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Avatar n tn Thank you, No the doctor claimed that his ammonia level was fine. It was at 15. Which according to the levels it sat right in the middle of the chart. I will definetly pick up the supplements you listed. He use to take Milk thistle lat the onset of his Hep c. But eventually stopped. Wasn'tsure if it was doing him anygood. I am not sure what Selenium is. Does it come in pill form and will I find it with all the other supplents? This Gaug Journal you ,mentioned is it on this site?
1008841 tn?1293602560 that is to say, some patients who have hepatic encephalopathy (HE, or confusion due to liver dysfunction) do not have elevated ammonia levels, and sometimes ammonia levels can be elevated without apparent HE -- docs usually use the guidelines Hector provided above to diagnose HE as opposed to just declaring it based on ammonia levels. Flowerchild: you can calculate your own MELD score if you have a copy of your lab reports from bloodwork by using this site: http://www.mayoclinic.
Avatar m tn Most ammonia in the body forms when protein is broken down by bacteria in the intestines. The liver normally converts ammonia into urea, which is then eliminated in urine. Ammonia levels in the blood rise when the liver is not able to convert ammonia to urea. This may be caused by cirrhosis or severe hepatitis. Since you are on this forum I assume you have hep c? Are you experiencing the effects of toxic buildup in your blood? Hepatic encephalopathy.
Avatar n tn This site has a table about 1/2 way down that indicates what normal ammonia levels are at various ages. A little bit further down the article explains that ammonia levels do not necessarily correlate with the symptoms of encepalophy. I hope this helps.
Avatar n tn My son is in 4th stage liver failure & awaiting transplant. He is having increasing problems with high ammonia levels. He takes laculose & another med. in pill form. Are there things he can be doing to help keep his levels down besides meds & low protein diet?
Avatar n tn He has recently begun having bouts of high ammonia levels-3 or 4 day good then 3 or 4 days bad. He takes laculose, which he adjusts as needed, & another med in pill form. Are there any other things that he can do to mitigate the ammonia besides meds & low protein diet?
Avatar n tn He has high levels of ammonia,which they are treating with lactaluse.Of course it limits his going out,he spends most of the day sleeping or in the bathroom from the medicine.I worry so much.He was the sweetest man I know,now he is extremely depressed,moody,angry,etc.Are there any other treatments on the horizen for Hep C and high ammonia?This is effecting our marriage,because its hard to live with his temper,as much as I try to understand.I have chronic headaches,and I guess we are both a mess.
Avatar n tn I've had alot of problems with ammonia levels. Thats what they give me for it. My problem was my spleen would swell. But I thought I was tired and confused and forgot alot of thingswhen I was on treatment but, that does not compair to how the high ammonia level makes you feel. The comment the other member made about the protein is so very true and it's a big problem in your ammonia level getting high.
1184842 tn?1264268787 the brain damage caused by high ammonia levels not to mention accelerated liver damage are not what you want either right? I think the better part of valor is to tolerate the taste so that you can keep your wits about you...unless dymentia, brain fog and liver failure sound good to you.
Avatar f tn While elevated ammonia levels are seen in cirrhotic patients there can be encephalopathy with normal ammonia levels and there can also be no mental impairment in some patients with elevated ammonia levels. Basically, ammonia levels are of limited use for diagnosing cirrhosis or hepatic impairment. I would also think some other results of your blood work would have been out of range if you are cirrhotic or are suffering significant liver impairment.
1654058 tn?1407162666 Digested blood represents a large protein load in the gut which can lead to higher levels of ammonia and other toxins and, not surprisingly, hepatic encephalopathy is frequent in this setting." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No variceal bleeding or banding. Nadolol is taken a a prophylaxis.
1008841 tn?1293602560 they are less likely to metabolize into ammonia in your gut. Protein is an important component of your diet though; be sure to confirm any info you gather here with your doctor. I think there are management techniques available to reduce the risk of further gastric bleeding; these include TIPS procedure as well as utilizing ‘super glue’ and banding procedures.
1481758 tn?1287642243 Sounds like something going on with your pancreas/liver. This CAN happen with high ammonia levels too. Are you a drinker? Any medical history? I would be following up with your physician or seeking emergent care AGAIN especially if you are experiencing more symptoms or not getting better.
Avatar m tn Symptoms of HE are forgetfulness, confusion, inverted sleep-wake pattern (sleeping by day, being awake at night), marked irritability, tremor, difficulties with coordination and trouble writing, lethargy and eventually coma. If you can have ammonia without mental symptoms? No. Ammonia levels can be detected with a blood test so it is easy to assess. In summary: No you don't have the indications for ammonia buildup and hepatic encephalopathy (HE).
