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Avatar n tn I am confused about how much amoxicillin to give my 80 pound son for strep throat. One doctor prescribed 1 teaspoon every 12 hours of 400 MG/5 ML SUSP. Another doctor prescribed 2 teaspoons every 12 hours of 400 MG/5 ML SUSP. Is it 1 or 2 teaspoons?
Avatar f tn Will the Rx the ENT gave me get rid of this infection? It is Amoxicillin and Clavulanate Potassium tablets, USP 875mg/125Mg. 20 tablets take ten days two times a day. What do you think? Thank you for I am in desperate need of help and I will have a visit to a dentist in person as well.
Avatar n tn I have an 8 month old who was giving amoxicillin for ear infection and a bad sinus infection. after about 3 hours after I gave her the first dose. She broke out into a huge rash that covered here entire body. Then she started weezing and having problems breathing. So we took her to the ER. The doctor there said that she needed to go to the childrens hospital right away. So we went there and she stayed there for about 2 weeks. The doctor said that she was allergic to amoxicillin.
Avatar n tn Amoxicillin is fine if it's the correct antibiotic. Dental infections can be from either an aerobic bacteria or anaerobic bacteria. Having the correct antibiotic is VERY important. I urge you to at least call your dentist for approval before you treat a dental abscess yourself. Amoxicillin may be fine, but you may need something like clindamycin instead. Also, it's very important that a FULL dose is taken for dental infections.
Avatar n tn Yes I thought the antibiotics for the headache was ridiculous, too -- she'd had a bad headache for about two weeks and her doctor was out of town, a nurse practioner thought it might be a sinus infection (but my mom has never had sinus problems in her life) so prescribed a really high dosage of amoxicillin. Thanks for your comment....
Avatar n tn She treated me with a 10 day x2 a day 875mg dosage of Amoxicillin for an ear infection and strep. While on the antibiotics I started losing my voice. I took the full course of meds and during which my sore throat and ear ache went away and my voice returned. The day I stopped taking the medication I noticed my throat was starting to hurt again. Now here I am sitting March 9th 2010 and my sore throat is terrible. I have no fever, no appitite and no congestion.
Avatar m tn So i went back to the doctor and he prescirbed amoxicillin (a large dosage). The white spots have been gone ever since, but my tonsils remained large, but have never hurt (they in fact never hurt the entire time.) My doctor said there was nothing to worry about in regrads to my tonsils being big, so i havn't worried. I have continued to give and recieve oral sex to about 3 different men.
Avatar n tn She treated me with a 10 day x2 a day 875mg dosage of Amoxicillin for an ear infection and strep. While on the antibiotics I started losing my voice. I took the full course of meds and during which my sore throat and ear ache went away and my voice returned. The day I stopped taking the medication I noticed my throat was starting to hurt again. Now here I am sitting March 9th 2010 and my sore throat is terrible. I have no fever, no appitite and no congestion.
Avatar f tn I was prescribed Amoxicillin, but I was unable to finish the dosage due to severe upset stomach seemingly caused by the drug. And, I was showing no signs of improvement. After talking to my doctor again, this time for acute dizziness and nausea in waves, I told him about the reaction to the drugs. When I finally did have a bad reaction, I was almost near the end of my dosage (one or two pills left) so my doctor told me to stop treatment.
357713 tn?1199773985 At first my doc thought it might be an infection ,gave me amoxicillin for 10 days .Felt better on the 10th day but on the 11th one the lump came back . He then tried Zithromax with exact same resulsts . I tried antacids .Took care of my heartburn but did nothing fo the lump .I've had my thyroid checked ,nothing there . One thing I noticed is that the lump appears and gets more intense whenever I lift heavy objects .
Avatar n tn For the past 3 months, I have felt the sensation that a pill is stuck in my throat when I swallow. The location may vary as well as the intensity. Sometimes the feeling goes away for a short while, but comes back. I have no sore throat at all.I keep swallowing to try to get the feeling to go away, but it doesn't. I went to see a local ENT doctor. He looked down my throat with a light and didn't see much. The vocal cords were fine also. He prescribed amoxicillin 500 mg 2 times daily.
Avatar n tn In May I began to have dizzy spells which coincided with a sore throat and earache, which cleared up on their own. However, dizziness and fatigue continued for several weeks. The dizziness resembled being carsick, with lightheadedness and occasional moments of nausea and feeling faint (but I never passed out). I had a CAT scan and blood work twice, and so far no diagnosis for the dizziness/fatigue.
Avatar f tn On Jan 18th I went to urgent care and they told me I had a sinus infection and it looked like my ear drum was going to burst. They told me to take mucinex-d, z-pak, and medol 4mg dose pack. 4 days later when I didn't feel better I went to the ER and they gave me a CT scan which didn't show a sinus infection but they put me on Omnicef and gave me tramadol for pain (which doesn't help) when the neosynephrine didn't help. They told me I needed to see an ENT.
Avatar f tn I have to say that if an infection is in a bone, possibly spreading to your brain or throat then it is a medical emergency. Go to the ER anyway!! I am very lucky to live in the UK where we have free healthcare although its very difficult to find a NHS dentist and we still have to pay something towards our dental work. A checkup is around 30.00 and altogether the bill should not come to more than 100.00. However, that can still be a lot to someone who doesn't have it.
