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1654058 tn?1407162666 " I entered hospital last week w a 14. Leaving w 53 and they gave me an RX for lactulose." 14, 53 for what values? Ammonia should be listed under ammonia on blood test result. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is common for GI bleeding to exacerbate hepatic encephalopathy.
Avatar f tn that means that you have an infection. bacterial vaginosis. probably. no you should never ****** will pregnant. it wash away normal bacteria that is supposed to be in the vagina. and you could upset the normal ph balnce and then you can set yourself up for bacterial vaginosis. i know because in school we have to smell the urine of our other classmates and write the color smell, and do urine dipstick test on each other. urinalysis. so you might want to go and see the ob/gyn. keep me posted.
Avatar m tn My pressures where 46mm/Hg during exertion ~mild pulmonary hypertension. My cardiologist doesn't believe the mild PH is what's causing my symptoms. The cardiologist thinks its a neuromuscular disease. The neurologist found my carnitine levels are low and my ammonia is high. My great grandmother passed away from muscular dystrophy (not sure if it's important). If you are deficient in carnitine does that mean you have the metabolic muscular disease?
Avatar f tn He was admitted Monday night with severe confusion. His ammonia level was 152 and WBC/RBC and hemaglobin were extremely low. Treatment was started immediately to lower the ammonia level. Wednesday was 149, yesterday was 230 and today was 190. The doctor said it isn't responding to treatment, although the medicine definitely is keeping him cleaned out. They gave him platelets last night, but the level dropped even lower today.
Avatar n tn Urine is high in nitrates, compounds high in nitrogen and oxygen. Ammonia is made up of nitrogen and hydrogen. (NH3) What you are smelling is the high concentration of bonded nitrogen. Normally, diluted urine doesn't have much odor. If you're dehydrated and your urine becomes highly concentrated, it can have a strong ammonia smell.
Avatar n tn Elevated ammonia can cause a toxic build up in his brain. Symptoms include Hepatic encephalopathy is a major neuropsychiatric complication of chronic liver disease that occurs when large amounts of ammonia accumulate within brain tissues. Ammonia is normally produced by the breakdown of protein in the bowel, and in healthy individuals it is metabolized by the liver to form urea.
Avatar f tn As it turns out, the feuding over whether or not to ****** is still somewhat alive, although I gather the concensus is that sparingly and in moderation, using a slightly acidic pH (hence dilute vinegar in water) is not terribly harmful. Most medical experts seem to agree that the healthy female internal genitalia are indeed self-cleansing, and it is not difficult to upset a rather delicate balance of pH and beneficial microbes.
Avatar n tn He had to have surgery due to a small bowel obstruction which was most likely brought on by his double hernia operation. He is home now, but all day has been throwing up. He is confused a little and I am concerned because he does get encephaloptic. I am worried he has another sbo. Is this possible and how will I know when I should call the ambulance? I am afraid to go to sleep this evening as he might not be responsive in the am.
Avatar m tn all juveniles. the ph is at 7.4, i have tested for ammonia which is at 0, temperature is 25 celcius. i do a quarter water change weekly. tank has been up for 2 months. 3 days ago one of my oscars looked out of sorts... it was lethargic, hanging round the bottom of the tank and , i figured it might be whitespot about to come on so i put in some white spot remedy even though no white spots were showing.
Avatar n tn hi. i have a 29 gal. tank that i just set up 3months ago with an tiger oscar, a firemouth and 2 black convict cichlids. all of the fish are less then 3 inches long. within the last week the oscar has lost alot of color and doesn't seem to eat much if anything. the water temp is about 74 the ph, and nitrite levels are good. i don't know what is wrong with him. all his tank mates are doing great. bright colors and eating vary well. what can i do to save my tiger oscar? i need help.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am a 26 year old female and have been suffering from continuous vaginal smelly discharge for about years. I have had deamer tests and nothing has come up. The doctors have diagnosed it as unspecific vaginal inflammation. I have been on antibiotics severa l times but they have not helped. My doctors have told me to learn to live with it, wchich I cannot do because I smell! I have to wear pantyliners everyday and I am so ashamed. Is there really nothing that can be done.
Avatar m tn Most ammonia is produced in the intestine by colonic breakdown of nitrogenous compounds and enterocytic catabolism of amino acids. Other sources of ammonia are the kidneys and skeletal muscle. Normally, ammonia is metabolized in the liver and promptly excreted through the kidneys or colon. Formation of glutamine from glutamate, by glutamine synthetase, in the liver and brain is another means of detoxifying ammonia.
Avatar f tn If his sperm has fishy smell consistently, it might be wise to contact an urologist, to rule out vas deference obstruction-just look it up- Fructose is actually one of the main component in sperm (after water) with some salt/,bitter undertones with a hint of ammonia. Sounds like.. fine wine description,lol! Hi Kim. My own sperm is mainly sweet and a bit salty, as I have been told and very mild smell. When sex or ejaculation in general is infrequent, the odor is usually stronger.
Avatar f tn at the same time it would itch inside my vagina, I also had an ammonia smell every morning I wake up to pee but doing the day it has a normal smell. Can anyone tell me what could it be?
