis disappeared, the lesions are now two small red points but my urethra is still swollen.
1100156 tn?1323927121 belly button piercing for infected. Which was unexpected as I've been very careful about taking care of it. But I had been ding salt water soaks, using some hydrogen peroxide to drain it (many websites suggested that), and using a warm compress. Then I got what I thought was the flu-terribly sore throat, weakness, fatigue, fever, chills, swollen lymph nodes. Etc etc. They thought it was tonsillitis so I started taking amoxicillin. Then today I had swelling in some certain areas.
Avatar n tn Tonsillectomy is advised if there is recurrent streptococcal tonsillitis, recurrent peritonsillar abscess and chronic tonsillitis. Recurrent tonsillitis is an indication for tonsillectomy, as the tonsils may harbor the infection which keeps flaring up, or they may develop new infections. As you are getting repeated episodes not responding to therapy, you may benefit from tonsillectomy. The procedure is actually easier to do for an adult as the diameter of the oral cavity is larger.
Avatar f tn However, as of yesterday I began taking amoxycillin antibiotics for tonsillitis. I know antibiotics reduce the protection effects of the pill but will it also reduce the controlled skipping effects? That is, will I end up getting my period in a few days as it would have come normally. If so, is there any way to stop it?
Avatar m tn I am 17 years old and since the being of october, I have had tonsilitis 4 times. Nothing is helping. I was on amoxicillin 500mg for 5 days, until I stared getting really sick off of it. Now whenever i take pictures of my tonsils, I notice clear, greenish bubbles all over my tonsils and white stuff that never really went away. Would should I do? I was on penicillin too.
Avatar m tn I had a STD screen for all testable stds on 4/11 that were negative. I also took Amoxicillin 500 mg BID 7 days for tonsillitis. I didn't have a sore throat, but had white spots in the throat. On 4/18 I had a tonsillectomy and adenoids removed. The biopsy came back negative, but showed chronic infection. I took Amoxicillin 1200mg liquid Bid for 10 days. I told my primary doctor about the encounters on 4/26.
Avatar m tn Therefore I can assure you that your sore throat cannot be related with HIV. Streptococcal tonsillitis does not always respond to amoxicillin, but as you mention, it can also be glandular fever or infectious mononucleosis. You need to consult with your doctor; you might need a throat swab as well as a blood test.
1840402 tn?1355436165 hi all, ive been on penicillin for tonsillitis for afew days just finished course now i have a bad urine infection now docs have prescribed amoxicillin, im so against taking tablets for my babys health but im in agony, what should i do??
Avatar n tn I have for the past two years had severe tonsil infections. I have been on constant antibiotic treatments but nothing works. The infection seems to resist any treatment my Dr. can give. I was on amoxicillin or however its spelled and the infection jumped from one tonsil to the other. I can't figure out what the reason is for these problems, I have done several HIV test and blood test and nothing can be found. According to the Dr. my blood work is completely perfect.
Avatar m tn I went to doctor and it diagnosed chronic tonsillitis because of my inflamed tonsils. I took amoxicillin, bacteriophages, many antiseptics and lavage of tonsils. It didn’t help. I still have a fever. Tests I took: 1. Blood chemistry a. anti-streptolysin 0: 230 – higher than reference 2. CMV – negative 3. Epstein-Barr virus – negative 4. Sowing throat a. Staphylococcus aureus – 10*4 b. Streptococcus viridans – 10*5 5. complete blood count – all fine Please ask if you have additional questions.
Avatar n tn Changing the antibiotic can be considered if it continues. I would also send it for analysis, including testing for C. Difficile - a bacteria that is associated with antibiotic use. These options can be discussed with your personal physician. This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case. Kevin Pho, M.D. www.kevinmd.
Avatar f tn The doctor said that he believed it was Tonsillitis. He did a culture to check for strep throat. The results were negative. He prescribed amoxicillin 500 mg 3 times a day. I started feeling a stiff neck, Lymph nodes, minor chills and fatigue (no fever). The medication made my mouth extremely dry and irritated and white tongue and white near my tonsils. on 12/10/13 i returned to the ER and he prescribed Doxycycline Hyclate MG and Clotrinazole Troche 10 MG. my head ache, fatigue is gone.
Avatar m tn I recently took antibiotics (amoxicillin) for a sore throat. With 1 day left I broke out with a rash of flat red bumps on my trunk and arms. I did not take the last pill. The rash subsided after a few days. After that I got minor petechiae on palate and a little on my inner cheek and lower gum (very minor). I have also had diarrhea pretty much since i started the amoxicillin. (the last pill i took was less than a week ago). Are these symptoms a result of the antibiotics?
Avatar n tn My question is since I overdosed on the Amoxicillin can it still be giving muscle pain for two months on and off or is it something else? ANd can amoxicillin mess with your liver if you overdose? What the heck did this spot come from?
Avatar f tn I got ysterday a one-month antibiotic for chronic tonsillitis. It was very difficult to get the diagnosis for the long-lasting ear pain. Ysterday one ENT doctor believed me that I have an infection in my tonsils. He pressed the left tonsil and pus was discharged. This possibly also revealed the cause for my long-lasting erythrocyte microcytosis. Because my thyroid medication has been decreased, my esophageal sphincters may have bocome too loose.