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Avatar m tn I'm a 29year old female with no prior history of lung or heart disorders. I've never smoked. I've always been extremely athletic. Before April 2010, I would work out 4 hrs a day doing varies training regiments. I would run over 20miles/week plus train muay thai and rock climb. I'm 5'6" and I've always been around 130-135lbs. In April 2010, I was unable to walk to the kitchen w/SOB (gain 20lbs), chest pains, dizzy, HR <46 and fatigue.
Avatar m tn Symptoms of HE are forgetfulness, confusion, inverted sleep-wake pattern (sleeping by day, being awake at night), marked irritability, tremor, difficulties with coordination and trouble writing, lethargy and eventually coma. If you can have ammonia without mental symptoms? No. Ammonia levels can be detected with a blood test so it is easy to assess. In summary: No you don't have the indications for ammonia buildup and hepatic encephalopathy (HE).
Avatar n tn I saw my very old post above and need to say that that is no longer the recommendation for those with cirrhosis. Although it seems to lower ammonia levels, it lowers other things that you don't want to lower such as the albumin . Joe now eats a higher protein diet and uses lactulose to remove the ammonia and he is getting along well this way.
5611452 tn?1370974704 But then again some people nay have lower levels w a lot of symptoms or higher levels w fewer symptoms. Either way, it is essential to manage your ammonia levels because you may not cognitvely be aware of when your ammonia levels might cause enough HE to create dangerous situations, i.e. mixing up meds, causing an accident, leaving a burner on, forgetting where you're going, etc.
Avatar f tn My ammonia levels were off the chart, but no coma. In my experience the treating of the ammonia level (Xifaxin and Lactulose) took me 4 -5 days to completely that alternate universe. Today, I regularly sleep 12 to 18 hours; and with night time insomnia. If I start feeling "funky" in my thoughts, I rest or sleep. But like Hector suggested, try the cirrhosis community. I think it's great to be concerned with your ex-husband's health. At one time he was your key to everything.
14315163 tn?1433901017 | He's had numerous episodes of HE where he's been hospitalized with ammonia levels around 100-300, they give extra Lactulose, and within a couple days he's discharged (sometimes he just spent several hours in ER when it was around 100 or below and was then fine). Since that was all it seemed to take, I asked the doctor if he could just take the extra dose himself. He said that was fine and it was manageable... until this month.
1916673 tn?1420236870 Severe dehydration can also cause BUN levels to become high, though this is easily determined, because Creatinine levels tend to remain normal. Congestive heart disease, Cushing's disease (and cortisone-like medicines that mimic it) and Addison’s disease all have a tendency to produce moderately elevated BUN levels, as do many other illnesses, conditions and medicines.
Avatar f tn Both of his parents were diabetic as well as several siblings. Are there any medications that can cause high ammonia levels? Any information will be very much appreciated.
Avatar n tn Urine is high in nitrates, compounds high in nitrogen and oxygen. Ammonia is made up of nitrogen and hydrogen. (NH3) What you are smelling is the high concentration of bonded nitrogen. Normally, diluted urine doesn't have much odor. If you're dehydrated and your urine becomes highly concentrated, it can have a strong ammonia smell.
Avatar f tn I figure from anoxic brain damage from loss of oxygen. Is there anything else that could make the eyes do this like high ammonia level? Please help.
Avatar n tn Some people have good O2 levels at rest, but when they do anything, their oxygen levels fall. I can't think of anything else to say except God's speed regarding her getting a new liver.
Avatar n tn Atrial fib alone can make you pass out. With A-fib your heart does not have good blood output which in turn deprives your body including your brain of precious nutrients & oxygen. Low cardiac ouput also can cause hypotension (low blood pressure). Which can also make you pass out if you have a sudden significant drop in B/P. Low potassium can cause heart irregularities such as A- fib.
Avatar n tn Low MBL levels are generally attributed to genetics. Bronchiolitis is caused by several different viruses. The most common of these is respiratory syncytial virus (RVS), which is responsible for about 100,000 hospitalizations of children under age four each year. Two subtypes of RSV have been identified, one of which causes most of the severe bronchiolitis infections.
Avatar f tn By the way HE is not diagnosed by ammonia levels. Not all patients with HE have high ammonia levels. It is diagnosed by observation as it is a Hepatic encephalopathy is defined as a spectrum of neuropsychiatric abnormalities in patients with liver dysfunction, after exclusion of other known brain disease. Hepatic encephalopathy is characterized by personality changes, intellectual impairment, and a depressed level of consciousness.
Avatar n tn as mike said the ammonia levels are causing a lot of his present problems lactulose is a drug that will decrease the ammonium levels in the blood this is a very safe and effective drug if he is not on this med he should be it will help with the mental and physical problems he is having see if his doc will let him try it till he can get to a liver head .
Avatar m tn Only they will be able to help him treat his ammonia levels properly. If he is having such bad encephalopathy then he must have other complications of cirrhosis. Some complications can be fatal if not managed properly. So this is very serious. "Definition of Hepatic encephalopathy: Hepatic encephalopathy is a worsening of brain function that occurs when the liver is no longer able to remove toxic substances in the blood.
