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1654058 tn?1407162666 " I entered hospital last week w a 14. Leaving w 53 and they gave me an RX for lactulose." 14, 53 for what values? Ammonia should be listed under ammonia on blood test result. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is common for GI bleeding to exacerbate hepatic encephalopathy.
Avatar f tn He was admitted Monday night with severe confusion. His ammonia level was 152 and WBC/RBC and hemaglobin were extremely low. Treatment was started immediately to lower the ammonia level. Wednesday was 149, yesterday was 230 and today was 190. The doctor said it isn't responding to treatment, although the medicine definitely is keeping him cleaned out. They gave him platelets last night, but the level dropped even lower today.
Avatar m tn The premise of most pathophysiologic theories involves the accumulation of ammonia in the central nervous system, producing alterations of neurotransmission that affect consciousness and behavior. Ammonia interferes with brain function at many sites. Ammonia crosses the blood-brain barrier and directly depresses the central nervous system.
1008841 tn?1293602560 I believe that the lactulose reduces the ammonia in your gut and brain and that's why it is important to take, if the ammonia gets too high it can cause you to have problems thinking, driving, cooking etc. I am not as good as explaining things as Hector so I have taken one of his explanations and am pasting it here. I also just read an explanation that the lactulose helps your body do the job the liver would do if it was working right. I hope this helps, I found it in the cirrhosis forum.
1396982 tn?1285326833 If you get your hair dyed I would highly suggest going to a salon and informing them that you are pregnant. Because your PH Balance is all messed up due to hormones it can cause weird effects to hair dye. Like turning it pink or purple for instance.
535822 tn?1443980380 (NaturalNews) Mucuna, also known as Velvet Bean, is capturing the interest of thousands of smokers who have the desire and the will to quit cigarettes, but can't handle the first couple of weeks of rollercoaster-like mood swings and basic withdrawal symptoms. The L-Dopa content of the unprocessed Mucuna bean powder is so powerful that doctors are also using it help Parkinson's patients restore mental clarity, and as a mood elevator. (
Avatar f tn I decided to post this very painful eye problem of mine in a desperate attempt to find some answers. I dyed my hair at home on 18 Jan 09...I will never forget this day! After keeping the dye for about an hour it was time to rinse it and I held the shower head (the one you can actually hold) in my hand and tilted my head back a little and turned the water on. It was that first pressure of water mixed with hair dye that went over my left eye and burnt my eye.
Avatar m tn DETOXIFYING AMMONIA Ammonia toxicityIn part 2 of AMMONIA TOXICITY we are going to find out what we can do to remove ammonia from our body, both by supporting the organs involved in processing and disposing of it, and by taking supplements with an affinity for removing ammonia. We have seen that there are 3 organ systems in the body that produce and/or deal with ammonia: the liver, the kidneys and the intestines.
Avatar n tn Diabetes has fruity or sweet chemical smell with ketoacidosis, however my husband had an acuity ammonia smell. A fruity odor to the breath occurs as the body attempts to get rid of excess acetone through the breathing. This is a characteristic sign of ketoacidosis, which may occur in diabetes, and is a potentially life-threatening condition.
Avatar n tn I had the same ammonia smell and my Dr. told me it was caused by vaginal PH imbalance. You can treat it with Rephresh gel from any drugstore or Wal-Mart. You can also naturally maintain healthy vaginal ph by eating yogurt containing lactobilli and live cultures a couple times a week. Vaginal ph imbalance is caused by soap, douche, and tampons.
1358341 tn?1282213443 And she mustn't eat dry food bought on the internet. Yesterday I measured her PH with PH paper under her, 6.0, OK.
Avatar n tn does it smell like ammonia if so then you need to go to the doc and get pap test for bacterial vaginoisis it isnt a std it is a infection cause by an overgrowth of bacteria. you vaginal ph is off balance. try to drink mor e water only take showers only use antibacterial soap such as dial, eat yogurt , and stop having sex until you get the pap test the doc will give you metronidazole(flagyl) or metro-gel to treat the infection.
Avatar m tn ph balanced, no scent, mild moisturizer and soap free. Do not dry out your skin. Pineapples-good! for breath Chlorophyll-stops smells, but not allergic reactions. Scrub your feet! Prescription anti-anxiety drugs (Ativan, Xanax, etc) definitely help. Just don't become addicted. Probiotics-unsure Doctors and Therapists lie to protect themselves. That's all I can think of right now. Feel free to ask any questions. This forum has probably kept me from ending it all.
Avatar m tn OOOOK. Thought I've heard of everything but hey you never know. I know in the very old days even before my youth, people used to use bleach for soaking feet, like atheletes (sic) feet. I heard that it used to be in writing on the old Clorox bottles, I don't know for sure but I have done that and it works very well. I haven't treated my HepC yet but if I get the attack of the "itch bug", I'd be open to it.
