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Avatar f tn org/wiki/Glutamine Glutamine is crucial in nitrogen metabolism. Ammonia is formed by nitogen fixation. My friend Claire was given high doses of Glutamine while on Chemotherapy. I thought this interesting when she was telling me about her treatment. Even though Glutamine is known to have cleansing effects it is unknown to what extent because of no hard clinical data.
1391695 tn?1298143389 I colored my hair 1x during 13 week treatment, Not sure if it would have been better or worse. It was falling out plenty before, not much more after. Are their studies to show hair falls out more if colored? Or is it an assumption? I didn't do highlights, just covered my gray with brown.
29837 tn?1414538248 Was thinking the other day how nice it would be to visit your city. Maybe after tx when I have the requiste energy. Don't know much, have read little, about ammonia levels. But if you read the post in a thread started by Pluggin Away yesterday he makes reference to ammonia levels, brain scatter (great term) and lactuose. Just a few threads down. Take care.
Avatar m tn So because of my liver and its limited abilities my blood stream is contaminated with harmful toxins such as ammonia and mangenese. This then is carried to every organ in my body including my brain and very slowly damaging each organ. Unfortunatley the liver is the only organ in the human body that can repair itself. This greatly effects my brain causing all kinds of impairments. This is a condition called hepatic encephalopathy (HE).
598816 tn?1219546166 I guess I have adverse reactions to ammonia products and pretty much any household cleaner with chemicals in it. Toxic mold can also create problems. My sister had recurring bronchitis and ear infections, as well did her 2 kids, several years ago when she rented a house that had a mold issue in their basement (they got out of it and immeddiately stopped having colds, infections, etc.). Another thing that I have heard that can cause problems is high CO (carbon monoxide) levels.
1008841 tn?1293602560 " Lactulose helps trap the ammonia (NH3) in the colon. It does this by using gut flora to acidify the colon, transforming the freely diffusible ammonia into ammonium (NH4+) which can no longer diffuse back into the blood.
Avatar n tn She recently spent 3 weeks with me and was absolutely fine, which means her ammonia levels were normal, she was sleeping throughout the night, up most of the day, even went shopping a couple of times, - BUT, the minute she went back home and got her prescription filled (she was without methadone the entire time she was with me b/c she forgot to bring her prescription with her) the ammonia level went back up, she's been acting clumsy, slurring her words, foggy state of mind, etc..., etc...
Avatar f tn // One of the dangers of advanced HE is coma and death. I am wondering why the doctors would put someone with HE in a medically induced coma. Did they give you an explanation?
873823 tn?1240076548 Traditionally it has been thought that restriction of protein is a benefit to cirrhotic patients because it reduces the risk of encephalopathy (mental confusion due to ammonia levels). As I said, I copied and pasted in my response and though I did look over the information I didn't take notice of the date so it might be outdated. Recent research has drawn into question the advisability of protein restricted diet for cirrhotic patients.
Avatar m tn it's about 15 minutes long, just keep re-looping from blood tests, the only thing i can tell you is i had high blood ammonia (but haven't re-tested lately)...I would often smell something coming from me that smelled ammonia-y... i used to think it was gas, but the noise-producing aspect of that ruled it is definitely something electro-magnetic...
Avatar m tn When the liver's functioning is impaired its ability to breakdown ammonia is compromised. This excess ammonia spills into the blood and readily crosses the blood-brain barrier. Ammonia is highly toxic to brain cells and they are unable to effectively transmit messages to various parts in the body. Some people can even experience uncoordinated muscle movements if ammonia levels are high enough. The common treatment to decrease ammonia levels is lactulose. It is a syrupy sweet laxative.
374652 tn?1494815035 It may not be complete but I hope it helps-------A prebiotic is a substance that will selectively foster/enhance/give a growth advantage to those bacteria in the intestinal mix that do not produce ammonia amd other toxins, but rather live of the offered prebiotics - mostly undigestable carbohydrates- and produce actually substances, like certain fatty acids that nourish the intestinal epithelial cells/ improving the intactness/functionality of that critical layer..
Avatar n tn // My DH and I are switching to all-natural household products because chemicals, pesticides, and anything with ammonia is thought to be a possible cause of Autism. Even though it isn't proven it certainly won't hurt to switch so we're going to do it. In regard to the natural cleaners my cousin said, "You'll have to put some elbow grease into cleaning with those. Just think of all the weight you'll lose that way!
378497 tn?1232147185 These aren't a part of MS, are they? I've got this twitch/spasm thing that's just fired up down the ulnar nerve of my left hand, making my hand and pinkie finger twitch/spasm. It actually kind of ripples across the palmar surface and then makes my pinkie twitch. Woke me up this morning and has been going on all day. I can just sit and watch it happen. I thought I had read that you don't get these things with MS. But then again...