Avatar f tn -Offers Herbal and homeopathic remedies also to clear all this up) -Albrecht J, Roles of neuroactive amino acids in ammonia neurotoxicity, J Neurosci Res. 1998 Jan 15;51(2):133-8 Not only Lymes sufferers but CFS, MS, ALS , FMS and other chronic condition sufferers may be subject to the negative effects of ammonia, by damaging the Blood Brain Barrier, thus Nicknamed Leaky Brain Syndrome.
Avatar n tn Tons of red algae, some brown hair algae, etc. The nitrates are 220+ ppm, nitrites 0, ammonia 0, ph 8.0, and the tank is at 80 deg. We never overfed or dump chemicals in there w/o testing.
Avatar n tn All the fish were doing fine up until 3 weeks ago when my tiger barbs started dying. Ammonia, Nitrate, and Nitrite levels are all 0. Ph and water temperature are fine. I have tried a broad spectrum medicine, parasite tablets, and bacteria medication. Every week I do a 10-15% water change and every 5 weeks I do a 20% water change and vacuum the gravel. So far I have lost 7 tiger barbs and 1 algae eater. Currently in the tank I have 3 mollies and an algae eater.
Avatar n tn I have always had strong smelling vaginal discharge that regularly smells strongly of ammonia. Over the last year I have noticed that the discharge has begun to stain my underwear as if I have spilled bleach on them. I am 21 years old and this is worrying me! Has anyone else had these symptoms?
535822 tn?1443980380 asp) The scam to hook smokers by using ammonia to strengthen the nicotine addiction WORKS, and the 4,000 plus chemicals in commercial cigarettes are no joke, leading the smoker right off the cliff, where they feel like their only way out of feeling awful is to light up. The U.S., Japan, and China alone make up over 75% of the world's smokers. ( Now, along comes Mucuna, the most essential element of the escape.
Avatar f tn OMG! I am having the same issue. The discoloration and the ammonia smell. It seems like it started pretty recently. Do either of you happen to have an IUD? I thought maybe that would be where it comes from. Does anyone know how to help this?
Avatar n tn Cystitis/Urethritis shows with mucus in the urine along with the strong odor, usually like ammonia. Urine is cloudy and smelly. The white particles may be crystals being expelled by the kidney that are precursers to kidney stones. A urinalysis and a pH to check for acidity is a good place to start.
Avatar m tn The premise of most pathophysiologic theories involves the accumulation of ammonia in the central nervous system, producing alterations of neurotransmission that affect consciousness and behavior. Ammonia interferes with brain function at many sites. Ammonia crosses the blood-brain barrier and directly depresses the central nervous system.
1008841 tn?1293602560 I believe that the lactulose reduces the ammonia in your gut and brain and that's why it is important to take, if the ammonia gets too high it can cause you to have problems thinking, driving, cooking etc. I am not as good as explaining things as Hector so I have taken one of his explanations and am pasting it here. I also just read an explanation that the lactulose helps your body do the job the liver would do if it was working right. I hope this helps, I found it in the cirrhosis forum.
Avatar f tn Has anyone gotten a perm or other chemical process done while pregnant or right after baby? I know pregnancy can and usually does change ph and what not of ur skin and possibly hair. Any outcome different than expected?
Avatar m tn I started working out and increased my protein intake BY ALOT . I would notice a couple of reactions from people and thought nothing of the matter. At a music festival, the only thing I ate for those teo days were protein bars...snd then boom. The PATM started. My liver was failing due to the amount of protein I was taking.
Avatar f tn Hello, Dear, I am a bit of an expert on the smelly female bottom, since I have had issues with this for quite a few decades now. Sweety, Voyager, and vmvnpv are all correct in their opinions. I would emphasise that bacterial vaginosis, or BV, is by far the most common cause of fishy or ammonia-like smells from a womans vagina. Being "clean" has little impact on with the balance of organisms in a woman's body, and in fact, sometimes overcleanliness can be counterproductive.
Avatar n tn S and PH test to make sure, an antibiotic will be given only IF there is an infection. If its the PH and crystals than you will HAVE TO FEED A WET FOOD DIET...with plenty of water...dry foods are the major cause of this happening. secondly are you cleaning the area's she pee's on with an enzyme pet urine remover? avail at pet stores not grocery stores? I use a product called URINE OFF, but there are others....
1396982 tn?1285326833 If you get your hair dyed I would highly suggest going to a salon and informing them that you are pregnant. Because your PH Balance is all messed up due to hormones it can cause weird effects to hair dye. Like turning it pink or purple for instance.
Avatar n tn I keep a freshwater, community tank (46 gallons) with usually platties, barbs, penguins, hatchets, those types of fish. My water comes from our well and the quality is perfect, no ammonia, no nitrates, no nitrites. I've used some nitrate removers and my water quality in my tank is perfect. No ammonia, no nitrites, my nitrates are at about 10, but it is in the safe leve. My pH is inbetween 7.2 and 7.6. My temperature stays between 78 - 82.
Avatar n tn I have a ammonia kind of smell in my underwear, my discahrge can sometimes be thick and sometimes it's also very watery which makes my underwear wet/damp and it's really embarresing.. I also don't think my vagina smells normal! if that makes any sense? Sometimes there is a strong unusual smell & sometimes it smells like fish. what is wrong with me?