Avatar n tn I'm a smoker, and recently I got this really bad throat infection... I went to the Dr. to get it checked out and he prescribed me amoxicillin antibiotics to take... He said my throat did not look to bad. My throat seemed to get better a day later before I got the antibotics from the drug store. The pharmacist told me that, it will not do anything if its from smoking... And if your going to take it, that you should take the whole bottle or else it wont do anything...
Avatar m tn It began in 1976 and re occurs every 5 to 6 years. I get a sore throat (not tonsils but when you swallow) I now go straight on antibiotics and use Bricanyl inhaler although it doesnt seem to have much effect except to cause alot of mucus coughed up from the lungs. It causes me to have spasm coughing and if I cannot control this to 3 or 4 coughs my windpipe closes over making it hard to breath in or out.
242516 tn?1368227505 The flu has passed epidemic rates in much of the country, and if you don't have a cold, I'm sure you have a friend who has the sniffles, fever, chills, aches and pains of a viral upper respiratory infection. This is different from a bacterial infection such as sinusitis, bronchitis, or pneumonia. A viral infection doesn't improve with antibiotics as these infections do. A virus hijacks your own body's healthy cells and uses it to reproduce and spread.
Avatar f tn She thought I had sinusitis and put my on amoxicillin. I took this for 10 days and still did lot have much relief. After being on winter break for two weeks and just basically relaxing and drinking a lot of fluids, I finally went to a doctor. They did blood testing for mono. I got the results back and they said everything was fine with my blood work. Ever since then, I still have had headaches, on and off stuffy nose and feverish feeling with no actual registered fever and fatigue.
Avatar n tn Physicians prescribe amoxicillin for a variety of infections that affect the sinus, nose, throat, ears, skin, urinary tract and stomach. Amoxicillin is available in a number of oral dosage forms to help parents administer it safely and effectively to their children. Pediatric Drops According to PubMed Health, a website of the U.S. National Library of Medicine, amoxicillin is available in a pediatric drop form for infants.
Avatar n tn I am currently finished with my amoxicillin dosage and hasn't seemed to change much. Basically now the cough only persists throughout the night whenever I lay down or am exposed to the cold the cough comes back.
Avatar f tn My headache medication, Imitrex (100mg dosage) and Cyclobenzaprine (10mg dosage) has not been successful in completely relieving the pain, and I am having problems sleeping because being horizontal seems to make the neck pain worse. The Urgent Treatment Center physician I saw last Saturday prescribed amoxicillin, which I am currently taking, in case I had a sinus infection.
Avatar m tn I need to get rid of this peridontal infection but am just so scared to take such a high dosage at one time. The dentist is a peridontal specialists and says that it is ama standards. My body is different and I did not come out of a cookie cutter. Though everyone here reports no problems with amoxicillin we are all different. My doc says it is the safest antibiotic for me because it does not prolong the Q-t interval.
Avatar n tn For individuals at risk the dosage is 2 gms amoxicillin one hour prior to the procedure. 4) If I cut myself, does that also pose a risk of endocarditis? A: No.
Avatar f tn I went to the doctor the other day because of post-nasal drip (followed by cold and sore throat on multiple ocassions), and she diagnosed me with sinus infection and put me on amoxicillin with clavulanic acid (875+125 dosage). However when the time came for me to take my pill, I realized I was unable to swallow it, even if I break it in half.
Avatar n tn * Dental infection, infections in the heart, middle ear infections, rheumatic fever, scarlet fever, skin infections, upper and lower respiratory tract infections Penicillin V works against only certain types of bacteria--it is ineffective against fungi, viruses, and parasites. Most important fact about this drug Return to top If you are allergic to either penicillin or cephalosporin antibiotics in any form, consult your doctor before taking penicillin V.
Avatar m tn After receiving unprotected oral sex from a sex worker I have been having weird symptoms. It started with what felt like a sinus infection and swollen glands under chin about a week after my exposure. I went to a dr and was put on 2000mg amoxy/day. After 5 days the symptoms were still there so I went to another dr. I was taken off amoxy and given a 2gr dose of Zmax and a Dexamethisone stack. I felt better after the 2nd day, but the swollen glands returned after 3 days.
Avatar n tn I also had a pack of Azithromycin, for which I started that very night. When that was finished I began a 10 day dosage of 3 pills per day of amoxicillin 500mg. During the past few days, I have also had a pretty bad respiratory infection. My questions: IF I contracted something, would the antibiotics taken have eliminated any treatable STDs? Could they return on their own?
Avatar m tn It’s a tiny risk, greater if you are older, overweight, obese, or have reduced blood flow in your neck arteries, but it’s a risk you must assume if you want get rid of an otherwise untreatable sinus infection. There is a possibility that the infection could go into your ear, which happened to me once, but I found a way to avoid it. You could also accidentally rub infected snot into your eye and get an eye infection, if you are careless.
Avatar f tn My cat has an infection from a bite to his face. He weighs 9lbs. and is 11yrs. old. Can I give him amoxicillin? How much and how often? I cleaned the wound w/ peroxide and applied neosporin.
Avatar m tn Im a chinese staying in asia. Received unprotected oral sex & protected vagina sex on the 30th Apr and also unprotected anallingus only, on the 22nd May. All sexual contacts are with CSWs. The Rash/bump appeared on my glans with no pain/itchy/ in late may. Went to local STD clinic to on 2nd Jun but rashes/bump on my glans have subsided significantly when at the clinc and DR said it likely to be balanitis.