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Avatar n tn And its is present in orange foods and certain leafy greens. And every american knows how much corn syrup and corn products are in our grocery stores. I love rice. But i feel like ive been having migraines lately...a lot of headaches and dizzy spells and blurred vision. Im an artist, so i know my eyesight is or used to be great. Could this be a reverse side effect of ingesting too much beta carotene? I cant think of anything else...does anyone think this could be a possibilty? Thanks.
Avatar n tn Hi there, It is advisable to not drink acidic fruit juices like orange or grapefruit juice or other acidic beverages within an hour of taking amoxicillin since this may prevent the medicine from working properly. I hope you find this helpful. For additional queries it is best to seek clarification from the treating physician Do write to me again with more queries. Best luck and regards!
Avatar m tn It can also be found in food, medication, cosmetics and beverages such as coffee, wine, orange juice, apple cider, regular and herbal tea, rum, and sherry. Some people have a low level of tolerance to salicylates and may have reactions if more than a small amount is consumed at one time. Do keep us posted with your CT scan result. Take care and best regards.
Avatar n tn I continue to suffer the symptoms and have nothing to do but live through them. You are young and I pray that you find an answer to your problem early! If you do, please let the rest of us know. If you read the archives on this site, you will see that many are suffering with these same symptoms. However, Miniere's Disease supposively only strikes 1 out of 2000 people. Your stabbing headaches at the back of your head sound more migraine related to me.
Avatar f tn My doctor diagnose me with UTI and was advised to take antibiotic (amoxicillin) though she advised that this is the safest for pregnant mum, I'm kinda hesitant to take it. Do u mum's experience anything of this? What can you advised me to to get rid of my UTI? Thanks!
Avatar n tn For the past year, I have been experiencing burning and stinging in my vulva (which is NOT made worse by peeing), which comes and goes but can last for over a month and is extremely uncomfortable. The area looks normal, and there is no unusual discharge. The last time I had these symptoms was in March - they came on suddenly with a stinging sensation, and lasted for 6 weeks.
Avatar f tn do half orange juice and half carrot juice and it makes it TASTE so much better!) -Garlic (another age old medicinal food/herb/etc), it’s also good for your immune system. I eat things like garlic chicken or garlic shrimp. -Zinc is also good for your immune system, you can find zinc in: Oysters (best source), Salmon, beans, Clams, yogurt, beef, lamb, pork, crabmeat and chicken. However, I try to stay away from red meats- I love them but they’re not as healthy for you.
Avatar n tn I had a cold last week, drank lots of water orange juice, rested as much as I could, and in one of my cups of water, I would mix in a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar as well. It may seem weird, but it really helped me!
Avatar n tn Drink plenty of water and cranberry juice,but NO orange juice as it stimulates the bladder. You should make an appointment to see your Dr as you may need antibiotics. Hope you feel better soon.
Avatar f tn i just stuck it out. Drank loads of orange juice and some halls helped my throat as well. Hoping you feel better!!
Avatar n tn Limit acidic foods that can irritate your esophagus. This includes citrus fruits and juices such as orange juice and tomato juice. Limit spicy foods. Avoid clothes with tight belts or waistbands. If you smoke or use other tobacco products, consider getting help to quit. Smoking promotes heartburn. Lose weight if you are overweight. Being overweight can worsen heartburn, and the loss of even a few pounds can help prevent heartburn.
Avatar f tn I had a sore throat and coughing and runny nose and my doctor prescribed me amoxicillin I didn't take all of it but I feel better already so I haven't had to take anymore... I hate taking meds while pregnant but being sick isn't okay either.
Avatar n tn i have been suffering from debilatating allergies/sinus probs, fatigue, and dizziness for about a year now. i do have allergies to mold, dust, milk products, and corn products. my allergy doc says my symptoms are all from allergies, but i have been trying everything 2 avoid the allergens, been getting allergy shots, tried numerous allergy medications, with no help from anything! does anyone else experience this type of thing? i seriously feel like i am getting so depressed.
1283791 tn?1276821914 You are shaky because you don't want to eat, so try some easy and tasty foods you prefer, like chicken noodle soup, your fav cereal, toast with butter, cheese omelet, subway sandwich, cheese cake, and a small glass of orange juice daily and some milk. Those are all tasty things, easy to digest, and will keep your strength up so you won't tremble so much, and they'll also tend to settle your stomach. Practice some deep breathing, it will help you relax.
