Ammonia nitrate ice pack

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Avatar m tn Milk on your cereal, cream in your coffee, those are okay, but knock off the glasses of milk and ice cream while you are sick. If you want to see the effects of dairy products, drink a milkshake or a glass of eggnog when you are healthy, and see what happens to your phlegm levels. • Stay away from white flour, like you find in cakes, cookies, white bread, and pastries. White flour is a phlegm-maker. • Moderate your sweets. Sugar is a phlegm producer.
Avatar n tn Last night my eyes were soooo itchy I must have rubbed at them for 20 minutes to get some relief well when I got up and looked in the mirror my eyes were so red and swollen i kinda freaked and put an ice pack on my eyes, the redness and swelling are better this am but not completely gone. I am 40 and noticed a drastic change around my eyes recently, not only lines but dark circles. I see my eye dr next week and hopefully I may have some type of answer.