Avatar m tn FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE AGAINST AMMONIA Removal of ammonia begins with the liver, therefore keeping the liver healthy and well functioning will clearly help to improve ammonia removal. Since a major medical indicator of liver failure is high levels of ammonia in the bloodstream, it follows that detoxifying the liver may well be the best way to remove ammonia from the body.
1396982 tn?1285326833 ammonia which is necessary for the chemical reaction), and an oxygen-providing 'fixative' (usually hydrogen peroxide) in the second bottle. PPD is actually colourless but becomes coloured when oxidised by the release of oxygen from the second bottle.
401095 tn?1351395370 Elevates mood Dispensable Amino Acids Alanine Major component of connective tissue Key intermediate in the glucose alanine cycle, which allows muscles and other tissues to derive energy from amino acids Helps build up the immune system Aspartic Acid Helps convert carbohydrates into muscle energy Builds immune system immunoglobulins and antibodies Reduces ammonia levels after exercises Cystine Contributes to strong connective4e tissue and tissue antioxidant actions Aids
1064552 tn?1322583358 Elevates mood Dispensable Amino Acids Alanine Major component of connective tissue Key intermediate in the glucose alanine cycle, which allows muscles and other tissues to derive energy from amino acids Helps build up the immune system Aspartic Acid Helps convert carbohydrates into muscle energy Builds immune system immunoglobulins and antibodies Reduces ammonia levels after exercises Cystine Contributes to strong connective4e tissue and tissue antioxidant actions Aids in
Avatar n tn I'm wondering what "tx" means. I know it's the abbreviation for my home State, but, it isn't what it is used for in this forum. I've seen it elsewhere too. Will someone explain it to me? Here's my story about "shaking"...I've had Hep C since 1990. Here's the post I just posted in Life Extension Forum's web-site: I had been convinced that BHT would likely destroy Hep C VIrus. It didn't do it for me. Here's the post: I've been tested again, after 3 months of BHT.
Avatar n tn My father who is 70 years old had conjestive heart failure and went into cardiac arrest after 48 hours he was not responding as should be all vital signs looked good but he went approx 2 minutes without oxygen to the brain so they say as a result the Dr. has told me my father's body has survived but his brain has not he was taken off the ventilator and is now breathing on his own but their has been little response from the brain eg.
190885 tn?1333029491 lots of blood work...was all good except high ammonia..100....and very low vitamin doc says its not the high ammonia next to look at the inner ear to see if there was wax build up causing vertigo...went to the local doc up here in the boonies to look at my wax build up ,both ears looked fine....she took my wasn't too bad..still 80 pulse but i'm at 10.9 hgb so thats most likely high to get the oxygen around my body...then she had me sit up and do bp...
Avatar m tn Her times of intermittent tiredness seem to become more often after this episode. She has had several ammonia levels drawn since then ranging from 50's-89. She has also had documented glucose levels as low as 49 after eating. Over the last 3 weeks she has been very tired only getting up to play for short periods. Her palms and soles of her feet are bright red again. She has had episdoes where she is unsteady on her feet and can barely stand.
Avatar f tn The nose bleeds say it all. ER May give him transfusions and oxygen. What is his Hemoglobin count? The high c0 2 levels you mentioned are scary. My doc tells me to tell my friends and family when I get very confused and weak I'm heading for a bleed-out and to take me to ER. The docs can't help at this moment but ER can. Is his ammonia level high?
Avatar m tn She stayed in hospital for 15 days, and it was diagnosed as low ammonia levels. - Now i have left my job in the middles east and returned to india to take care of mom. we have taken her to a friends hospital where she can be cared for better. - since past 15 days, she is in a hospital under expert care. we are giving her vitamins, physio, etct. - appetite is now fine. bowels are fine. strenght is increasing.sugar is also control.
Avatar n tn 25 seconds every 12-24 hours. Phenobarb levels were in the 40s early on, dropping to 15-25 levels currently. I will need to consult on acidotic and dysmorphic question and get back to you. Several factors point to NKH but the Glycine level is not elevated enough to confirm. Thank you for the additional references amino acid, etc. testing I will follow up on that. Thank you very much.
Avatar n tn Another therapeutic option is anti-IgE therapy, called Xolair® (omalizumab), for highly allergic individuals with high levels of serum IgE. Immunotherapy, commonly called allergy shots, can also be helpful for people shown to be highly allergic to common allergens. Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT), which is allergy drops under the tongue, has been used effectively in Europe and is now being studied in many centers in the U.S.
Avatar n tn He has encephalopathy. His ammonia levels stay at 160. That creates confusion and talking out of his head at times. He hasn't been able to drive in over 6 months because of the accidents he was having , and getting lost. I guess the worst compliacation he is having at this point is the flapping in his hands. I have to feed him at times. He recently started falling all over his own feet. He has fallen a total of around twenty times in the past month.
Avatar m tn My husband has been severely depressed in the last couple of years, the doctor had already stated he had high ammonia levels. He has been taking beta blockers, water pills, but has not gotten anything for his mental state. The confusion started a couple of months ago since his last doctor's appointment. Last time he did not want me to go with him because he was afraid I will tell the doctor that he was still drinking some. I don't think he is fully grasping his condition yet!