Avatar m tn Nitrite: Nitrate: pH:7.2 Hardness: Alkalinity: Went to Petsmart and the guy said the parameters were all "fine." Didnt give me a number. Said the water was a little hard is all. Symptoms and Treatment How has your betta fish's appearance changed? Metallic looking splotches in the light. (Gold or rather brassy color.) Getting more yellow at the top of his head. Head is starting to look a little swollen to me. White patch on face has spread and now has red lesions.
1548538 tn?1293875433 Shampoo is acidic, conditioner is basic and is supposed to neutralize it but your scalp is naturally acidic ( pH of 5) the granular build up is the by product of the neutralizing. Salt maybe? That's why you are only supposed to put conditioner on your ends. Try washing your hair in diluted apple cider vinegar to restore the pH and remove the buildup. Skip the conditioner entirely for a bit and it will clear up.
192055 tn?1263559137 - Pro-biotic pills (14 billion cultures) one pill, once a day - High pH alkaline water. Icelandic bottled water is 8.8 pH as well as Evamor. Look for any bottled water of 8 or higher pH. - Limit intake of coffee and alcohol. I only drink one cup of coffee a day and when I drink alcohol it's only white wine or vodka. For me beer real brings up the phlegm in the throat. - DO NOT eat 4 hours before going to bed.
Avatar n tn 4(1.9-3.9),Total Protein-8(6.5-8)GGT-25(8-61),Amylase-55(25-115),Lipase-268(114-286),Ammonia-19(10-47),Ferritin-142(22-322),ANA index-0.70,ANTI NUCL AB-Neg,Cerulopl-21,MYOCAR SCR-<1:20, PROTIME-10.3(8.8-11.2),INR-1.03(0.8-1.2)Sed Rate-11. Dyspepsia comes back following much stress, fatigued alot again, yellow bruises on right leg not known. Have ultrasound done and technician only looks at Panc,Liverand GB, all normal except "VERY Small faty infiltration". 3/18/04:WBC-5.3,MCV-82.
Avatar n tn It acts as a internal deodorizer. Plus eat/drink yogurt with active cultures daily to help maintain the normal ph of your vagina and to keep away yeast infections.
1388445 tn?1289270988 Just random amounts of liquid. Feels like you've started your period. It's not urine. Urine has an ammonia smell to it and this has either no odor or kind of a sweet smell like amniotic fluid at times. I am not pregnant that I know of. (tubes tied) I have a menstrual period every month. No idea what it is or why it happens. Maybe hormonal changes throughout ovulation..?
867582 tn?1311630997 I believe that he is retired now, but I think he did treat a number of ALS patients with antibiotics. For what it's worth, I tested negative for Lyme over and over, including in my spinal fluid. I went forward with an ILADS physician, who made a clinical diagnosis of Lyme and co-infections, supported by non-standard tests. This course was against the advice of my primary care doc and about a dozen other docs/specialists.
Avatar m tn This is due to the fact that the pH of the hypertonic saline solution is different from the pH of the water in your body. This will not affect the power or safety of the saline solution, just the comfort level. The comfort you are looking for is to get rid of sinus problems. You will get used to the burning sensation, to the point where it doesn’t bother you anymore. The burning will not damage your sense of smell. In fact, it will improve it. I keep a small bottle of Dr.
Avatar n tn Busybee54deb- thanks for posting- I too really feel it has a lot to do with body chemisty and pH balance, also possibly parasites. Parasite cleanses are expensive but Paragone did do a little something but didn't fix my condition. I read that garlic is a naturl antibiotic and antiparasite, but it has to be fresh to have most benefits.
Avatar m tn Really dont know how this works, it has to do with the PH of your body, and garlic is even stronger than antibiotics. hope this crazy curse will be gone 4 good.
Avatar n tn I'm sorry it's taken me so long to respond. I take baths in ammonia, borax and Dr. Bronners peppermint soap in my bath water. This has helped the most. I either steam iron or boil my clothes, towels and sheets. I drink a glass of red wine every night before going to bed. Theses are the things that have helped me get them down to almost nothing. I hope this helps. I've just opened a facebook page just for discussion on these bugs, life, support, etc. My name there is bugedout thugbugs.
Avatar m tn Ive diagnosed myself with patm as of 4 weeks ago, ive ben taking a number of products, but im gonna try what u have done. Good question by abebetaro, are your symptoms GONE GONE, or do u still get reactions from ppl?
Avatar m tn Is like a vampire myth. Really dont know how this works, it has to do with the PH of your body, and garlic is even stronger than antibiotics. Any comments, suggestion, feel free to email me ***@**** hope this crazy curse will be gone 4 good.