Avatar f tn I've read folks taking turmeric and b vitamins and some folks putting onion slices in their socks overnight to remove toxins, probiotics, bone broth, epsom salts for detoxifying, and a mix of lemon, ginger, turmeric and orange in an juice with skins. I don't if anything I've said here helps you in anyway, but I do wish you relief. And me too.
Avatar f tn A few days prior to the incident, I had taken myself off of the pramipexole that I'd been on for a week, as I was having trouble swallowing (for which the amoxicillin and lanso were prescribed - possible sinus/throat infection or gastric reflux - doc and I wanted to attack on both fronts in order to avoid the return of the laryngospams I'd had during recent respiratory infection). Thanks in advance to anyone who might be able to help...
Avatar n tn I have been to about 30 doctors- including ENT's allergists, neurologists, chiropracters, opthamologists. psychologists, dentists and everything else u can think of. All CT scans, MRI of brain and blood work keep coming back clean and ok. Nothing I try seems to work. There was a period of time about 3 and a half years ago that the symptoms lifted for about 4 months and then it returned full force.
Avatar f tn I was treated with amoxicillin. Anyway , everyday I am in fear and worry for my baby! Any issue I point to lyme ! I hate the fact that I could have passed this on? He is a beautiful happy little thing and I feel so guilty and upset that I could have passed this on! He is so healthy and I am told it does not always pass but what are the chqnces?? Anyone I speak to did pass it on I am yet to hear a positive story ;( I can't enjoy him without constantly worrying !
Avatar m tn So next I go to the doctor. He said it could be sinus infection and prescribed amoxicillin. After taking it for 7 days the swelling didn't appear to go down. I went back and the Doctor took blood. Checking for HIV, lupus, leukemia, infection, etc.........Everything came back negative, the doctor said there's no strain on my immune system, my blood count looks great and he didn't believe there's an infection.
Avatar n tn The drainage that i have causes my throat to be very sore so i drink lots of orange juice and take vitamin C pills and acidophilus every day. i also take respiration it is made by SolarRay it is like an antibiotic but it is not harmful like an antibiotic. This is making life a little better i still have my bad days but it helps alot. I am also a poor college student so i cant afford to go to the doctor anymore so i guess this is going to have to work for the time being.
Avatar f tn Normally if an ear infection is cleared up (which since the ER docs said your eardrum was about to burst, then I HAVE to assume you've got one heck of an ear infection), which is precisely what causes SO much pain, but when that's corrected, the adenoids should go down and you can breathe again. Whilst your ears are being treated, you can drink orange juice, gingerale, and gargle with salt water to help ease the inflammed adenoids.
168348 tn?1379360675 I am allergic to cinnamon, Ivory Soap, Amoxicillin and can't drink orange juice :o( (although I loveeeee it..
Avatar n tn I can even drink Orange juice before bedtime with no problems. I drink OJ to help with my Restless Legs, the potassium in it is great!
Avatar n tn / All other food in my house is super bad for blood sugar. Potatoes, white bread, tortillas, orange juice, banana, oranges etc. I need to control my anxiety but it's really really hard. Usually it's irrational anxiety but I've been under enormous stress for the past 3-6 months.
544292 tn?1268886268 Hi Tramadol Warriors! Welcome to Part 53. This thread is full of helpful and kind people who want to help you get off this terrible drug. Please snuggle in and make yourself comfy. I know you can do it!
Avatar m tn It is effective with bacterial and viral infections, and some but not all fungal infections. The Flip-Turn is the original, and still the best Sinus Flush. WARNING! DISCLAIMER! The technique in this manual involves bending over in a hot shower. Obviously, if you bend over in a shower, there is a slight possibility that you can get dizzy and fall down. You could possibly hit your head, get knocked out, or break something.
Avatar n tn But I'd like to ask what drink tends to do the job better, at the moment, however, I'm going to be drinking orange juice as I have no cranberry juice and can't go out to get some as it's night time. Any other suggestions on improving this temporary condition and on what drink I should drink would be helpful, thanks.
Avatar n tn His impaction pains started around the same time his infection worsened and/or same time he started taking the amoxicillin, but I'd think the infection would've possibly worsened his condition rather than the antibiotic. Common sense: I would think we should continue the enemas and mag citrate continually around the clock, but I'm unaware of the duration of spacing of time we should do between them.