Avatar m tn As the liver becomes scarred as a result of the HCV infection, blood from the GI tract becomes obstructed and can’t travel through the portal vein efficiently. This causes portal hypertension, or elevated blood pressure in the portal tract (not to be confused with high blood pressure that you measure with a arm cuff). This blood then seeks other paths, sometimes leading to bleeding/hemorrhaging of the esophagus, stomach or rectum.
Avatar f tn I looked into tryptophan and hypothesized whether we are able to digest it properly. It was interesting to learn at high concentrations the by-product indole from tryptophan produces feces odor while lower concentrations has a flowery smell. I would suggest reading more about tryptophan, see link above. A lot of people have also reported fungi being the cause which most possibly could.
Avatar m tn have you had them check your ammonia level? What was the level. have you read the threads in here dealing with that and other dietary things? We had some great discussions, I got mine down to 1/4 of what it was... You'll feel better if you make the effort, and it's a healthier way to eat besides all that. If your ammonia is fine, then have you been screened for the dreaded brain plaques or had an Elisa done?
Avatar f tn //www.neurology.
Avatar m tn //en.wikipedia.
Avatar m tn After a night in the ER, he was admitted the next day upstairs and given doses of lactulose to reduce the level ammonia in his system. This brought him out his state of confusion but left with the news that his days were numbered now. Hospice eventually entered the scene and between, me my brother-in-law, my mom and bro-in-laws brother, we took care of my dad during his final days. He wasnt able to walk or do anything for himself except swallow foods and liquids we gave him.
Avatar m tn // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I still have PATM but its not noticeable that much. From my observations, I believe the cause is overheating in our body. We tend to get nervous or heat in our body which produces and exhadles some gas from our body which is allergic to humans.
Avatar m tn My dad had kidney failure almost 4 years ago - two years ago he was diagnosed with Fatty Liver Disease - SEVERE - Never a drinker but is a diabetic, has thyroid disease and has always been a big man (not obese) but big. He is on dialysis 5 times a week (at home) and this is great - all his numbers come back good. The only thing that hasn't helped is the Lactulose and (I forget the other pill) to help the Ammonia levels and confusion. He has had more and more "missed" days.
Avatar m tn Bear in mind that people with cirrhosis need to be mindful of where they get their protein from and how they can end up with too much ammonia because of it. But those of us who don't have that kind of liver damage don't need to worry. Once I thought about it, I realized it made sense that with the onslaught of the tx drugs and how they seemed to be breaking me down that it would be helpful to have protein to build myself back up.
29837 tn?1414538248 // I too figured that generally the blood values can vary from day to day and hour to hour; it's not like a biopsy where actual tissue is analyzed. I was also hoping that your diet and supplements may be helping you. Yes, we may assume that in general the liver disease and damage is cumulative, but possibly (or possibly for some people) the diet, supplements, antifibrotics could make a difference.
1118724 tn?1357014191 This is often also called simply, ‘Child-score’; For instance, Child-class A. It classifies cirrhosis into three stages again, after F4 is reached. Child class A refers to compensated liver disease; Child-class B and C signify decompensation. And they also use the MELD score; this is preferred by UNOS and most transplant facilities.
2143641 tn?1396681743 from what I read on Wiki. they are meant to be human fleas, in fact the cats don't seem to be affected any more. they are so small that when I tried to move it from the fingernail to a piece of paper I lost its sight... I went to the local doctor eventually and she only said to use vinegar... I don't think she understood which kind of fleas they are. nothing is working and I don't know what to do... do you know of any remedy? they won't drown or die easily with insecticide.
Avatar m tn Lactulose does not cure the problem, but may help to improve mental status. Lactulose is a colonic acidifier that works by decreasing the amount of ammonia in the blood. It is a man-made sugar solution. Diet is also very important in controlling HE. My husband does not eat red meat as it is difficult to digest, resulting in more toxins in his bloodstream. He eats chicken and fish. He also eats beans. He eats 5 smaller meals rather than 3 big meals. Your mood is affected by these toxins.
10805050 tn?1420939120 I had the TIPS procedure done do to uncontrolled Portal Hypertension that almost killed me. Unfortunately. one of the major side effects/reactions of the Bypass shunt is raised ammonia levels, and the development of constant HE symptoms (I have to track each of 14 symptoms of HE on a weekly basis and have my ammonia levels checked every month-sometimes even more often). A few months ago, I had started taking the drug at least 1/2 hour after meals.
Avatar n tn “Hepatic encephalopathy (also known as portosystemic encephalopathy) is the occurrence of confusion, altered level of consciousness and coma as a result of liver failure. In the advanced stages it is called hepatic coma or coma hepaticum. It may ultimately lead to death.[1] It is caused by accumulation in the bloodstream of toxic substances that are normally removed by the liver.