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Avatar f tn The sun emits infrared / UV radiations that can penetrate through glass and hence heat up our car interiors. Obviously, this heat radiations that the sun emits is odorless but perhaps our bodies emit similar radiations that are heaty and suffocating. Just few gases have a wavelength strong enough to pass through glass since their particles are small enough to penetrate. Ive a feeling it isnt hydrogen or methane but something else.
1548538 tn?1293875433 They come out to mate, usually at night, but anytime there is a lack of UV light they will come out. That's why you itch more at night. You need to change pillow cases and towels daily. Don't rewear clothes either. Use borax in your laundry. Good luck.
Avatar f tn You see, it's the Ammonia that is in the Windex (which is the same ingredient in those Anti-Itch sticks for bug bites) that helps. It will "sting" a little at first (it's the ammonia that is killing bacteria) but it will stop the itch for a while! At night, take Benadryl about an hour before you want to go to sleep. It will knock you right out! I don't think that there is a permanent solution to our predicament, but I tell you, Windex/Ammonia is a great quick/useful fix!
Avatar m tn All the morgellans nonsense, high-frequency UV S**t blah bah gave me no hope. I couldn't get my head around and buy what some people were saying. However i always felt that the most feasible was our soiled systems. Finances and fear of making wholesale changes to my lifestyle prevented me from proceeding. Now with the significantly reduced stress, ive recently ordered Dr Coby Slater's Candida book. I will have the cash next month to purchase it.
Avatar n tn For me, it's like stale smoke, ammonia and strong ozone after a storm--all mixed tigether. I had a very good air purifier on all night, right next to my bed. It did nothing. As I paint in oil, I use the purifier all the time. It always works. Not for this, though. I'm at work right now, in a smoke-free environment. Still smell it. I notice, too, that my coffee smells kind of rank when I have this phantom smell thing happening..
Avatar f tn This offers some immediate relief. Spray directly to the bottom if you have an itch at night. The ammonia turns them away from coming out. I'm contemplating dip used for animals to kill the eggs. This worked for crabs once - that I got from an on-base bunk back in the Marines. This would be highly toxic and nothing a pregnant woman or woman wanting to get pregnant should consider. Yes - please keep adding to this forum. The problem's not going away soon mostly likely...
472570 tn?1274689487 I do have images via a professional digital, UV, fluorescent microscope. They do not look like a typical bug, more like fibers or clusters under the skin. I believe with microsopic surveillance camera, one would capture them as an image. I believe if one can get detailed images of snowflake for example, one can demonstrate the structure of these things. I would pay for someone to provide this service for me.
Avatar n tn hey, if uv ruled out std and bacterial infection, the next likely cause would be that ur NOT EATING RIGHT. too much fast food (mcdonalds.. kebab, pizza takeaways.. or maybe a kebab pizza :p u see these make the environment in u more acidic. iv had the symptom where to me after ejaculation im ok, but then if i carry on for a few seconds, its like iv ejaculated battery acid into my urethra,, and then in makes me feel queasy.. Drink lots of water, eat right, dont snack, exercise.