Avatar n tn I don't have experience with ammonia being that high but my husband has cirrhosis and I can tell you he never had the forgetfullness and slow responses that come with high ammonia once we started a mostly vegetarian diet. Animal products create a lot of ammonia which a compromised liver can't keep up with.
Avatar n tn Higher than norm ammonia levels are usually due to a problem with protein being broken down in the small intestines. It is then process by the liver and eliminated through the kidneys in your urine. So any problems in this part of the digestive system can result in higher than normal ammonia level.
Avatar n tn I can smell the ammonia in my nose and on my breath. I've had blood work done and my liver function is normal, ammonia levels normal, blood glucose and a1c is normal. I have been diagnosed with non -alcoholic fatty liver and I have insulin resistance. Anything would be helpful!
Avatar m tn Or are you constipated? Do you have other health issues that could be affecting your ammonia levels? Ammonia is produced when proteins are broken down in the intestines. If the liver is unable to effectively metabolize the ammonia, the levels rise in the blood. Could you be eating too much protein??? What s your typical food during a day? Are you getting your protein from vegetable sources or chicken and fish? You are not eating any red meat, correct?
5611452 tn?1370974704 But then again some people nay have lower levels w a lot of symptoms or higher levels w fewer symptoms. Either way, it is essential to manage your ammonia levels because you may not cognitvely be aware of when your ammonia levels might cause enough HE to create dangerous situations, i.e. mixing up meds, causing an accident, leaving a burner on, forgetting where you're going, etc.
Avatar n tn I saw my very old post above and need to say that that is no longer the recommendation for those with cirrhosis. Although it seems to lower ammonia levels, it lowers other things that you don't want to lower such as the albumin . Joe now eats a higher protein diet and uses lactulose to remove the ammonia and he is getting along well this way.
Avatar m tn This includes very limited protein consumption (a sick liver has problems breaking down and clearing the by-products of protein and this results in possible higher ammonia levels), higher fiber diet and lots of fruits and vegetables. Do not eat fried food as high fat content irritates the situation with a sick liver. Also, I was told by my GI doctor to take fiber in a glass of whatever is tasty. This also helps with constipation issues and keeps the colon cleaner. I hope this helps.
Avatar n tn She is going to have a liver biopsy next week. My question is how high can her ammonia levels be before it will put her into acoma or worse?
Avatar n tn I am currently taking 200mg of rifaximin twice daily to stabilize my ammonia levels. I'm hovering around 80 right now, which is a bit high for me. I started out taking 400mg 3 times a day, which reduced my overall ammonia from the 90's to the 60's in just a couple of months. I may have to bump back up to higher and more frequent doses as I am gradually on a rising trend right now. I have been through the Lactulose treatments, and this is far, far better.
349951 tn?1203531725 sorry if you already read it Has anyone ever had this ammonia like smell when you breathe in soo annoying i dont get it all the time, but often enough that it really bothers me...just wondering if anyone has ever experienced this before jot any ideas...,,maybe someone has heard of this...I am beeing treated to high levels of acid in my blood...but she says (kidney Dr.) that this doesnt sound like anything with that...drs...i guess i havent found the right one huh!!
Avatar f tn I was wondering if anyone has a special diet or menu that they follow for hepatitis c. ie what cooking oils to use, if you can eat meat, if you can eat fruit, etc. would anyone help me with this a husband has it.
Avatar n tn Re: Ammonia levels Forum: The Hepatitis Forum I am wondering if ammonia levels are always associated with liver function. I am probably somewhat in denial here because I have a husband that is end stage and I am sure that I know what ammonia levels indicate in someone with cirrhosis. Maybe if you can just say the words to me it will help. I had ammonia levels of 50 the first time I was checked. I was experiencing problems with getting lost when I was driving and confused other times.
Avatar m tn He has seemed worse off than my brother, until this just happened with my brother last week. I told my husband we need to get his ammonia levels checked. He says his are "fine". I have been seeing confusion going on with him for a few months now, but not nearly to the degree that my brother has. I hope he doesn't have the same symptoms as my brother.... does it always end up like that? Is my brother going to recover????
Avatar n tn At that time, I was end-stage, massive fluid retention, jaundice, high ammonia and bilirubin levels. Managed to get things under control with meds and better diet, to the point where I've been living an essentially normal life since about 2003. Lately, I've started retaining more fluids and latest ammonia check had it at 82. Wife says I'm thinking slower, so encephalopathic symptoms are showing. About six months ago I started a fairly vigorous exercise routine.
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