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518117 tn?1429279873 I wanted to say I am so sorry for you loss, but I am so thankful for your post. It has saved my little pigs life and I hope maybe that will bring you consolation. A vet also incorrectly prescribed Amoxicillin for what he believed "was similar to a dog or cat infection". After reading your post I immediately called our emergency vet that actually knows pigs and they said she didn't seem bad enough to bring in on an emergency but to keep watching her.
Avatar n tn My 15 pound spayed dachshund has had a re-occuring infection of either her bladder or vagina. She licks her vulvar area and there is yellow mucus with no blood evidence. Over the last year and a half she has been on two week courses of amoxicillin, baytril, clavamox, Remadyl, and prednisone. The vet did a sterile bladder urine culture (through a needle) with sensitivity which came back nonspecific (a huge bill for nothing).
Avatar n tn i took my dog to the vet sunday for a rash on his head. he was started on prednisone and amoxicillin. on wednesday, we were all sitting outside and he was running around playing. his head was healing nicely. he ran about 30 feet, turned around and ran back to my son. he stopped and walked a couple of steps to get his ball which was under my son's foot. he turned and stumbled a couple of steps and hit his head on the cement.
Avatar f tn After having intercourse with my girlfriend, as always I run water in the condom just to check it, it's been a habit since I started doing it so I just continue to do it now. She's been on birth control for over a year, but we still use a condom as a second method of backup. I've been reading a lot of things but have yet to come to a definitive answer as to why there was a tiny pinhole in the condom after filling with water.
Avatar f tn when i arrived the next day they had prescribed him (phenobarbitol) for his seizures and (amoxicillin) for a slight baby has been home for a day now and he doesn't want to eat,and he's barley drinking water. what should i do? hes very tired n weak.he also urinated on himself,is that normal for him to go thru that? im scared for my baby beasty...someone pls help!
Avatar m tn I live in a small country town so it is not unusual for a dog to live loose. This dog has been around for as long as I can remember, at least 7 years. Someone got her fixed and she just roams. She's in really good health for being a stray country dog. I have been feeding this cat for awhile now. We have approx. 4 strays in the neighborhood who have all been spayed/neutered. 3 cats and 1 dog. This one cat stays close to my property so I make sure to put a bowl out for him every night.
Avatar n tn Have heard of Amoxicillin being used. I have only had to use antibiotics on a couple of my females post-whelping. Depends on what you are treating and maybe no treatment is necessary. Please understand that none of us are Vets here. Under these circumstances, you should rely on the advice of a Vet as to what antibiotic would be the safest to use. There can always be a risk in pregnant animals.
Avatar n tn Pls help! Our dog is passing blood in his urine for 3 days now but not very frequent. However, today is alarming bec this happened 3x today and there were blood clots in his last pee. The blood comes out after he pee. We suspect that there might be an infection in his penis bec my mother tried to forcibly remove him from a female dog he mated. We already gave him hemostan and amoxicillin. What else should we do? What's the proper dosage of hemostan and amoxicillin for him?
Avatar n tn For now she is on amoxicillin 2x daily. We were instructed to bring her back to the vets for xrays in 21days if she continues to get bigger and it becomes apparent that she is pregnant. I am not a backyard breeder, I have much experience with bulldogs and am aware of the health complications/birthing complications that can occur. This issue just stumps me...
Avatar m tn My dog does the exact same thing after laying down or sleeping. She is a bichon/terrier mix. When I try to explain it to someone or to the vet they all say she is probably dreaming. I know she is not. She first starts letting out little whimpers and then it escalates into painful yelps. My other dog even runs to her aid. When I try to move her she freezes up. Shortly after she is fine and alert and will run and play like nothing was wrong so she doesn't seem to be in pain.
514916 tn?1224521687 We might just make it, Thank God for my prayers, I gave amoxicillin and pectin last night on my own, and today, we are eating very good, shes stimulated enough to walk, we even walked outside to pee...Oh, my gosh, I have held her, caress, love, keep her calm, talk, its crazy, for days I tried to keep her alive w/me...and I am so proud today, not sure about any damage or relapse could happen... She will never get another rabie or vaccination period, ever, ever in her lifetime.
Avatar n tn I got the pain while in the bathtub and it was so bad my mom had to help me out of the tub. I got it again playing keep-away in the back yard with my dog. Only meds i take are Depo-Provera and i got bit by my cat last week so i've been taking Amoxicillin & Clavulin 500mg &125mg. Any help?
390388 tn?1279639813 I have until 5 AM to decide, but considering everything I will probably stay home with her and try to get her seen. My animals are my kids. If you ever seen my pictures she is usually the one in my flower beds.
223152 tn?1346981971 14% stats for SVR (although I was I believe a partial responder to my previous therapies which might increase my SVR possibility above 14%.......My best.
Avatar m tn The vet wasn't sure what was wrong either but put him on amoxicillin just in case. After about 3 days I noticed he's playing more and he barked for the first time in 2 weeks today but immediately coughed afterwards, I have also noticed that bump on his throat isn't changing in size. Will that come later? I'm just wondering is this amoxicillin gonna help him? Is he facing some other kind of sickness? He's just a baby and we don't have allot of money for vet bills.
