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Avatar m tn Try sublingual drops of D3 with K2 together,for better calcium allocation. I'm kind of old school and try hard to see the logic and reasoning (besides profits) for newer methods of testing and thyroid testing is a bit of a challenge. One thing I know for sure is that nothing beats the Basal temperature Test as I mentioned in my earlier post. But to be absolutely certain when using lab tests, you must consider the RT3 and the FT3/RT3 ratio, besides the FT3 and FT$ levels.
Avatar m tn Some people, including myself, have had a smell that only they can smell. It could smell like dog-poop, old cheese, ammonia, a burning smell, etc. The smell comes on, often, as a result of a cold or sinus infection. Some, not all, of these smells are caused by an anaerobic bacteria thriving in the upper sinuses, and I was able to remove mine with a Flip-Turn Sinus Flush, and many other people have had success with it as well.