230262 tn?1316649534 Got sick of the abuse for good this time i guess. My mom and sister are sick too btw. My mom has it bad, Im afraid she is getting pneumonia again (she's had it several times over the years) and she is now almost 80 years old so Im really worried about her. (and yes, she had me very late in life, in case youre doing the math, lol ) well im gonna go lay down and read my book for awhile.
897447 tn?1242239587 the vet didn't even charge me for looking at Simba. I took my dog, Chokotay, in for shots. I feel sorry for the vet, Chokotay was so nerviuos he was peeing all over the place and I haven't seen him droll that mach unless he's begging for food. the vet had a table that elevated up, this was Chokotay's 1st time going on one of these. it only cost me $20 for the shots.
Avatar n tn A day before we went for the bloodwork, my dog took a hard fall down a few stairs chasing after a toy. I explained this to my vet & decided that after a few weeks, we would do another blood test as the ALT high levels were proably from his fall. 3 weeks later, we re-tested. His ALT levels went down to 400. The vet has recommended to do a Ultrasound at that time. I decided to wait another 3 weeks and have the ALT test re-done. Last week, the ALT test was done for the 3rd time.
Avatar n tn I (like many people with Lyme) could have gone years misdiagnosed or thinking all of my problems were anxiety related, while inevitably deteriorating mentally and physically. THANK GOD for the knowledgeable people on this board ! Here is my opinion as to when to SERIOUSLY check into Lyme: - If you have had no history of anxiety or depression before your multi-system and symptom complaints began. - If you live in an area where Lyme is common or where the weather is warm.
233562 tn?1282771982 I didn't ask her personally when she did ultrasounds, but my neighbor went to her for OB and she said she didnt get one until she was 20 weeks. But I know if something was to go wrong, she would get me one. I have been looking at ultrasound pics on the internet and I cant wait to find out if my little embryo is a boy or girl! DF and I are also going to have a 4D ultrasound done when I get like 30 weeks. I can't wait! Everybody hang in there! BFP vibes towards your ways!
Avatar f tn We were planning to take her in for a full check-up this morning but my husband and I both got called in to work. I was just researching the web and was reading about mastitis. Do you think it can wait for me to take her to our vet first thing Monday morning? Or should I be looking up emergency vet hospitals? She seems perfectly fine otherwise...great appetite, very playful, sleeping well, etc.
Avatar m tn Hi, I just wanted to ask for any input on my dog's current tummy trouble. I have no access to another vet in our area and I would really appreciate a second opinion :) Anyway, one of my dogs had a few episodes of intermittent vomiting and diarrhea for the past 5 days - her stool was jelly like and one had traces of blood, and her vomit is usually gloopy and yellowish and at one time, had a tinge of pink / red specks in it, and recently it appeared foamy.
9776177 tn?1405827787 Probably from all the shots given to her and I took her back not knowing and had them do an ultra sound that came back ok. Now I have been given her amoxicillin for six days two times a day except for today she has thrown up twice, white foam and I can see the antibiotic too.. she hasn't ate much all week.
Avatar m tn He had been with this sitter for 8 days. My sweet dog (Ash) has not been eating since I picked him up. I took him to my Vet who told me initially he has Pancreatitis. The next day his liver enzymes elevated and he started getting jaundice. Today is March 17, 2013 and is still Jaundice, sclera is yellow, his breath has a bile odor, and his urine is dark orange in color. He stayed at the Vets office for 2 nights on Amoxicillin and Intravenous therapy.
Avatar n tn When I do, my nose actually feels better for a second. It hurts to wear my glasses, move my face too much (raising the eyebrows and smiling hurt), and even bending my head down hurts the nose. I'm in south-western New Hampshire.
1187071 tn?1279373298 But, I also want to add that sometimes it takes time for the side effects (not talking about allergic reactions here) to go down. For example, I was sick to my stomach for a full week on a new medication, but after that I was okay. I know that you don't want to be on strong medications, and I'm sorry that you feel let down by your doctor. I'm praying that this works and helps your pain. As for what you should do, I'd say to do what you what he says and see how you feel.
Avatar m tn i have these crawling/tingling face +ears problem on my head for years,as soon as i put my head on the pillow to sleep it starts. i have tried boiling all the bed clothes,wiping the mattress etc with straight dettol,etc. and using a pillow with only a plastic bag and no cover on it.. it feels like i am being touched softly with a soon as my ear is on the pillow it starts inside my ear .. i vaccumn the bed for dust-mites too..
Avatar n tn June, 2011, I took my then 9yr 6month old lab for a checkup. Everything was good. Mid July I noticed she started to cough, a hacking cough. Heart worm test negative, and took her back to the vet's July 22,2011. I dropped her off in the morning because I called on a friday and they had no openings, but allowed me to drop her off and they would see her in between other patients.
Avatar n tn The water in this municipality is horrible tasting and smells to me like pesticide. I use a water filter attached to the faucet.....neither my cats of dog drink unfiltered water. Last night...used up my last filter....AHHHHH! It's an Emergency!!! Gotta go to Store...dehydrating as I type.............. ps Have yet to read article...doesn't sound good. From a biblical standpoint...this is par for the course.....and the bottom line is "SIN". Though many of us hate to hear that word....